About me

I am Violeta. I have been on a conscious path of knowing and realizing myself (and the Universe) since 2008, when the letters of the Ascended Masters began to be written. These letters opened up an understanding of the subtle divine energies that affect human life, the man’s relationship with the Creator, the Spirit Teachers and loved ones. All the written letters are in the “Know Yourself and The Universe” book series. In 2020 and 2021, I published a new kind of books, focusing on raising human awareness. The texts are dictated by subtle cosmic beings I call elohim. The “7 Cycles of Consciousness Growth” helps to know one’s inner and subtle world, the levels of consciousness, the involutionary and evolutionary processes of man, the cosmic beings that help the man to become conscious. The books are published by the publishing house Mijalba, in Lithuanian language only. They can be purchased in Lithuanian bookstores or by messaging me personally. In 2022, I released a book of selected letters, into which letters were chosen from all five parts of “Know Yourself and The Universe” with a predominant energy of love. In the second collection of letters, titled “Towards Self and Universal Understanding. Selected Letters. Energy of Wisdom,” released in 2023, the energy of wisdom dominates. I am very happy to announce that the first collection has already been translated into English and is available for purchase on Amazon.

Knowledge gained from the subtle world helps to understand who you are, what you can do, how you should grow. However, growth and awareness already depend on each person’s individual efforts, on experience gained. I am very grateful to my fellow companions with whom we delve into the laws and principles of the Universe, and together, we focus on the unity with the subtle world during dome meditation sessions and at the House of Being and Creation.

We are on social networks

2017 I created a Facebook page “Blue Lotus“, where I publish relevant news. In order for the training of the Ascended Masters to reach more people and for those living far away to participate in the meditations of the ashram, in April of 2021, we created a closed Facebook group “Virtual Ashram of Blue Lotus“. In this group I publish relevant news and every other Sunday I conduct live broadcasts – meditations in which you can participate directly. Meditation records are stored in a group so they can be viewed any time. Group communication and meditation are done in Lithuanian language.

You can find audio books, prayers and recordings of some seminars on the Youtube channel „Knowledge of Self and the Universe“, all recordings are also published in Lithuanian language.


Offered by teachers of the subtle world, in September 2021, together with Rimantas, we established the KNOWING OF NATURAL TRUTH school which carried out its activities for two years. In June 2023, I initiated a new project – the training course “Creation of Being”.

CREATION OF BEING is a project that encourages an individual to embrace oneself as consciousness, creating their own reality of life. When one merges their creativity with cosmic consciousnesses, the creation of Being begins. Although this project doesn’t have a specific endpoint, it encompasses certain stages. Each stage leads to a deeper understanding of oneself and the Universe, to the development of new skills, and the incorporation of subtle laws into one’s reality. Currently, training is provided in Lithuanian language only.