I started writing down the letters of the Ascended Masters in 2008. For four years, I kept the letters as a kind of diary, not describing what happened during the day, but how I should live to make the day go well. I wrote and monitored whether what I was writing was really giving a positive impetus to me and my friends, or whether it was harming my life. Trust, joy, love, fullness of life, and an understanding of what divine love is, emerged. The sensations I experienced during the sessions showed me how many wonderful feelings we cannot experience on the earthly dimension, how deep the wisdom in the words written is. Therefore, there was a need to transcribe it all into books, so that an even more subtle energy could be felt emanating from the pages of the book and so that the letters could be opened and read any time. It is necessary to open and read them time and time again, because after a while you will understand the same letters in a completely different way. You will have a broader perception and a deeper, clearer understanding of the same words. This is how the book series “Towards Self and Universal Knowledge” was born, a series of five books. The letters written in the books have opened up an awareness of the subtle divine energies that influence human life, the man’s relationship with the Creator, the Spirit Masters and his fellow human beings.

When I was writing the “Towards Awareness of the Self and the Universe” books, I didn’t realise that the energy of love runs through them. I became aware of the uniqueness of those books when I started writing “7 Cycles of Consciousness Growth”. It was strange to feel that the dominant energy was different and I realised that the energy of love was the dominant energy through some of the books and the energy of wisdom through the others.

I wrote it all by hand which took me about four months. After writing this book, I could not sit down and read it for a couple of years. It just burned. I didn’t even know if the text would have any value, because when I was writing it down, I would forget everything right there and then. After a couple of years, I felt that it was time to upload the notes on a computer. That was my first conscious acquaintance with the text of this book. I was surprised at how coherent, precise and clear, even simple, everything was, because when I was writing, my brain seemed to be exploding, as if something was changing in my structure and in my collective consciousness. It wasn’t just writing down text, it was putting new ideas into my consciousness and, at the same time, into the collective consciousness. Thus began the book series “7 Cycles of Consciousness Growth”, now a series of three books.

“The 7 Cycles of Consciousness Growth” books focus on raising one’s consciousness, knowing one’s inner and subtle world, the levels of consciousness, the evolutionary and evolutionary processes of human beings, and the cosmic beings that help one to become conscious. Although the series is called “7 Cycles of Consciousness Growth”, you will not find descriptions of all the cycles. This is because we have not raised our consciousness to the point where all the cycles are clear to us.

Both the series ” Towards Awareness of the Self and the Universe ” and the series “7 Cycles of Consciousness Growth” are published in Lithuanian language only so far.

“Look at the world with love and a smile.
Go into the world with goodness and purity.
Accept every person into your heart with simplicity and openness”
With this wish of the Mother of the World, I present a book of selected letters, in which letters, dominated by the energy of love, have been selected from all five parts of “Know Yourself and The Universe” series. The second set of letters, “Know Yourself and The Universe. Selected letters. The energy of wisdom” is dominated by the energy of wisdom. Two books remain, which contain the best letters of the Ascended Masters. I am very happy to announce that this book has already been translated into English and is available for purchase on Amazon.

Each letter dictated by the Ascended Lords is important and purposeful in its own way. And still managed to select those who radiated the energies of love and wisdom the most. The white color of the book symbolizes the light that comes out with the help of a prism into the colors of the former books. And black symbolizes the cosmos, which contains all colors and all possibilities. White and black embrace the whole, the union of two worlds (earthly and subtle). This book is accompanied by Jesus’ wish:
“You are my Strength, my Love and my Heart.
You are my Wisdom and my Faith.
I hug you Jesus”