Towards the Awareness of the Self and the Universe_Book 1

Towards the Awareness of the Self and the Universe

My dear angel, I don’t know if my life has any meaning. I’m feeling sad and tired of my life – I don’t understand why I have to keep on living? What is the purpose of life?

If you listen to me, I will try to explain what it means to be human, what is the purpose of human existence on planet Earth and in the Universe. I expect your patience and undivided attention. Also, please understand – it’s not a novel you will be reading, it’s my teaching. It’s a way for you to build awareness of the Universe and the self…
If you really learn to listen, it will not be just me – your angel – providing you with knowledge, but also the subtle energies and the Ascended Masters. Walk on this path with courage, be happy and your friends will walk with you.
Every day I will provide you with a dictation. It is for you and for anyone who wants to read it. Every person will be able to find one sentence just for themselves in my letters. I hope that you and your friends will find many answers in these texts, but also lots of questions. You will have to know what it is that you really want to ask, then the answer will come to you naturally.


Letter 10

The Teacher’s Purpose

When the old type of thinking is still prevalent it is not easy to accept new information, but it is possible. First, you need to get used to controlling your thoughts because they materialize quickly. Then you need to get to another stage – to boost your awareness.

You will enter the plane beyond physical reality and you will be provided with knowledge on what to do in that plane. People will be changing gradually, and their life will be transformed into a four-dimensional thinking, and that’s how a beautiful life will be created.

Communication with your spiritual guides will become a very relevant topic. Can they guide you in the wrong direction? No, no way. The spiritual guides are servants of God. Their responsibility is significantly greater than the responsibility that people have, that’s why they will never guide you in the wrong direction.

Such thoughts don’t even exist. You can feel confident in following the directions of the spiritual guides. They will help you return to the right way of living a human life.

The guides only participate in the first stage of this process. When a human learns to listen to them and live by their directions, then the second stage will start. It’s entering another plane. But why do you need this?

Now we can’t reply accurately, but let’s start by telling you that on that plane you will be able to get to know your soul. You will understand who she is, what is her power, her characteristics and what she is really doing on Earth.

If you know the purpose of your soul, it doesn’t mean you understand everything yet. People haven’t learned to appreciate the purpose of the soul fully. The soul knows how to enter the space of Oneness and she knows how to express herself here.

A human being is a much larger and much more subtle being than what we are used to thinking. The soul consists of two parts. One of the parts is experienced by the human mind, and the other part belongs to God. This part is conscious and uses the human mind to express itself.

This part is connected to the human mind, to the spiritual guides and the Teachers of the highest order. Don’t forget the essential truth: all is one. A human being is a channel of energy that connects different dimensions and the worlds of different expression.

The key point is that a person is composed not only of the mind and soul, but also of the most important part – the Divine energy. The channel of energy connects all the existence, all the life. This channel helps us access broader horizons. When it is open, it protects the human being from purpose-less energies. It automatically gets connected only to that which is most needed for the human essence and that which can best reveal the Divine goals.

I want to say that this channel has a tendency to open up. The more it opens, the better a person understands the different world. Then you understand that any human life on Earth is just a small reflection of what is possible to experience.

Until now, the human consciousness has been protected from knowing the full truth. This truth is very broad, it’s multifold and diverse. A person might not be able to grasp it, he might get scared or lose his mind. That’s why the consciousness has been under protection, and it remains so until today.

Now the time has come to remove this shield of protection. But we are not able to do it alone. It’s not enough to clean up the energy and open up the channel. We need a human being to use his free will and choose to walk the new path.

The intention to walk on this path has to be firm, yet you shouldn’t feel any pressure or entitlement. You should feel determined. We are able to adjust to the human thinking process, we want people to be able to hear us.

We wouldn’t be successful in communicating with humans if the soul channel wasn’t open. It’s like a filter – allowing only the necessary to enter the space of a particular human being, only that which is necessary for the person and the Universe.

Our energy has some particles that are of different quality. These particles can essentially change the quality of human thinking. What is it for? It is a new method to adjust to the new world. It’s done because we are accelerating the events and helping the mankind to enter a new space with his own consciousness intact.

It’s a space of different structure. We really hope that you will be able to focus and help us. You have to accept these new energies. They are still not really tuned into the energy of the Earth, therefore you may experience some uncomfortable feelings (shivers, cold, nervousness and etc.).

This is normal, later it will disappear. The energy that’s being sent will balance the energy on the Earth and we will be able to communicate more easily. Now we need to put in a lot of effort to just start a conversation.

When a new energy enters your biofield, it’s like some new connection points are formed, which we can access and then initiate a conversation. You will have to step out of your cognitive limitations and accept our world of energy as a matter of fact.

Our space is more extensive if compared to the Earth, but if we look from the perspective of the Universe – we also have our limitations. From the perspective of Divine creation, we are acting within our zone. Our ellipse connects a few life forms, including all the life forms that exist on planet Earth.

I, Bernardine, am connected to a few life forms, which are closest to my energetic dimension. I work not only with human beings, and not for human beings, but for the wellness of humanity itself.

In your case, I can enter the energy field of humanity through you and make an impact for the human ellipse. I work with you personally, but not only for your own sake. You are a part of the humanity as a whole and you are affected by the ongoing process.

It’s true that for you this effect is more intense because your consciousness is wider. Through your energy field, through your biofield, and particularly through your hands during the massage sessions, I take over the information about humans and transfer this information to my ‘managing board’.

Then we adjust the human energy field, and we influence a particular person and his family. The humanity is being adapted to the life of oneness in the Universe. Humans have to change their lifestyle, their customs and then try to learn about the united purpose of the Universe’s existence.

This is an extremely difficult task, therefore we are approaching it together, gradually. Humans can understand everything. He just needs to remove the protection and then he will be able to grasp his purpose. The protection, however, can only be removed for people who are spiritually prepared.

The transition – it’s a period of time when the Earth is under the influence of vibrations in higher frequency. They emit information of a different dimension. It’s the future that’s encrypted in this information. The future that reflects the real purpose of the Earth’s existence better as compared to the future that is currently being created by the human thoughts.

We want to be bold in announcing that we are influencing humans and their lives. And we are very proud of those who accept the lifestyle we propose. This lifestyle will certainly uncover more beautiful and more meaningful layers of existence.

The wave of changes is washing over the Earth. Yet not everyone is equally susceptible to this energy. It depends on the person himself, as well as the territory where he lives, on the egregores existing around him, on the thought sediments.

We are creating a change in thinking. We are expanding the awareness. As we said, the human mind is limited. This is the result of lengthy processes of evolution.

But it’s not the logic that is the power of human development, but the heart. The awareness, the comprehension. Until now the logic was developing more strongly, but this hasn’t worked.

The human started believing that he can control the environment using his mind. But this strategy is now failing. The companies are going bankrupt, the banks and even the countries.

The resources are not being distributed according to the needs. There are more and more people who are starving and don’t have access to a hygienic conditions for life.

So this means that the “great minds” don’t know how to manage the countries, how to reach joint agreements. So what can we do? We can approach the people who can create a beautiful life in their immediate environment.

One island of beauty in one country, then one more in another country. That’s how gradually a new life can arrive. A life that’s more subtle, more beautiful. That’s our purposeful goal and commitment.

We want to show that there is an opportunity to change the currently existing energy. A pure human thought will be the strongest moving force in shifting the energy egregores. We are only increasing the human power. We provide you with an opportunity to weaken the egregores that were created by humans who were stuck in the negative thought and feeling patterns.

It’s difficult for any human to detach from the social norms without our targeted help, to detach from beliefs and goals that are only important for the human ego, that are based in logic.

We can’t claim that logic is not needed. It has to be formed in another direction. If a person won’t be able to feel the novelty, the energies of the fourth dimension, he will not be able to imagine them and won’t be able to concentrate his thoughts in such a way that can help him form a new lifestyle.

It’s only us who work with people for their wellness who can show this newness. These new experiences are like a lighthouse in the sea, showing you the direction for your life. It opens up opportunities to feel and understand the subtle feelings.

When you develop a willingness to seek the subtle experiences, a person starts thinking what he should do in order to be able to experience them. Here the logic and your knowledge won’t help. Only the willingness to seek spirituality, the willingness to live sincerely will be able to help you unlock the access to the new information.

The subtle energy is of a higher frequency. The frequency can only increase after the person learns to love, to treat others honestly and sincerely, and to believe in the Higher power. If you want to express yourself, to transmit and raise your vibrations, most usually you will have to change your lifestyle, the approach to life, the attitude to certain values.

The energy massage can help clean up some blockages, but the lifestyle will have to be changed by the individual person by himself. You won’t be able to raise the frequency of vibrations artificially. You will have to aim to get immersed in the subtle world, you have to work with yourself sincerely.

When we identify a resonance, we appoint the Spiritual guide who helps the human being in getting to know the truth. The guides will change depending on the direction of the evolution of this individual. There may be more teachers, who will be responsible for one type of information or another, for knowledge.

What is a person can’t feel the teacher? The guide will never be a real person. He will use different methods to influence the human thoughts. The individual might not even be aware of having the guide. This is not mandatory. What is important is to listen to your heart.

Those who want to communicate the truth will use the heart. There are also some Teachers who are responsible for the development of the Earth in general. They are responsible for the role of planet Earth in the Universe and in the communion of Unity.

These leaders also collaborate with people. They come from the higher dimension (according to your understanding), and they choose the people to work with. They choose some students and educate them. It’s difficult for a person to grasp the new knowledge, because this information is of a different nature.

It may seem that it’s impossible to use in your daily life, but it’s necessary for the Earth to evolve and adapt to the general environment. This is how the Earth is developing a new benchmark for itself. It has to exit its envelope and enter the common life of the Universe, bringing its energy and its creation.

Just like we urge an individual human being not to close itself off and not to stay in his misery, this applies just the same for the whole planet Earth – we want the humanity to immerse itself into the Whole.

For that we need people who have freed their energy, who are clean and capable to enter the higher frequencies without hurting their consciousness. If there is any damage in the consciousness, the human being starts getting anxious, doesn’t understand his emotions and becomes scared of changes.

This means that the energy is changing more quickly than a human is able to absorb new experiences or new knowledge. If the absorption is happening purposefully, but the energy hasn’t been cleansed, a human being will feel tired, weak and powerless.

Then big obstacles appear preventing him from further evolution. Therefore it’s important to keep your balance. We also contribute to keeping balance. The humans are responsible for expanding their consciousness, and we are responsible for expanding their energy.

A human being might not even notice that some changes are happening. And only later he will notice that suddenly his attitude had changed, or his life goals got altered, and he will get surprised.

We work together with you. In any case, you – people – are the main actors. Your decision is the final decision and we can’t interfere with your decisions. We would never break the principle of free will. We can only create conditions to help you change your mind.

We create conditions for you to be able to make new decisions. It’s the mind who must make decisions. The soul arrives from the divine source and it knows its purpose, it can only encourage the mind to decide. That’s why the human being will be feeling an internal battle, the discomfort. He doesn’t know how to choose, what is right and what is wrong.

Please ask God to help you and he will provide for you. The guides on the higher plane are responsible for certain areas and they choose their students based on their interests – based on things they value most.

They are looking for people with potential – those who would be able to accept the new information without blocking it at the start. That’s why I have chosen you. Maybe you don’t understand why ‘these things’ are happening to you, but you actually meet certain “criteria”.

I know how far you can go. I understand the goals and the determination of your soul. We are here not to help your ego and help you get more power. Your plans for your life on earth are not interesting for us.

Of course, we will always help you in your life and in your material abundance. The more you help us, the more we will help you. It is not a trade off, but an expression of our gratitude.

You must remember that our goal has nothing to do with earthly desires. This we want to make sure you understand clearly right now, so that we can avoid any further misunderstandings.

In your case, my goal is to help your consciousness reach the highest possible dimension of consciousness for a human being to reach while he is embodied. We will then transition into a space where the matter doesn’t even exist.

Only the energy, the source of life exists in that plane. Your purpose is not related to getting to know other creatures. This will happen very rarely, and only when it’s necessary for you to understand the information we provide for you.

You will have to enter the field where the life is being formed. You will be able to touch the source of the Divine energy. When you are finally able to do it, you will be able to fundamentally contribute to the changes in human life’s direction.

This energy is incredibly strong. Even I – the representative of the fifth dimension – can’t touch it directly. But I know who will guide you there. My job is to prepare you for it. And when your consciousness and your energy field are ready, other representatives will start working with you.

Today I provided you with a lot of precise information. That’s because I don’t want you to be confused and struggle in trying to understand the common space. You don’t need this. We will work purposefully, according to a plan.

This work is very individual, but everyone is waiting to see the results. I know that you will be able to calm yourself down, to stay grounded and accept all knowledge without judging it by thinking you don’t deserve it or by dismissing it as nonsense.

Please accept it as nothing personal. We have a common goal – to raise the vibrations of your consciousness to such a state that you could enter into the source of the Divine energy.

The body becomes secondary, it will stay on Earth. You will disconnect and will travel upwards as much as it is possible at any given point of time. Every time you will feel a surge of various energies. Your body will experience various changes.

You have to understand – it’s nothing special. It’s really normal that you will feel different kinds of energies when transitioning through different dimensions. Of course, you will get tired, you will feel exhausted and will want human help. That’s what this process is like.

And I’m telling you – these experiences are not the most important, please don’t think about it too much. Experience it and let go. Please help yourself experience it. You need to learn to relax and not hurt yourself.

The body will be able to go through this. We care more about your consciousness. During the “journey”, we will control your consciousness and we take full responsibility for its safety and health.

After the session, you will stay alone with your emotions – this will be the most important moment for you. Here we will not be able to help you. You will have to provide support to yourself, to understand yourself and remain calm.

You will get detached from your daily life and go somewhere lightyears away, but just for a moment. And after that moment you will have to be able to adjust to your earthly environment.

Of course, it’s difficult. The energy will be changing, because the experiences there are more subtle, more kind. But please remember: it’s your job, that’s it. You need to learn to rise above it and then return to the space of the Earth.

Both directions are equally important. Understanding the life above the Earth, and being able to live here on planet Earth. Please don’t think too much. You are only allowed to think about your experiences: what are they? How can you describe them?

Don’t think about why it’s happening with you, how you should endure this. You can’t be afraid or pity yourself. You can’t afford to do this. We can’t control what is out of our hands. Your feelings are your own choosing. I have explained to you how it works. Be strong. Your real journey is just beginning.

The Highest Mind – it’s like consciousness dispersed into billions of tiny pieces. In more simple words, imagine if a human consciousness would divide itself and would be capable of perceiving itself simultaneously in all the dispersed spaces, so in the same way, the Highest Mind has divided itself into an infinite number of particles, yet it is aware of and understands fully what each particle is experiencing and what it is manifesting in material world.

This an infinite intelligence, who knows what is happening and when – in any time, in any space, both in material world and in the energetic dimension and many other areas of life, which are yet unknown to man.

A tiny branch of that infinite intelligence reaches the Earth. A human being is a creature who received some particles from the divine energy and is capable of creating.

The infinite intelligence can see how the Earth is developing and therefore sends over some certain waves so that the energy could experience required changes, influencing the direction of Earth’s evolution.

The Highest Mind is adjusting the evolution of the Earth. This happens directly through the open human channel and his capacity to rise above the Earth’s energy field.

Your “transitions” above the energy field allow us to connect you to a certain energy which changes a certain direction of human evolution. We cannot change the direction of the Earth’s evolution if a human being can’t do it or doesn’t want to do it.

You have to prepare for each wave. Some energies in the human energy field are being completely replaced with new energies. They are being cleansed, they open the channel for energies of higher dimension.

You may encounter the strongest energy, but if a human being is not ready for it, he will burn. So that’s not useful. Therefore everything is done gradually. Even though it doesn’t look like it from the perspective of the human time.

The time has come for planet Earth to change the trajectory of its development. Don’t think of it as experiencing demise and finding its way back to the surface. It’s not like that. Everything happens according to the plan.  

The humanity was developing in one direction, now it should change its direction. The waves from the Highest Mind can’t just arrive to the Earth randomly. And they can’t just be accepted by some random stranger. There needs to be a person who is prepared and supervised. That’s where we come into play.

Let’s call us the Managers of Energies. We supervise how the energies reach the human being, what effect they have on the human being, the environment. I personally supervise how a particular stream of energy is traveling from the Highest Mind to you and how you are then capable of handling it.

My job is not only to help you, but also to manage the energy itself. It has to reach you only (in this case) and it should be of the same quality as it left the source. But because the vibrations of humans and the Earth are low, this energy can get affected by various factors. That’s why I have to protect it.

I am responsible for the energy, for the channel, and for you. I am responsible for the impact of this energy on you, and your ability to accept the energy and transmit it into the collective consciousness. You have to prepare to get connected to the energy (here I don’t specify the type of the energy or its purpose, because for now you wouldn’t be able to understand it).

We have worked with you for a long time. I am saying “we” because all the unseen world is united. At first someone was working with you, now someone else, but all of us are united and stand as a coherent whole – “we”.

Many teachers and guides have worked with you. You didn’t have time to get to know them or sometimes you didn’t even find out about their presence by your side. Only now you are starting to realize the essence of our existence.

It’s easier for you to understand us and to get to know us when you are writing, because then your logic doesn’t work so hard, and your mind is a bit more relaxed.

The teachers from your previous stages of development will always be around you, but today it’s me who is responsible for you. I can’t call you a student and I can’t call myself a teacher.

You are human, me – I am the manager of the energy. We are partners, who have an opportunity to speed up the Earth’s transition in the direction that was established at the start.

You can call me your Personal Friend. By “personal” I mean that I work only with you. By “friend” I mean that I am trustworthy, sincere, protective and loving. I understand you fully: from the perspective of the future and the past, as well as the daily life.

I can see your totality. I can see it in all of your life events, in all your incarnations, in all your thought particles. I can see the aims and goals of your soul. I can see the start and the development of the transformation. The ending is infinite, but the process is wonderful. I can see the full spirit.

That’s why I call myself the Personal Friend. I came in order to speed up your transition, so you can speed up the transition for the Earth. That’s the full extent of my capacity to help you – to speed up your transition. I suppose you understand what this means?

Yes. It’s a lot of serious work with yourself. Please remember, your current level of consciousness is lower than the information that is provided to you, therefore you are not yet capable to accept the information directly into your thoughts.

Please understand – this is the limitation. The limitation is caused by your own consciousness, as well as the collective consciousness that surrounds you. As soon as you stop writing – your thoughts go to your routines immediately. You can’t preserve the high level of consciousness.

As I said, it doesn’t depend solely on you, but also on the thoughts that predominant in the space. But when you start writing, you disconnect from the external influence and your internal clutter.

That’s why it’s easier to pass the information from the higher dimension to you in this way, rather than expecting you to accept it through your mind. It’s not a problem that occurs only with you. Many people face this problem on the path of self awareness.

The limitations of consciousness and the collective consciousness don’t allow people to focus for a lengthy period of time and accept the information from the higher dimensions.

Perhaps you already realized that my teachings will occur only when you are writing or during an intense session. All the other methods are not suitable because of the challenges described above.

Another recommendation: please allow your thoughts to get attached only to positive energies, think positively and experience positive feelings. This attachment will help your transformation. The other attachments will hinder it.

You have to be in charge of your thoughts and emotions. This is a must. You can’t waste your thoughts to support bad energies. Your energy is too strong to be provided to the evil. Therefore I’m telling you – the management of thoughts and emotions has to become an easy, natural thing.

Positive thinking, experiencing good feelings will have to become your daily life. You have to train yourself so that even unconsciously you will only think in a positive way.

When you think positively, your feelings become soft and light. You experience a state of elevation. The vibrations are higher. Then your thinking capacity becomes greater. And you will have to think a lot.

By the way, there is a magical thing that has been provided for humans: as soon as you go through something, experience it and make a change here and now, everything immediately changes in all the parallel worlds.

If you now learn to manage your thoughts and feelings, attach them to positive things, then in the parallel worlds the situation will change as well. Only the positive things will remain. The experiences will become more simple, you will not need to suffer because of the millions of mistakes you committed in all your lifetimes.

When you change your thoughts and feelings, the attachments to the negative energies disappear, your energy becomes more free and gets stronger. If you can manage your thoughts here and now, then upon the moment of connection you will receive support.

Instead of experiencing various painful memories, you will start seeing everything that was positive. This energy will get stronger. The connection with the parallel worlds will get stronger. Then you will clean up your past and your future, and we will continue our journey upwards.

This condition is very simple, yet it changes the foundation of life. It changes even the lives that you don’t think you could be changing consciously, because you don’t know about them.

But we do. Also, we know that you have an opportunity to change them only after you complete a simple task: learn to manage your thoughts and feelings. And allow them to connect only to the positive egregores, the energies of positive thoughts.

Letter 9

Entering a world of fourth dimension and a new way of thinking

Hey! It’s Bernardine. We have to discuss a new topic today. I want to tell you why I think the transformation of the energy field is so wonderful. Actually, it presents an opportunity for a person to go beyond the current limitations of the mind and get a glimpse into the future of humanity.

The changes have been happening for many years already, but now one stage of transformation is about to be completed. Human beings must get ready to accept the new conditions of life and a new understanding of life.

All the information must be processed and evaluated right “here and now”. Life will really be changing. I can’t tell you, and also I don’t want to tell you how exactly life will be changing, because people tend to get attached to the results of their imagination. And that might lead to creating a wrong future.

This time we have learned our lesson and we know we can’t expect that humans will create a beautiful future when provided completely free will. Throughout centuries human beings have proven that they can’t use their creative power appropriately. Therefore, we won’t be talking about the future. We will be talking about what you should do so that the future we hope for arrives here for you to enjoy.

First, we need the people to get used to the idea that the energy of each individual is interlinked with the energy of the whole Universe. The energy waves that get formed on Earth affect the waves of everything in the whole Universe.

If there are significant deviations from the norm, the Universe loses balance. This has a negative effect on the whole Universe. So please be so kind and take responsibility for your thoughts and actions.

Secondly, we want to emphasize that energies don’t just casually exist out there. They each have their purpose and people have to learn to understand them and use them consciously. Do you understand what is the difference between living a life in a three-dimensional space (the old style of life) vs. the four-dimensional space (the new style of life)?

You will always have to be conscious about what value your activities have for the people around you and the planet Earth. Do your activities create comfort in your environment? Or do they create discomfort?

The only type of business that will survive will be the business focused on providing creative freedom, respect, tolerance for business partners and for the employees, not the one that focuses on providing money.

The business plan has to consider the impact on the environment and the people, not the profit margin. What will be the conditions created for the creativity of people to unfold? How will resting times be integrated? What will be the positive effect for the people buying the services and the goods?

And – of course – it will be necessary to consider the direct impact of each activity on the environment and the nature. We have to conserve the nature.

In other words, it will be very important to see if your activity is raising the frequency of vibrations, or not. If a certain activity fails to raise the frequency of vibrations, then this activity (business, politics, etc.) will fail. If the activity will help raise people’s vibrations, it will flourish and will give pleasure to all those involved: the employees and the consumers.

The “four-dimensional” perception – it’s not just seeing life from the perspective of an individual person, but also the consideration of what happens to the environment once a certain activity is performed. It incorporates the perspectives of the environment and other people.

The world is changing. You have to accept the influence of the energies and raise your vibrations, but also to re-think the purpose of your human life. It doesn’t matter that your friends might not be able to understand the new ideas. They will become accepted gradually.

You have to become a prophet of this new lifestyle. Not by talking about it, but by living it. Right now. From today onwards, you have to start thinking in a “four-dimensional” way. You will benefit yourself by benefiting your environment.

You will only be able to survive in new conditions bestowing good upon others. This doesn’t mean that life will become sweet. There will be a lot of pain, misunderstandings and frustration until the society changes.

But you are not allowed to become disappointed. And you in particular – you can’t feel frustrated. You are at the beginning of a new life, and you are one step ahead of others, therefore your actions have to be responsible and precise.

You have to accept the Teachers and form a new perspective towards your everyday life. Respect and compassion must exist in every activity, and – most importantly – you have to be conscious of whether your activity raises vibrations or not.

How soon will we enter the fourth dimension? You are already here, and you are already walking on this path at an accelerated pace. Your position is changing. You make decisions to live in the fourth dimension right now. And this will provide you with an opportunity to understand how to truly live a life.

The fifth dimension is wonderful for it provides vast opportunities to create a wonderful life. That happens when we get immersed in Oneness emitting higher frequencies. There will be more beauty, more love and light, and the space will become more open. It will not be as limited as it is today: there is a distinction between the Earth and the outer space, which is currently accessible only to the astronauts.

Oneness – it’s an opportunity to travel through the whole Universe. The human consciousness remains, as well as the energy body and the feelings – but the feelings that remain will be warm, compassionate, calm and gentle. And a person – having mastered the feeling of Love – will create wonderful waves of energy, reaching the whole Universe.

When a person ascends to the fifth dimension, he will be able to master being in touch with the cosmic waves, because he will be ready for it and will have mastered it. We could have waited for people to get ready for the ascension by themselves, but we are running out of time.

Human creation that comes out of Love, is needed right now. That is needed not only for the space of planet Earth. But even more so for the space of the Universe. Therefore, we will break one more rule. Some people will stay in the fourth dimension for only a short moment (it’s a short moment in our perspective, in human perspective it will perhaps last a few years) and they will enter the fifth dimension.

They will bring the same consciousness that they were born with, but it will be expanded and improved. The most shocking discovery for a person will be that a dense physical body will become a shining ethereal body.

It will be necessary to adapt quickly. A person won’t have the right to lose his balance. He will have to accept the changes in a calm manner, and rapidly change his perception, adapting to new conditions. That’s why we are talking about it.

It is possible that the material body of some people will change its structure without experiencing death and will exist in the fifth dimension for eternity. Perhaps “eternity” is not an accurate description, because if a human being fully adapts to the fifth dimension, he will again change his structure and enter the sixth dimension.

That will still happen without experiencing a physical death. The person will retain his consciousness and his human perception. Therefore, adaptation and acceptance of novelties are necessary.

Everything will be changing rapidly, so you will have to react quickly. There will be no time for doubts or overthinking. The energy is needed to feel new experiences, to understand them and continue moving forward, it’s not meant for overthinking.

The sixth dimension is very special. The Divine creation starts here. The mind dissipates and merges into the divine wholeness. The mind has a purpose. The human being as an “idea” doesn’t disappear. The human being continues creating. This is very important to understand.

We cannot provide a precise principle of how this works – for you, human beings, it’s important to first understand some things by yourselves. But the possibility to enter the sixth dimension with the current – yet deeply transformed – consciousness is becoming available.

This possibility is becoming possible not only because of the people, but also because the “gates to nothingness” are being opened now. An interim dimension is being formed now. If this dimension becomes stronger on earth, it will help the mankind to enter the dimension of “nothingness” and return with human consciousness and human unity still intact.

I want to stress again: your world – both internal and external world – is changing. And only those who can adapt and accept that will survive. Please be so kind and respect yourselves, try to survive. Please survive and live through all the dimensions we just described.

May Respect and Love provide you a direction in your current life. We have plenty of knowledge. Please accept it and don’t limit yourself with old stereotypes. The old world has already ceased to exist.

Say “goodbye” to this old world and take a step into the new world tomorrow. Take your friends with you. The new world is very fragile. Please protect it and give your energy for it.

Actually, all dimensions are interconnected. It’s impossible to separate them strictly. That’s why I want to say that the fifth dimension is not a kind of state where a person completely changes. It’s true that he develops some new qualities and a slightly stranger form. But this dimension is perfectly acceptable for the current human consciousness.

Some people are perfectly ready to ascend and continue their lives in this new dimension. You don’t need to think too much about who will be able to ascend and who won’t. This is not particularly important. The important thing is to live here and now and perform miracles in your daily lives.

You only see about 10% of everything that’s happening. You don’t understand the human behavior (even though you are human yourself), and you don’t feel the worlds that are just near you. When you get to know this world, you will be able to “ascend”.

But there is no rush. Look at how you live right now. You are already capable to get to know your guides, your environment, your own subtle world. And that world is wonderful: the experiences are strong, beautiful, harmonious.

Of course, here I am not talking about you and your family. You are our helpers. We give you a lot of challenges. If you are able to withstand these challenges, then most of the people will be able to do so as well.

These challenges are related to your emotional states more than to certain events. We need to understand how a person is able to compose himself, to concentrate and – while enjoying life – continue to take risks in getting to know the subtle world.

The energy of the mankind is changing, big opportunities are becoming available. The responsibility is becoming greater as well. But soon you will not need to think about your responsibility anymore because you will simply not be able to do any wrong. The gates will not open if you behave wrongly. At this time, it’s most important to get to understand many new things and accept them.

And now elohim Anastasia (Alheia) would like to talk to you. Let’s talk about the past. Yes – about the past of humans and the Universe. A human being, was meant for Love and Creation, and entered the space of the Earth. Here he started creating, and forming a new life.

He was presented with an opportunity to create the whole lifestyle, not only his environment – by merging with the Universal energies. He was provided with completely free will. The human creation power had no restraints and their thoughts were materializing constantly, without any limitations.

That’s how the Earth evolved. The energies were ecstatic to have found a way to materialize in the Earth’s space. They would get stronger and emit their waves into the Universe. The Universe was filled with beauty and warmth. Yet the darkness was always standing right beside the light.

That is the reality. But darkness doesn’t always mean something evil. Light gets brighter in the darkness. That means that creative, love-filled thoughts would unfold in space. They shaped the life on Earth and simultaneously emitted vibrations in the Universe.

This period lasted a long time. Until the time when a thinking error occurred. The Ego emerged. The Ego that is rooted in selfishness, not compassion and kindness. Then the dark forces got excited and started creating various negative feelings.

However, it’s difficult to define these feelings as ‘negative’. Because even anger sometimes has a positive result. That’s when feelings started forming in a direction that was not originally intended. The power of a thought had to become restrained, to protect the Universe from these negative feelings.

The logic emerged, limited by time and space. Everything that humans created stayed in their own space, i.e. the ellipse of the Earth. But the Earth is created as a planet of Love, and therefore these vibrations of love are very important for the Universe to experience.

Now we are trying to expand the limits of the power of a human thought again. We hope that humans are ready to step out of their limitations and return to their birthright by God – being able to create without limitations.

There is a big misalignment between that which was intended by God when creating human beings and that which human beings were able to create. We want to remind humans of their duty. Their purpose. The idea of creating life using Love – both on Earth and in the Universe.

These waves are very important for the Universe and there is real hope to turn everything towards the positive direction. Therefore, I’m sincere in telling you: be light, be creative, be loving and loved. Please allow the opportunity for the power provided by God to return, for this idea to come back to the Earth’s energy field.

You can do this right now. Please accept us and our teaching. It’s not really a teaching, we actually just open up the curtains (clean up your energy), alter the DNA structure and free the energies. Our goal is to return everything to its original state: so that human beings can create again, as originally intended.

Now the people accept the energy waves and change their environment. For now this is the limit of their impact – they can influence only the collective consciousness on Earth. This is important and significant. Humans live in the ellipse of the Earth and everything happens in this sphere.

Even if the human aura is super shiny or the channels are super open, still a human being can be active only within the ellipse of the Earth. He may receive the information from the Universe, but he will only be able to influence the Earth’s sphere.

For now, there is no outbound channel. Human beings are not perfect. As long as negative feelings exist, outbound connection with the cosmos remains impossible. Humans remain limited by time and space.

It is planned to eradicate all limitations in the fifth dimension. Human creation will occur in the space of planet Earth, but he will be able to travel in space and time. Other life forms nearby will be able to accept his emissions of energy.

Now the Earth is raising its vibrations, the density of the vibrations is becoming higher and more fragile. The energy is disseminated. The density is decreasing, every material substance is becoming more delicate.

The human body too is becoming more delicate itself. The bones get fractured more often, the joints wear out, muscles shrink and so on. The density is decreasing in other forms of material substances as well.

We are not saying that the form will become so fragile that you won’t be able to live. Certainly not. A transition is happening. And when the ascending force touches upon consciousness, other human bodies transition first. They are the first to adjust to the environment, and only then the material body gets to experience the change.

The body will remain intact and you will be able to use it for many years. We integrate some particles into the human energy field. The particles are deconstructing the other bodies, form certain situations and change the future. But everything happens gradually, without harming the consciousness or the body.

The life goes on in a normal pace and direction. You must remember to respect another human being. Tolerance, respect and other wave emissions are interconnecting and building up resonance.

Whatever thought or feeling you have sent out to the environment, this is the thought or feeling that will return to you. Yet when it returns, it will be multiple times bigger. It doesn’t matter what you send out: love or anger. It will return to you anyway.

It will return and reach you or your family. You can’t be throwing around bad thoughts. You can’t send out bad feelings to the environment. The density of the bodies is decreasing, the thoughts and feelings are becoming stronger.

The reaction will always be stronger. Karma will catch up with you without noticing… Please learn to respect each other. It is not very difficult, but it seems you have forgotten how to do it. Please refuse gossip, slander, contempt. 

It seems trivial, but is it really easy to get rid of these habits? This simple plea has never been so important: please change your thoughts, feelings and behavior. Loving God will not help you if you don’t love your neighbor and the people close to you.

All the energy waves, all the contacts with the spiritual world will not help Earth develop if a person doesn’t take certain actions: changing the thought patterns in a positive direction.

I want to remind you that you have to pay attention to your thinking. Please make radical changes. You spend most of the time on trivial matters, which have no impact at all on eternal life and harmony.

It’s great if you are able to foster good relationships, have sincere interactions with people, take care of creating a good life for those around you. Please remember the principle of “four-dimensional” period: it’s most important how your activity affects your environment. What vibrations emerge out of your thoughts and actions?

Please try to help others sincerely. Don’t just talk about how nice you are or how to live a good life, but – actually – be sincere in helping those near you at any given point of time.

You will then understand how nice it is to be a real human being. This is the self-esteem of the highest dimension. You will be happy to have been born a human being and you can then live on Earth and create miracles in your every day life.

The miracles may be big or small, that will depend on your internal power. God will be happy seeing that his creation is engaged in real creativity – helping other people. But please be clever and understand what real help means.

Don’t think that only you know the truth of life and only you can decide how others should lead their lives. You have to help only when you see an opportunity for that person to “unfold”, when you feel that after you have helped that person, he will get stronger and will be able to continue his life independently.

Please don’t waste your time with those who don’t appreciate their life. We want you to help yourself and to help the world by setting an example. You have to change first, and others will follow.

You will break the existing order, fight with established egregores which hold you captive. It’s paradoxical: you have to change not that which is outside, but that which is inside you.

You will be surprised to find out that your habits are very strong. The humanity has always been capable of changes. Yet right now everything is compressed in time, therefore the changes humanity is experiencing are stronger.

Your lives have certain guidelines in other dimensions. But the guidelines can change. It depends on your current lifestyle and your attitude towards the changes. We see many potential outcomes. Not all of them are pleasant.

One of the outcomes is that the Earth will self-destruct and to make sure that evil will not spread out into space. This is the worst possible outcome, but it’s likely. The best possible outcome is for people to survive in the fourth dimension with the current consciousness and ascend into the fifth one. This would be a powerful leap in evolution and it would change the Universe greatly.

Letter 8

The levels of energy massages

The massage sessions can occur on four different levels. You get in touch with:

The person’s energies and his aura.

The person’s energies and his spiritual guides.

The person’s energies and the external energies.

The highest-level energies available for you to reach.

The first level: it’s a touch-based massage, building the protection of bio-field, cleaning and harmonizing the colors of the aura, removal of blockages, presenting information about the feelings and events that cause the energy to get blocked or get freed.

The second level: here you can encounter the spiritual guides, the guardian angels, and the teachers who try to explain the direction of an individual and show them what they should aspire to.

Often, the spiritual guides can access the information by themselves: what has this person accomplished, and what else he could accomplish. The connection between a person and the guides is required, especially if some new teachers have emerged.

Guardian angels know their own work – they protect the person and help him in various situations. The teachers and the guides can come and go. It depends on a person’s accomplishments and failures.

They don’t help the helpless people (the ones who don’t want anything, who don’t strive for anything or the ones who are lazy). They help only those who are ready. Therefore, sometimes during the session they appear in person and advise or even hold discussions between each other – what would be the best solution for this individual?

The third level: when the massage is being performed, the external energies get connected. These are the energies of the highest frequency. They are doing what they believe is required. The energies of the highest frequency know what they should be doing.

The person experiences the sensations of something breaking, burning or heating up. The processes start that are not under human mind’s control, but they are determined by what level of consciousness this person has accomplished.

The energies of Ascended Masters and many other energies of the ‘highest rank’ may appear. They adjust the human energy to the vibrations of the higher-level energies. That makes new opportunities appear. The human starts vibrating at the same frequency as the Universe. He is then allowed to touch the subtle energies and not burn out.

If you want to live on the higher plane, you will have to adjust to the subtle energies. They will be constantly present in the higher plane. A human being will only be able to survive there when he is able to adjust his own vibrations to the higher intensity of vibrations.

Yet the heart is not always capable to withstand an increased, strong energy flow. A human might start experiencing anxious shivers, or he might suddenly fall asleep. The human body is not yet adjusted to the intensity of these energies. Yet if the decision has been made to help an individual transition to the higher plane (including his body and mind), then he is allowed to experience these energies.

Simultaneously we are working on another goal. We are integrating some information into the human energy field. Let’s call it particles, which are reflecting the subtle energy that is incoming and can make it radiate within the earthly space.

You have to respect and take care of any human being that is touched by the external energy. The energies of this human being are already accepting the energy of the subtle plane, and he is transferring that energy to the earthly space.

Can a human understand it or feel it by himself? No – sometimes he might feel strange, but it’s impossible to physically feel it and consciously understand it. But probably that person must have heard about it and must have tried to understand it. We will talk about this third energy massage level a lot, because this is the foundation of our joint labor.

The fourth level: it’s the work with the subtle energies, related to the highest frequencies of the Universal energies. These energies of the Universe help a human being plug into a certain energy matrix, which then changes and transforms the development of all Universal existence.

Here it is possible to enter the past and the future. It is not only the earthly world. It’s the spatial world. A world where vibrations are being exchanged, as well as information and flows of energy shared between multiple worlds in different times and in different spaces.

The energy works in powerful flows. It’s impossible for a human being to live constantly with it, so it manifests itself at certain periods of time. When it unfolds itself, a dot on Earth starts shining in space. The energies start flowing, exchanging.

At that time a lot of information is downloaded onto the human energy field.

Because of the earthly limitations, the human himself doesn’t know it, but the soul understands it. The spirit understands it. The spirit knows the purpose and the value of this energy.

I can’t make it more understandable for you, until the time comes when you are able to understand it by yourself. I can just tell you that the beam of light that is unfolded in space (which can happen in any world, in any space) connects certain information.

Changes then happen in both places that got connected. You give something, and you receive something. The information and energy are exchanged. This exchange cannot happen between a higher and a lower level, i.e., you will never receive information from the lower level, only from the higher level.

The knowledge is meant for you to keep evolving, to develop yourself, not to degrade yourself. That’s why you are getting information from the energies of higher frequencies. It doesn’t depend on the human. He is just provided with conditions that allow him to unfold himself.

Some frequencies, some vibrations exist, and the rays of light can only unfold at certain periods of time. Here we are talking about physical technicalities. But the nature of this process is deeper and more subtle, and it takes time to grasp it.

Each time you are touched by the energy, it brings many occurrences to a human life, which is manifested by breakthroughs in feelings, events, ideas, talents and so on. Not every energy is able to express itself on the earthly plane, because some of them are too subtle compared to the space of the Earth.

The time will come when these energies will be able to be expressed here. Human beings are getting more than they can take in. It’s not our problem but the human unwillingness to develop. We are giving as much as the humans are capable to take in and understand, not even a little bit more.

It’s only the humans themselves who are obstructing the evolution. They are slowing down the flux, because it’s more comfortable to not think and not make any changes. But we know – everything will be changing. Wow – it will be changing for sure. And we pray to God that humans are ready for it… But we – the Alpha team and many others – are ready to help humans in any way possible.

Why don’t I understand everything when performing sessions? Because each move of your hand performs many actions. It scans the whole informational field of a human being, and your consciousness is not capable to understand everything.

The human consciousness can’t immediately accept and understand this amount of information. But we understand that information and can instantly assess what work is needed to be done with that individual.

Firstly, we start with his biofield, and everything that is there at that particular moment. We cleanse the field, then – the chakras. We give them energy and balance them.

Then the ‘helpers’ start analyzing the aura of that individual: the colors, the intensity of the colors, the frequency of the radiance. They identify the dominant colors and the common color that covers the aura. And – most importantly – they identify the structure of the aura.

The composition of the aura is different for every individual, the components are different as well as the density and the frequency of vibrations. The “molecules” of the aura can have a shape of crystals, stars, squares, or rhombs. Each composition has its own meaning. Even though the composition is different, but it’s possible that a few people can have the same structure of “molecules” of the aura.

When the analysis of the aura is completed, then another ‘helper’ joins the session, and starts working on the informational field of the individual: what he has been doing, what he has been researching, what his views are, what his values are, how he is influenced by his parents, by the people close to him, by the values of his country.

Everything that a person has experienced or felt from the time of his birth till that moment remains in the informational field – the moment when he sits down on the chair for a session.

Also, the informational field contains everything that surrounded that person before his birth: the experiences and the feelings of his parents, the collective consciousness of a country. All the values, views, goals, and everything that is shaping the lifestyle and the behavior of that person is being analyzed.

Then another ‘participant’ joins the session, and he starts analyzing the field above the head – the creative energy of a human being. This is being analyzed very carefully and then the ‘correction of the destiny’ can be performed.

The analysis contains the following questions: what are the individual goals of this person? what thoughts does that person send out to the space? what is being created through his thoughts and behavior? When the ‘correction of the destiny’ is being performed, some unnecessary or erroneous thoughts are deleted. Some goals and even some events are removed.

This is done so that the human destiny can go into a certain direction, and would not depend on his mistakes or wrongdoings. The guardian angels are also active. They protect the person, adjust certain events, and push the life into a certain direction. Then the connection with spiritual guides is established (if a person is ready to collaborate with them).

The essential truth of the massage is that a session is booked by a person who comes to you – by the soul – and you perform the massage together with the ‘helpers’ from the subtle worlds. It means that it is not your spiritual guides who are leading the massage, but the soul of that person (your client).

It’s only the soul who can correct the destiny of a human being. She adjusts the life in such a way that a human could better express his goals and reach his purpose. The soul is the entirety of the human being. The soul cannot harm the human being. Therefore, all the decisions she makes are right and legitimate.

It might seem like the soul is repressing the human free will, but actually she only represses the templates constructed by human ego, the desires and so on. The human together with the mind is a tool of the soul. And it is a joy that during a session the soul can perform a correction. She is unable to express herself in the material environment because the human ego is very strong.

Letter 7

Meeting Bernardine

Any creation in the material space is just an illusion. Just as you can combine the atoms together and make up a molecule, which then makes up the matter, so you can disintegrate the matter. The Divine energy is the only reality, the source of everything.

How can you welcome the Divine into your heart? You have to trust the Divine. The strength of your faith is equivalent to the strength of your trust in the Divine, and how much of your life you entrust to the Divine.

The Alpha team is being observed from various worlds. The observers are responsible for the direction of the Alpha team’s development, and they try to protect this direction by using their own methods. If the observers decide to establish a connection with a representative of a certain world, they clearly understand the capabilities of that representative and their potential to achieve common goals.

At this time, the observer Bernardine is expecting to communicate with you clearly and precisely. Please trust him. The recent changes in the constellation have allowed you to connect to the Alpha team. Your destiny is undergoing changes under the direction of “the highest authority”.

Bernardine will introduce you to the near future of the Earth. The ideas of the future will be transmitted to the Earth through you. This means that the vibrations of the future will meet the current vibrations.

This is the difference in the method we will use with you. Previously we have changed the vibrations of you as an individual, and the people close to you, now we will use your biofield to bring forth the higher-level vibrations and introduce them to the current state of life.

How will this manifest on the material plane? You will get to understand this gradually. You will have to be brave and accept everything, letting go of all your doubts (“I can’t do it”, “I don’t deserve this”, etc.). Everything we give you, you must accept. You can’t hesitate. You don’t have any free will anymore.

Hi! It’s me Bernardine. Did you get scared? I know this is new to us. You don’t have to be scared of the truth. We will provide you with all the information you’ll need. Why do I say ‘we’? There are more of us who want to talk to you, and I will be in charge of this communication.

I will not talk about the fact that you have to remain calm and not get carried away with that is happening. Of course, these are very important matters, but you can’t take it too personally and get carried away. That’s a mistake. If we don’t work with you, we can find other people.

But we know your soul. She is wonderful and powerful. She is very strong, that’s why we have chosen you. Your soul has existed for many incarnations already. She has accumulated some great experience and has grasped the key principles of the Universe – that is what you will have to remember.

The planetary system revolves around the Sun in the form of an ellipse. The whole information of the Earth is contained in the ellipse of the Solar system. It’s like the biofield of all human life. That’s the full set of information about the human species, our collective consciousness, about the levels of human evolution – just about everything that concerns human beings.

Let’s call it the shell of the Earth. The Galactic system has its own ellipse. The Earth’s ellipse belongs to the Galaxy’s ellipse because all is One, but each of the ellipses is revolving by itself. They each have their own direction, their own speed, their own level of development.

When the Earth is revolving within Galaxy’s ellipse, at some point the Earth’s ellipse encounters certain information from the Galaxy, which changes the vibrations of the Earth’s shell. We are now at a point where the vibrations are amplified. The vibrations of the Earth’s energy get higher, the energy changes, the matter is freeing itself.

I come from the Galaxy’s ellipse. When the Galaxy’s ellipse merges with a higher ellipse, I get information from there. That’s why I know what the Earth needs, as I understand the transformation process and the life in the Galaxy. I feel the direction we are all headed towards.

But this information is too complicated for you. Let’s retreat a bit. I have introduced myself; I have explained what happens when one ellipse encounters another, and I have explained what the different levels are where we each come from: you and Me. We come from the one Unity, but we exist in different dimensions.

Everything that you have written about to this day was coming from the field of the Earth. That was and remains true. But this can be true only to a certain extent. It was important to understand and experience this truth. It is important to apply it in your life unconditionally.

We have said that before: you learn something, you investigate it, you experience the change it brings, and then you have to forget it. Because you will soon receive some new information and will have to accept the new truth. Even though it is difficult, you have to forget the knowledge received, because it blocks you from receiving new knowledge. This is a mandatory condition.

There is this planet in the Universe – the planet Earth. It is wonderful. It is one of the most beautiful creations of God. God created the Universe, and it has its rules. Flux is the core principle. It is like a perpetual engine. It keeps revolving because it always has energy. The Universe exists because the flux keeps creating energy. The Universe would collapse if the energy disappeared one day.

But this is not possible, because the Universe is huge – the flux is happening on multiple dimensions. But the largest amount of flux happens when love is the moving force in life and in its development.

When does a person feel most happy, most creative? When he experiences love. When he loves a person close to him, when he loves children, parents, nature. It actually doesn’t really matter what you love. What’s most important – is to have this sincere, pure feeling.

Then large waves of love start manifesting. The flux keeps happening and the Universe can continue its existence. However, unfortunately the Universe is polluted. It has not only been polluted by humans. There are many forms of existence in the Universe that have not evolved successfully. They start joining forces. Like attracts like, and egregores get formed. But these universal forces are becoming more powerful and stronger than those you have experienced in the space of the Earth.

Therefore, we – the saviors of the Universe – want to protect the Earth and the humans who live on Earth. We have a huge hope that we can protect Love. We are asking you: please experience Love and help us preserve balance in the Universe.

The power of good is strong, it can attract other forces and form new spaces of Love in the Universe. The whole Universe is programmed to live “happily ever after”. To evolve into Love and Light. This purpose is not limited to humans. It is a common purpose in all the Universe.

A common goal exists and is expressed through the Highest Self – to create life by feeling the love, beauty and goodness. Currently all the Universe is experiencing a process of degradation. It is stronger in one place, weaker in another. And the Earth is a place where Love can find resonance in the hearts and humans can express it. The vibrations of Love can be transmitted to the whole Universe from the Earth.

Why when you enter meditations, do I always show you the Earth as green and blue, radiating the energy of Love? Because the Earth is radiating this wonderful feeling. The energy of this feeling emanates in all directions, through all the worlds. But the Earth has to become stronger first. It has to strengthen that light, that emanation.

We can help you, but only you yourself – a human – can express the Love. We open the channels, send you the teachers, we do everything that is in our power to help, but to manifest love – that only you yourself can do.

I – Bernardine – have come to the Earth with a mission – to help you introduce people to the purpose of the Highest Self and the Universe. The human being has to survive, and he will survive by loving. Then flux and creation will occur. God has created humans to evolve and spread the love.

Humans have to learn to live a life by denying himself certain negative thoughts and feelings. It’s impossible to give up everything, because God has created harmony. Humans have to get to know their own feelings, thoughts and behaviors, and then they have to learn to control them.

It’s impossible to avoid evil, but you can learn not to endorse it. It is possible to get to know evil, and learn not to get involved in it, not to touch it and not to help it evolve.

So your function is to continue spreading the knowledge that you are receiving, and promote it to those who can hear you. To support them, to encourage them to behave as you teach them – to trust themselves, to trust their God, and – of course – their helpers.

What we are teaching you is just details. What we are showing you – it’s just a little part of everything we want to tell you. The teachings and your behavior will change. Your mission – is to open up the channels for the greatest Teachers and to prepare students for them.

It is very important. The human ego is limited. The limitations are also caused by the collective consciousness, where many erroneous thoughts exist. We see you as a channel. A strong and a solid channel. We will use this channel to spread the energy that is required to cleanse the Earth and to improve relationships. So that the expression of Love can become stronger.

You are a human being with your own experience (that is not needed at all right now), with your own spirit. You are different than others only because you understand the purpose of your life, and you understand the real reason of your existence. You know the mission of your soul.

Do many people know that? Only a few in the whole world. You know how difficult it is for a human being to understand their own purpose in life: why was I born? What should I experience? It is easy to talk about it when you lose the earthly shell.

You might feel upset that you didn’t fully understand something, but actually with you it’s not really true. You know why you came to planet Earth, the big picture. And you have all the conditions required to make your goals come true. You didn’t have to die and reflect on your actions before you returned.

You experienced a breakthrough here and now – that’s why your daily goals that you had before have lost their importance. You cannot plan tomorrow. The time for teaching is over. There is no more time for your fears and your doubts…

The time for evolution has started. You are responsible for yourself, and we are responsible for you. You will have to work with various types of energies. You don’t know them yet. Every experience of yours was like a lesson. But now you have to clearly understand – the lessons are over.

You will work on that which is required, and that which is expected of you. Don’t be so scared… (After receiving these thoughts, my whole body became numb. The feeling was very strange: the pain and internal joy appeared simultaneously. Fear, anxious shivers. It seems that these thoughts are simple and clear. But when you realize that you don’t actually belong to yourself, and that you have to perform the mission of the soul, you suddenly start getting scared – will you be able to do what it takes? – note from the author).

If needed, your spiritual guides will materialize and will help you. We will do everything that’s needed for you to keep a ‘cool mind’. Please accept all the wonderful things that life is going to offer. And please work with us. For the sake of Love, for its protection.

I am strict. My name is Bernardine. I came with a big purpose – to strengthen the energy of Love on planet Earth. And I am happy to have met you and to be working together with you. I will always be near you. But please focus on what I am telling you, and on the directions I provide.

That’s an instruction to be always observed. The tasks are not difficult. But only after you perform them well, you will be prepared for more complicated tasks. Your life can become intoxicating and strange. I hope you realize how important the things we talk about are, and the things you are experiencing right now.

Please don’t doubt it. You have very little time to grasp this information. Remember what we said: learn to relax. Please find a way. You will be receiving a lot of different energies, they will be strong. You need to quickly relax and be able to receive new sensations again. You have to take care of yourself. You have to work giving it your all, and be able to quickly restore your power for a new incoming task.

I want to tell you that it’s possible to perform your mission and remain calm, without hurting your feelings and your beliefs. You will have to fundamentally change everything, but you can learn to adapt. You have to relax and accept the information.

All kinds of energy will be streaming through your body. And it will be breaking a lot of blockages, currently present in the space of the Earth. We will be needing your body, as well as your thoughts and feelings, but we will never harm your mind.

The waves will be getting stronger and that will affect your energy more intensely. Therefore, you have to learn to accept them and remain calm. Firstly, you have to understand that everything that is happening is real. Yes, it is happening.

Yes, you are a person who can accept the energy from the Universe. The energy flowing directly from the Galaxy. The Galaxy is larger than the Solar system, therefore you will feel that the energies coming from that space will be stronger and more powerful.

We will be changing the information rapidly. That’s why you will need discipline. You have to remember your duties by yourself, and you can’t be lazy. You know that we are the most reliable beings in the whole universe, but still, you don’t trust us. You are not fully aligned.

Please be responsible. Do remember – we are your friends. What do I mean by saying ‘we’? It’s me Bernardine, and all your spiritual guides, as well as many others who work with you (and sometimes for you). We love you and we have full faith in you, but do you love us, and do you have faith in us?

It is a long process to influence people’s consciousness. And this process is not fully effective. It’s clear even by looking at you. We have been talking about this with you for years, but you are still uncertain. The spiritual guides know the true path of a human, but you have to be careful with your intuition. There are others who want to talk to you, but they might be less knowledgeable.

You have no idea who can connect to you when they understand they can communicate with you. Please remember: the key criterion for assessment is the sensation of Love and Light. Everything that follows this criterion is right.

So we are observing who you are interacting with, and how it is going. You understand that it’s easier to reach another human being with the energy when it is going through you – in a horizontal manner.

You will receive the information from the guides, and the energy – from me. That’s how you will be cleaning the environment and strengthening the energy of Love. The energy of goodness. Humans have to learn to live without the negative energies. This truth has to become solid in their minds.

Letter 6

The mission of a human being

In life it’s important to focus and to go after your goals. Each enlightened person has consistently worked towards his goal. Each of them understood that they won’t achieve that without being focused and without their willpower. If the willpower and the aspiration become purposeful and clear, the person becomes calm and quiet.
To become enlightened means to step out of the mundane limited thinking. It’s to be capable to enter the space of higher vibrations yet remain in the human body. It’s an opportunity to understand that the world is multifaceted, and you shouldn’t attach importance to the routine of life. God has created a different plan for people, therefore it’s difficult to explain the mission of a human being now, as a very different experience has been formed. A human being was supposed to learn to manage the energies and live in harmony with the Universe. Human beings are given an opportunity to create and immerse themselves into the life of the Universe.
The primordial man could communicate with God directly. By reading the stars, a man could understand the plans of God, could comprehend his goals and aspirations. A man was truly a part of the Universe. He understood that his thought can help anyone.
A man was a part of nature, capable of creation: to help a plant, an animal, to help the wind, the water etc. He could experience the unity with nature. He could transport himself to a different space, different civilization by his own thoughts, or move between different levels of earth. A man knew his mission and was happy to implement it in the material world. He could create minerals, plants, animals. He could plan out their purpose and mission. A man could send his energy to the cosmos, meet the representatives of other worlds, communicate telepathically, travel to the astral world, share experiences, feel respect and tolerance, create goodness and harmony around himself.
Egregores were not supposed to rule the earth. The space of the earth was supposed to be filled with the energy of love and respect. Respect for wisdom, for the power of creation, manifestation of divine plan. If there were no egregores, the earth would be able to breathe freely, and the cosmic energies would flow freely. The connection between those who live on Earth, and those who exist in other dimensions would be easy. An infinite variety of communications would encourage creation, and the expression of wisdom. The energies would allow you to have vivid experiences. The mind would not be limited. The memory would be clear, the creation would be purposeful.
Every word would be meaningful and deserving respect. You would feel responsibility for every word you say and every thought you have. Everything would be very subtle. Now chaos is prevailing. Because the human being underestimates his powers. The earth is covered by a thick energy shield, so that the Universe is protected from egocentric human thoughts. There is a constant battle between people who are destroying the space by their thoughts, and the people who are trying to preserve and balance the space.
It’s quite paradoxical that the people and the “otherworld”, the people and their willpower have become enemies. A man – consciously or unconsciously – is trying to destroy himself, whereas those who live on a higher plane want to preserve humanity and its power to create. It’s difficult to help humans, because the knowledge and the powers provided to them may be used for destruction. It’s difficult to elevate a person to the level of “enlightenment”, where he can understand how to stop harming himself, the humanity, and the Universe. People have strayed from the true path greatly. They don’t understand their real mission because the experiences of thousands of years reached an impasse. We have to return to the starting point. But it’s difficult to do so without external help, when we are within the Earthly space. It’s not in people’s power to re-create everything by themselves. The collective human consciousness is erroneous. The information we receive from the collective consciousness is leading us even further astray, that’s why we are taking on other means to revive the primordial thought. We have to eradicate all the knowledge of the development of our civilization. This knowledge should not be followed. We need a new vision, a new perception. We can gain that through new experiences and new activities, and you can achieve that by communicating with us – the masters of the higher dimensions. We would like to destroy all your information, but we know that if we do that you will feel “lost” in time and space. The souls always approve of our experiments. By choosing to come to planet Earth, they know what they will have to endure, and they choose to take this risk.
Life on earth may appear too painful and cruel but preserving the mission of planet Earth make it worth our effort. But the Earth lacks energy required for the changes to occur. The changes won’t happen on Earth without a clear earthly consciousness. Therefore, it’s necessary to think clearly and be willing to change the environment.
We are changing the energy of a human being, we are trying to make it more easy for a human being to receive the cosmic information so that he can create a different set of guidelines for himself. The guidelines might be wrong (from the perspective of the Universe), but they will be changing the stereotypes, freeing up the thinking, and that is very important. A small change in thinking process – is a big step forward in the field of energy. A small correction in the energy is enough for the human vibrations to change their frequency. The change in frequency will allow you to get a fresh perspective and assess the human life, experiences, and goals differently. The changes are also occurring in the energy of planet Earth. The changes were planned and now the time has come. People can’t yet see the changes. But soon you will be able to feel it, assess them and comprehend their purpose. The changes happening on the scale of planet Earth are also touching each person. To be more precise, the energy of the Earth is being adjusted through an individual human being. The vibrations will always keep changing – they will get stronger, or weaker. The people still need time to evolve into a new level. But this process is ongoing, the environment feels cleaner and freer, therefore we believe that the preparation for the transition is going on smoothly.
The people can’t feel these changes yet. But when the present becomes history, then we will be able to assess the speed of changes. The formations of energy particles are arriving from the future dimension to the human space. They are not landing from space but are transitioning from one dimension to another. These particles open up opportunities for you to see and perceive the world differently. The values will change, the understanding of a human being as an individual will change into the understanding of a human being as a one part of the spirits existing in the Universe.
“I am an individual” will be transformed into the unity of the soul. “I am an individual” – that’s my understanding, my knowledge, my wisdom, and my behavior. The unity of the soul – is the self (the material part) connected to the Higher Self, who now can find and express the connection to the spiritual guides. The understanding of what life is supposed to be like, and how to experience life, how to feel live and reveal life will change as well. Unity is the foundation of the future. The unity with yourself, with the subtle world, with another human being. The unity that is built on understanding, support, respect for different opinions. You can apply the feeling of unity in your everyday life. When you analyze something, when you are making decisions, taking various actions, please think – what would your heavenly Masters suggest? What would they think about your actions? Would they support you, or would they say that you shouldn’t waste any of your time or your energy for a certain activity? The time of a human being is limited. It should not be wasted. Especially by working on achieving goals that are not your own. A human being no longer belongs to himself. That period is over. Now the human being belongs to the Universe, to space. He has to understand that his responsibility is not limited to his own human actions and his influence on the human world. He is responsible for the existence of the whole Universe. To be more precise, he is currently responsible for the existence of the space on Earth. Not only the material world, but the influence of his actions on all dimensions.
There is no more closed world. Everything is related: the humanity and the unseen worlds, with all its inhabitants – guardian angels, spiritual guides and the highest spirits, who are responsible for the human life, for “the human plane”. The unity, the feeling of oneness – it’s important to internalize this new approach.
You are not an individual – you are an expression of all the greatness of the non-material world. You are the unity of that which you experience on Earth and that which is near you in the non-material plane. We don’t want to use the word “otherworld” because it creates duality between one side and another. There is no duality. There is only unity, oneness, resonance with the Higher Consciousness, with the Universal Wisdom. We really hope that we will succeed to promote this information and that you will be able to comprehend it. Maybe initially you won’t be able to understand it accurately and clearly, but it will come to you through your own experiences and feelings. The world is revealing itself gradually, all the beauty will be revealed to you later. But you have to prepare for it. If you don’t want to admire a gorgeous flower, you will just walk by it without paying any attention. The beauty of the world will be revealed to everyone, but not everyone will be able to see it. But more and more people will be willing and capable to appreciate the beauty and living in that new world. Certain laws of life will be explained to you later. They are not rules, but tendencies that will describe the connection between the quality of life and the level of consciousness. The level of consciousness will change depending on a person’s wishes and his determination to accept new knowledge. The human mind is limited, yet there are no limits in the level of oneness. You can survive anything, create anything and achieve much more when you are in unity with yourself (the unity with your Self in a broader sense). This knowledge is very important, you have to cherish it and treat it as indisputable truth. If you can’t accept this idea, we won’t even bother to talk about other ideas. We don’t waste our energy. We love you and hope to cooperate with everyone who is reading this information.
A human being is born to live, to experience feelings, to create thoughts. But it’s most important to learn to love and respect another human being. Why do you feel strong? Because you look at another person without any judgement or desire to control him. He doesn’t feel any pressure, and you don’t feel any pressure. You communicate naturally and feel relaxed. Every human being is prone to listen to his ego and usually makes mistakes in doing so. The ego has some qualities, which “attach” the human spirit to the ground, to the low vibrations and low experiences. Ego has been given to you so you could adjust to the environment on earth. When a human gets to know his essence, he changes. He gradually gives up his ego and starts tuning into his internal Self and into his higher Self, which gives him an opportunity to live in the level of higher vibrations. That’s why the experiences change. The opportunities change as well. But this is not the highest level that a human being can achieve in his life. The objective of a human being currently is to understand his essence, to create unity with the space in the Universe and to create unity with common activities.
God has planned an opportunity for a human essence to form and reveal itself on the earthly plane. These feelings are new. They have to become your experience and unveil themselves in space. Of course, it is very important that a human being learns to love and to feel God in his heart. Otherwise, you might start living in the astral world. Only when you allow the Love to unfold in your heart and using that love as support for all your actions, then you will be able to communicate with the guides of the highest level, and only then the protection will be powerful. If they are guided by their ego or their logical reasoning, they might stray from truth. Everything is based on Love. If you want to communicate with God, you need to learn to Love. Otherwise you can become a puppet controlled by the creatures in the astral world, your spirit will get lost in time and space. Every human action has to be based on the Divine Love. God gave a human being a part of himself – the energy of divine creative love. If you are guided by this love, you won’t go astray from your life’s path. The human mind is limited and therefore incapable to provide you the final truth. You can only get to know the truth when you open yourself up to Love.
I want to say this very seriously and very strictly: you can’t evolve spiritually, if you don’t foster Love in your heart. It is becoming selfless, understanding, supportive and tolerant. Everything else is just extras. Any analysis, any knowledge are just extras. They are needed only in order for you to be able to express the Love in the right way. The creative love energy wants to find resonance in the hearts of people. And this love can’t be confused with the love of making sacrifices, with the self-love or other meanings of this word invented by humans.
Love – it’s the feeling of warmth in the heart, the joy, the bliss and just being happy to be alive. Love is creation. It’s the force that creates the world. A human being knows very little about this force. Although it has never been a secret.
Love – is the basis of creation of our world. Everything is based on love: it is either present or not present. Love is not an illusion, it’s the reality. If a person doesn’t cultivate the feeling of genuine love when embarking on the path of spiritual development, he won’t get anywhere. The road will lead to impasse. The human will wonder – why can’t he reach the essence? He knows a lot and has done many actions. It’s because there is no Love in his heart. There is no genuine creative energy, there is no walking together with God. Not walking towards God, but together with God.
Love envelops the whole Universe, all the space, all the life (both material and non-material life). Therefore, please start everything from the key starting point – allow True Love to unfold in your heart. Only then you can accomplish your goals and aims.
We have already mentioned that you will have to work with stronger energies. They are – as you say – of higher vibrational frequencies. To be more precise, they are of different origin. The ellipses are changing. You will connect to the energies that for now have very little influence on Earth, because few people can withstand it. I understand it was difficult for you yesterday when you experienced the burning of your energy bodies. There were many impurities in those bodies – both emotional and mental. How should you interact with the new energy? You will have to get more personal; you won’t be interacting through another human being. The nature of your work is changing. You are now an intermediary not only between a human and the energy, but also between the energies of the Universe and the Earth. We will move some energy of the Universe to Earth, so that the biofield of Earth changes its structure. It’s impossible to work with Earth now, as the energy level is so low. A change is needed. So we are happy to find an opportunity to work through a human being, not through nature. Natural disasters have almost no effect on human thinking. It disturbs the thinking even more. That’s why we choose certain people and we will work through them. The world will go through strong changes. It will become freer, lighter, the people will become more sincere. Creation will become the main goal. Love – the main feeling. Knowledge will be received from the Universe. And – of course – everyone will be able to communicate with the guides from the highest dimensions. There will be no boundary between the inhabitants of Earth and the higher-level consciousness. People will change their genetic structure. Karmic laws will lose their purpose. Because everything will happen instantaneously, very fast: cause – effect. It will be difficult until the humans learn to use it. But we expect a beautiful and easy future life. We are working on it. Today we have a very relevant question – how will a human being deal with the energies that surround the Earth now? It will be difficult for humans to survive this period. The negative energies created by humans are very strong, they will not give up, and will fight constantly. Therefore, many people will act irrationally, emotionally. Depression is just one of manifestations of this process, a mild one.
Meaningless wars, attacks, terrorism, religious battles – all that will become more intense. We hope that this period will be short and humans will be able to live through it, and then enjoy the new world after. But this period might become lengthy. There are too few light beings, who can keep the balance and help the good to hold out. Actually, humans have not reached “the bottom” yet. We are slowly descending, and it will take a few years. Only then we can ascend again. This is the general view we are seeing. But humanity will endure, because there will be people bringing light and helping others understand what’s happening. Relax and trust God – these truths remain. Their power remains too. Love, respect, empathy, support – these are the values that will allow humanity to remain on planet Earth. All the truths about Love and Faith will remain applicable. They are our saving grace.
Later – when we enter the “Golden Age” – our value system will change. But first, we need to survive until then.

Letter 5

The energy of love and of creation

You feel like nothing at all is happening in life. But, something quite significant is happening right now. You feel exhausted – not because of work, not because of people, but because of the energetic change occurring in your body. The cells are being re-balanced, adjusted to the highest possible level of energy. That’s why you feel unpleasant chills, shivering, you are facing occasional grievances and sadness. It will all pass, and what will remain is a feeling of admiration for the new situation. Freedom, peace, respect, and trust – these are the incredible feelings that will remain. Why shouldn’t you dream about how you will live in the future? Because these dreams are meaningless. Now you can’t imagine what will happen and how you will be supposed to live, therefore you shouldn’t make any plans. There is a time for everything, and everything has its own meaning.
All the Universe is changing. It’s transforming and entering a different dimension. Only tiny reverberations of this transformation reach such a dense material place as planet Earth. The tension of this transformation is being felt throughout the Universe, as the existence of all forms of life – seen and unseen – is being transformed. Essentially, the relationship between good and bad is changing. These two structures are losing their significance. They are being replaced with Divine energy, the energy that brings Love and Creation. These two energies will become predominant in the Universe, and on planet Earth as well. Those who can cultivate Love and Creation in their hearts will be able to adapt to the new environment. All others will perish – both in the Universe and on Earth as well. There are many creatures who don’t understand what Love is. That’s why many people started seeking to understand what love is. They want to survive – and they deserve respect. But it’s difficult to understand what love is. It’s not enough to know it theoretically. You need to feel it. It has to be sincere and genuine. Only this kind of love can survive and allow life to develop in the Universe. Up till now we could feel the chaos in the Universe. But it had its purpose and its goal. Both good and bad had its place in this chaos. They complemented each other and helped each other unfold. A notion of ‘good’ was formed and we realized what we would make ourselves suffer if we didn’t allow the good to unfold.
Love is the main condition for survival. Do people always feel the love for their close ones – not only the weak, but also the strong or the aggressive ones? If there is fear, envy, or grievance – there is no place for love. Love exists without fear, without hurt. It is the understanding that the feelings of ego are no longer important and significant in the Universe. Also, on Earth. What is important is being open, being understanding and warm. These are the higher vibrations. It’s not easy to retain them, but also not difficult when you ‘get the point’. The human ego won’t disappear so soon because a human can’t become an empty space. A new structure has to fill the space that was previously occupied by the ego. But for a new structure to enter a human being, they must desire this transition. Then they have to be capable of allowing the transition to enter them. The possibilities depend on the environment and on the person himself. But the desire – that only depends on a person. However, you still need time for your mind to be able to understand what is that structure. We will provide you with knowledge little by little. We want to protect your consciousness. What is the consciousness and why is it important? It is the human free will. It’s the free choice. It’s up to an individual person to choose a particular lifestyle. You can’t change the free will by force or by deception. Therefore, we suggest you to gradually adapt to the situation of today and try to gather knowledge so that you can form your choice. Please do not forget that sometimes you may convince yourself that ‘this and that’ is the truth. But will your soul accept it as the truth? If you have the slightest doubt, the free will remains intact. It doesn’t always depend on the mind, and it doesn’t always depend on the heart. For the free choice to be formed, a resonance between the mind and the heart must emerge. Let’s return to today. It’s extremely complicated. You must prepare spiritually. Firstly, don’t try too hard. Everything has to be experienced gradually, without any rush. You will be provided with all the information we believe you should receive in a way we believe is necessary. People are very distracted and attached to emotions, so they can’t make an appropriate decision on how and when to receive the information. That’s why we will sometimes adjust your thoughts and the situations you are in. But you probably know this already. I just wanted to remind you – don’t try too hard.
Secondly, relax and think of all changes as good. Without any tension, without a prejudice that changes can only bring bad things. The end of the world is just the beginning of a new understanding. If you are scared, you will remain stuck at “the end of the world”. But if you decide to create, to understand, to live in harmony, then you will experience “the beginning of a new world”. But again – the choice is up to a person himself. Please choose wisely.
Thirdly, there is no way back, you will have to face this. You will have to accept us – those living in different dimensions and on different levels – and we will have to become friends. We are new everyday friends (of different dimensions). Don’t you love hanging out with friends? So let’s hang out! Let’s share the information, let’s share the conscious assessment and understanding of a situation. Let’s love each other. We are friends. And – I want to emphasize – we are your everyday friends. Please don’t think of it as a mystical phenomenon, but a usual reality. Even though you can’t see us, we do exist. I think you really have very few friends on Earth who would be willing to help you so sincerely, selflessly, and wisely. Please accept us naturally. We want to be friends.
The direction of human energy is determined by three parameters: (1) divine light (everything that a human brings to Earth upon birth); (2) personal experience of a human being (consciousness) and (3) collective human consciousness. The human energy travels in the direction of a certain vector under the influence of these three parameters. When the strength of a certain influence changes, the direction might change accordingly. The third parameter (collective human consciousness) can be influenced by inserting information from the infinite cosmos. Therefore, the direction of the energy flow can change as well. This energy is not only circulating within the earthly space, but it enters the cosmic matrix as well. And the cosmic matrix enters the earthly space. That’s how the energy structure of the earth is being transformed, and the human perception as well. People have to understand that they are inhabitants of the Universe. This merger is significant in the sense that the whole purpose of life changes: the human soul enters the cosmic space not after death, but right now. That means that a person won’t have to constantly reincarnate in order to experience required situations and gain experience. You will be able to enter the space of the Universe with the remaining consciousness (still remembering your previous knowledge and experience) and you will be able to create there, consciously using the divine energy. Will the personality remain forever? It will change its physical and energetic structures, but the consciousness and the ability to create will remain. This force – it’s a new energy structure of the Universe – will give rise to new vibrations in the infinite space. To be more precise – the new vibrations only within a certain part in space, because only God alone can cover and comprehend the whole space of the Universe. Any human being – no matter how sophisticated – just like many other creatures of the Universe will be able to comprehend only a part of the whole purpose of the infinite existence, and he will be able to create and develop himself within that part. Humanity is now able to change its earthly structure, and balance it in such a way that it would be able to accept a part of the Universal consciousness, i.e. the vibrations of a cosmic mind. Everything will depend on the intention of a human being, and his willingness to evolve. The vectorial dimension that brings the cosmic information into the human energy field has been provided to humans already, they just have to change the vectorial dimension of their own perception (experience and values). The collective human consciousness will change together with the change of each individual human being. Therefore, all the opportunities to merge with the infinity and eternity are provided for us in our space. Everything now depends on a person’s wishes, abilities, choices. This path requires extreme human focus. Because to bring the energy of the Universe into a human shell is indeed a complicated process. Not everyone will take this information seriously, not everyone will be able to feel the changes in their energy. But if we speak of it, it means that there are people who will be able to accept this new information, and this new energy. Therefore, the people who are starting this process are faced with particularly high responsibilities. It requires internal stamina, composure, responsibility, and wisdom. When we want to help you, we are allowed to advise you. A human mind is not capable to make correct decisions when it comes to the Universe. Therefore, we provide the knowledge. But being provided with knowledge is not the only thing that’s important. It’s most important to understand this knowledge and to apply it in practice. The task is now becoming clear to you. Also, the methods to accept the cosmic information are becoming clear to you. We will reveal everything to you, that you might need to create a new experience. No one is saying that it’s going to be easy, and no one is saying that it’s harmless to your consciousness. Your consciousness might perish, but it also can become unfolded in the Universal matrix. If we didn’t believe it’s possible, we wouldn’t enter this stage of the process. Everything is planned and pre-programmed. You will have to walk this path. Because each ability and intention will allow you to open your gate to the space more widely. There is no way back.
Please don’t think in your old ways. No one wants old gifts. Just like you don’t want to keep your old thinking habits – now even though your thinking fundamentals are getting shattered. Everything will collapse, but only then the new foundations will emerge.

Letter 4

Integrating humans into the space of unity

The highest consciousness is endless. Every tiny movement in the Universe is happening by the will of higher consciousness: order exists everywhere, a cause and effect. Every form of life has its purpose, every form of energy has to express itself.
For millions of years (in human perception) we lived in communion, as if experiencing a deep snooze. But in recent times there have been certain “tremors” that affected the whole space – I don’t know why that is happening, but I know that we have to adapt to the new conditions.
Not only humans, but all the structures of the unseen world have to adapt. We are experiencing confusion, but not chaos. We are simply given new requirements and new instructions. Humans are receiving higher mandates. The space of unity is being prepared to receive the human being and its mind. We communicate with the soul, we know her goals, her possibilities and the consequences.
However, the human mind is not governed by anyone else but the human himself. That’s why we want to familiarize each person with the responsibility and the possibilities. Of course, the collective consciousness is being filtered and purified, but still – it’s too far away from the universal order.
We want people to purify the collective consciousness by themselves, through their own mind. The collective consciousness preserves the collective experience of the humanity, the collective awareness, the memory of humanity’s evolution. But now the collective consciousness started to fail its purpose. People have to get involved.
The collective consciousness will expose certain energies when it enters the Space. Some energies will get weakened, and some other energies will get strengthened. But we need balance. Some other life forms can use the collective consciousness, when it becomes available in Space. Of course, the collective consciousness cannot harm the Universe – but either way – it would be important that people would start changing their thinking already, and prepare appropriately to open up to Space.
In other words, the human being has to increase the vibrations of the collective consciousness. He has to stop dismissing the possibility of interacting with the unseen world. We will become “one”. There will no longer be a distinction, we will communicate as equals. But in order to achieve that, the human being needs to develop tolerance, respect and the interest to communicate and deepen the knowledge.
That is not at all related to the material world. That world is decaying and shrinking. Humans will live in a different space, and the lifestyle will be different. You will enter the space of unity. All the energies will unfold for you, you will start feeling different experiences – some experiences you wouldn’t be able to describe right now.
The style of communication will be different, let alone the understanding of your goals and purpose of life. They will not be similar to the current material goals at all. The ego won’t exist, there will be no desire for power or wealth, there will be no fear and deception. The self-expression will have a different direction.
But – first and foremost – your will have to adapt to new changes. And that won’t be easy for everyone. The perception will change, but you – people – will have to still use your mind to understand this new perception. The situation will change fundamentally, but the mind will remain the same. Because you – people – will enter into the next level with your mind.
I don’t know what will happen to the bodies, but the intention is to keep the structure of the body intact. I will bow down my head to the man, if he is able to adjust to changes, accept everything peacefully and not self-destruct. You will have to increase your vibrations not only in the energetic sense, but also the material sense. The DNA will change – one or more DNA codes will be introduced, which will allow the humanity to adjust to the new environment.
This “experiment” is complicated, but this is the God’s will. If such an “experiment” is taking place, then probably the God can see its positive course of action and the positive completion. Everything is changing, yet the mind remains – with its attachments, hopes and desires. These words will have to be crossed out of your vernacular and you will have to use the new words: knowledge, perception, adaptation, faith.
People have received a unique gift – they are invited to change the course of the Universe’s development. Everything is interconnected, everything is developing in its own course. The humanity too is following “its course”.
When a human consciousness is freed, it can transmit the information it received to the energy level of human beings. A person can change the energy level of humanity by learning to direct his mental energy. This is how immersion into the joint transition manifests itself for people. In this stage of transition, it is important to preserve the pure, conscious thinking.
The conscious thinking is a much more powerful tool than people can comprehend and appreciate right now. Conscious thinking is a choice, a creation, it’s a manifestation of the God’s will. Conscious thinking can help you go beyond any boundaries.
Any human being is capable to communicate with the Universe. Time or space is not an issue for that. The only thing that stops you from doing it is your limited perception. Please work on your imagination. Please accept new visions, accept the opportunities to interact with the energies.
You can’t allow so much of fear into your system. This dissipates your energy. You must change your mood and stop feeling sad. Now you just got completely dissipated (energetically) right in front of us. That’s why you don’t have enough energy to write or to communicate with us. Our connection is becoming weaker.
So you can’t be angry at us for not willing to communicate with you. You are destroying the remains of your energy and the connection with us can no longer occur. If you don’t control your feelings, you will diminish your opportunities. You will not have enough strength to open up at the right time.
You can’t fall into sadness. Life is beautiful. You have to keep being cheerful. Please don’t be sad and don’t make other people sad. All the world’s beauty is within a human being. It’s in his attitude, and in his moods. You won’t notice miracles if you keep your eyes shut…
Please help yourself and take these words seriously. It’s not a lesson, it’s a demand. We need you to be strong and able to communicate, able to interact through various channels of information and energy. We want to continuously provide you with new information, but your fear and sadness is ruining this plan. Now the time is such that we can’t wait any longer. We have to act now.
A man can do anything. You have to be willing to change and take action. It can’t happen without free will, you won’t get any information or knowledge. The free will has to be expressed no matter what you do. Firstly, we want to say that any human is capable (structurally) to live a happy, healthy life and be clever and creative. The only thing preventing it, is his ego: the social habits, moods and so on.
I think you can understand everything until this point, so now we will start talking about the second point. It’s the collaboration. We can provide you with information about how to improve the lives of humans on Earth, and you need to give an opportunity for the divine energy to manifest itself through your bodies. More divine energy has to enter the material environment. You can do that through meditation, by praying or by simply being focused.
The biofield of the Earth will change, the energy field of the Universe will change as well. If a material point learns to manifest the divine energy, the whole Universe will be strongly affected by the energy coming through this material structure. That’s the whole point of this evolution.
The divine energy has to be uncovered gradually, and people already do it fairly well. Minor errors do exist, but everything is happening as it’s supposed to. When you receive the knowledge but can’t transmit the energy of love to your daily environment, you are blocking the connection. You have to express the love every day. It’s not just about saying a prayer before your sleep. Please focus your thoughts on this idea and take action.
You are wrong if you think that it’s enough to pass on the information you have received. No – you must EXPERIENCE the teaching we are providing you with. This is your function. Everything else is just a little bit extra – for you to expand your perception. Please be brave and responsible for your actions. Others will support you – maybe in silence, maybe in doubt, but they will support you…
The Universe is not an empty space. The Universe is matter: constellations, planets, air. The Universe is a Spiritual place of dwelling. It’s a place of dwelling for conscious energies, created by God. Human beings are just one form of conscious energies. There are millions of such forms, and they live in the space of the Spiritual place of dwelling.
There are many wise, respectful, peaceful, conscious creatures in the Universe. There are also different creatures – they are very wise, but they know how to trick and fool humans, but also other creatures of the Universe. They challenge everyone who exists in the Universe. You can’t call them the bad forces, because they perform the will of the God: they pose challenges for love, respect, tenderness, goodness.
The main direction of human evolution will not change. People will have to learn to communicate with God, but also with his helpers in the subtle world. No matter what happens in the world, you must remember: if you want to survive – go back to yourself, to the state of your internal harmony, to love and faith. Don’t follow logic, follow only the internal experiences. Logic belongs to the current world. The voice of the heart belongs to the world of the future. It’s the understanding of your internal voice, the voice of your higher Self. Please start a new life without pressure or fear.
You will have to keep communicating with us. In theory, this information is available for everyone, but in practice – only a few can accept it. That’s why your current life is important: you are changing your habits, your values and you are learning to follow our teaching – you can be a good example to others.
People have to think less about their everyday life. People have to direct their thoughts to the spaces in the Universe, not to a closed circle of life, which destroys the essence of a human being, and prevents the right idea of life from revealing itself.
Life will really start changing when people will get more detached from the mundane life and direct their thoughts to understanding the eternity. When the thoughts become free, you need to guide them in the right direction.
It’s difficult for a man to keep a “clean mind”, he is constantly concerned about something. I hope he can be concerned with spiritual wisdom and wellness – only then a system of values can be re-structured and the behavior can change.
Restructuring values and changing a lifestyle is not easy. I keep emphasizing that I speak in generic terms. Is it easy to convince people to stop fighting, stop poisoning themselves with drugs or medicine, to stop producing guns or harmful food products? Is it easy to smile naturally and wish others well – not only in words, but in our hearts?…
Really, people have a lot to change. Even a global earthquake will not force a man to change his thinking and go deeper into himself. He will think that it’s just another natural disaster, and that’s it. But for us it’s important that a man develops a desire to change.
By free will, he can choose a beautiful lifestyle, nourish sincerity, compassion, helpful attitude and respect for others. A man can change through internal experiences, though feelings. This change can’t be forced upon him – even if we bring forth a hurricane or a tsunami. It’s only possible by being aware of your feelings, by following your heart.
How can people be encouraged to change? There is a lot of information, all kinds of information – but there is no willingness to change. There is only one way. You need to help a person to “touch” the mystical world. To feel its energy, to see the colors of the aura, to feel his spiritual teachers and so on. It’s only then that a man won’t have any more doubts that the world is a little different from what people are used to seeing and thinking about it.
The period of changes has started. It will be beautiful and frightening. Your experience will depend on your readiness to accept the changes. You can’t afford to relax and not pay attention to the changes. Please apply the lens of mysticism all the time.
There won’t be a single person in the world who is untouched by this wave of changes. Everyone will get their “dose”. Some people will get it sooner, some later – but everyone will be woken up from their stagnation. You have to believe in God and keep your peace, don’t allow yourself to fall into panic or fear.
You must accept the changes, don’t allow yourself to doubt it or dismiss them. The changes are happening. At this time, the connection with God is very important – it’s like an anchor that will help you to stay afloat in a stormy sea. It’s hard to say what you should do to prepare or what awaits you. Everything keeps changing very fast. It’s unclear what waves will emerge in the Universe and what waves will reach the Earth.
We know that you feel anxious. We are a bit worried and uneasy that we can’t advise you on how you should act. Please wait, we will try to get help from someone higher up. Yes, the changes are coming. You will experience a breaking point in your life, and you will have to sacrifice your current situation, your work and become a little more distant from people.
The chatter of humans is interfering with your ability to hear the vibrations of the Universe. When your vibrations are changing, it’s better to stay in solitude with your spiritual guides and with those who protect you. Actually, the number of those communicating with you might increase because the worlds are becoming closer. You only need to understand the current goal.
You have to forget the old ways of thinking and the old goals. It’s difficult to define new goals, because the changes on Earth are just starting. It’s not easy to live a human life and help your Spirit to reveal itself. Either way, your mind will have to understand what is happening and will have to preserve its calmness and curiosity.
It’s a double life: life in reality and life in the illusion. You live on both levels. And you have to learn to stay in both levels and adjust yourself. Here and now, you have to BECOME ALIGNED with the eternity and endlessness. You have to understand that you won’t be able to fit into this new space with your mind and your knowledge. You will need to get in touch with the Masters.
It would be great, if we could be in constant touch, but the material energy is very strong and keeps blocking this connection. But the magnetic shocks of the Universe will keep breaking down the material energy and the human transformation will become easier.
You will have to find a way how to disconnect from one level of being and transition to another level: from the level of being human to the level of unity. There are two levels forming in your human world. These are not the psychological roles or incarnations, but two lives on two levels: the earthly life and the mystical spatial life, where you will have to feel just as real and natural, as you feel in your human world.
You will have to keep your composure and your focus. Now you allow about 0.02% of the other life (let’s call it the cosmic life) enter your human life. We would like you to reach at least 15%. We are pushing your limits high, and we expect that you will be able to push it even higher. Practically, you will have two lives, and the second one is still very abstract…

I understand that you are scared, but please trust the development path that we have outlined for you. Actually, now you are scared to lose your attachment to Earth and your human life. You feel unsafe by losing the attachment to the social norms, human goals. But new goals will soon emerge, and they won’t be in conflict with the human world – they will actually get integrated into it.

Letter 3

A clear path to self-destruction: having no purpose and being lazy to think

A human understands the universe in a very limited way: the sky, the stars, energetic nebulas and so on. The universe – it‘s the existence of the whole. It‘s an interconnectedness of movement between the seen and the unseen. The energy exists everywhere. These energies have the most diverse range of amplitudes. Yet they move to the same rhythm in the universe.
A human imagination can hardly step out of the experiences created by the collective consciousness. That‘s why we really want to provide a different type of information for you. Then a human being would have an opportunity to expand his perception, but also the imagination. We have to expand our boundaries. A human being is a material part of the Universe – only humans can purify and cleanse the energies that created karmic tasks.
Why – do you think – the same situation is repeating itself across the generations? It‘s not difficult to explain. When a human being is being born, he knows what karmic baggage he will have to purify, i.e. what energies he will have to work on. He comes to the human world and by making decisions he creates certain situations – in order to evolve.
If a person is unable to resolve a particular karmic task, then another soul comes to his family, and takes upon herself to continue the work that has been started and to resolve the karmic issues that the previous incarnations couldn‘t resolve (for example the parents). So the same situation is passed from generation to generation. They say that children suffer from their parents‘ mistakes. Actually, that’s not accurate.
One soul arrives to the Earth with an assigned duty to resolve a karmic task (to purify a certain energy), and if she is not able to perform that duty (because she forgot her tasks when being in a human body), then another soul arrives into that family and again tries to purify that certain energy: the anger, the hatred, the jealousy, the desire for power, the sadness, the self-pity, the contempt and so on.
People call it ‘feelings’. But in the Universe, it is perceived as different forms of energy. There are people who don’t think about their purpose on planet Earth and imagine that they are the owners of their life, and they don’t analyze the feelings they experience, they don’t ask: why do I experience such feelings? How can I manage these feelings and transform then? Instead of purifying the energies, they create more negative energies. That’s how energetic egregores (clusters of energy) are created, then they start feeding on themselves and keep expanding. They create chaos in people’s lives, encourage dwelling in negative feelings and therefore take away the divine energy. Energetic egregores would become extinct if people started to destroy all the negative information within them.
The humans of the future will stop living according to the rules created by the ego, and will only follow the intuition – the voice of the inner Self. This human being will become extremely conscious and will understand clearly, what he is doing and what for. So – that means – your thinking needs to change a lot.
A human no longer needs the ego, also no longer needs his attachment to the earthly life. A human will have to learn to live according to the laws of the Universe. People have a lot of commitments, when they are on the material plane, they are purifying the space. A person whose core is manifesting divine energy is able to maintain the material Earth with all its life and harmony.
So please focus your attention on the good, on the positive creative force, not the destructive energy. Small groups of people exist in a few certain places on earth who are able to insert a new idea into the collective consciousness. It’s very difficult to insert a new idea, but it’s even more difficult for this idea to reach the masses.
A human being can only accept a new idea through his heart, which means he needs to listen to his internal voice, his intuition. But you have to be very conscious in order to understand whether the information is coming from the inner Self or the egregore. If you want to learn to hear the internal Self, you need to be very conscious.
Human beings have to maintain a balance between developing their logical mind and their intuition. There is one very simple method to develop your consciousness – to believe in God, the Higher consciousness. I am not talking about the idols created by the religions, but the Superior power.
The world is revealing only a small part of itself to humans. It’s wonderful, full of changing colors, sounds, feelings and events. Everything is perfect and beautiful. The God wants his creation – the Human being – to learn how to witness this world. So that the human beings would be able to experience the ‘paradise’ a little.
But for that you need to change your vibrations. A person has to be open, sincere, fair. His vibrations cannot destroy the harmony of the Universe. That’s why the human is kept within the boundaries of time and space. Although in its essence, the human being can step out of the boundaries with his conscious human state and evolve to a new level of existence.
That’s why we talk about the sixth race of human beings. The humans in the sixth race will be able to step into a different space and transmit the information they receive to planet Earth. This is a serious mission. The transformation of the humans is already on the God’s plan. As is the transformation of many other worlds. As well as the interaction between the different worlds. The worst that could happen to a human being (and the humanity) – decay. The unwillingness to think and feel. The internal laziness. Here I’m not talking about the external activity – but about thinking, and your ability to experience the feelings. About seeking goodness, beauty and diversity.
People’s internal laziness is driving a lot of higher forces to despair. They are ready to help human beings, but they can’t reach them. Every person has to work on saving the world, not only some special people in high-level positions. Everyone has to feel an internal joy of living. Not the pleasure that comes out of fulfilled desires, but an internal joy coming out of just being alive.
The understanding of how to live a life will eventually reach each person who wants to know. But we need to remember that often the feeling of having no purpose gets in the way. This destroys lives. And the feeling of having no purpose comes from being lazy. Being internally lazy to seek out a joyful life.
When you have no purpose, you start wasting time. You are just killing time: one morning, one evening – or one whole day – just went to waste. The antidote to having no purpose in life – is the joy of life. Enjoying new things, ability to seek and find new things in your environment.
You just need to want to enjoy your life and pay close attention to life around you: do you often notice flowers growing on the sidewalks, or the birds chirping in the trees? Are you interested in the newest inventions? Do you often admire the masterpieces by great artists of previous centuries?
The world is wonderful on the material plane as well. And even more beautiful beyond the material plane. But if you want to experience the world beyond the material plane, you need to raise the level of your vibrations. It’s not a mechanical task. That’s the whole point. Even the slightest increase in the level of human vibrations requires a large amount of human effort. The effort to change yourself, to clean up your thoughts, feelings, your environment.
You can receive as much as you are worth receiving. You can’t fool anyone. You can’t fool yourself, and you can’t fool the spiritual masters supervising your transition. They supervise you because they want to communicate with you. They want to help humanity transition to a different time and a different space – so that we don’t destroy ourselves or doom ourselves.
The energy field has already changed. Some energy particles have been disseminated – they have different qualities, and when they come into contact with the earthly vibrations, they provoke certain changes. These energy particles have never been on Earth until now (that’s an oversimplified way of saying this). But they have been purposefully sent to us, knowing what they will do and how.

This happens because the human beings are starting their integration into the new age. The word “integration” hasn’t even been invented until just a few hundred years ago. By the same token, the precise definition of the particles that have arrived in Earth, cannot be understood yet. They will be changing the human structure. For now, not the material structure. The human structure is multifold – it’s the astral, mental and spiritual bodies, which are intertwined and affected by various factors.
When transitioning to the “new age”, the non-material human bodies will have to adapt first. Their vibrations will have to change, that’s why the colors of the aura will change as well. One of the most important changes (that humans will be able to understand) will be the changes in the structure of the aura. The color, the composition and the ability to receive information from the environment. But that is going to change only if an individual person makes a decision to go through this change. A human being will then no longer be influenced by other humans or egregores.
The colors and hues of the aura will depend exclusively upon the thoughts and actions of that person. That means, that the responsibility for human actions is increasing. A human being will not be responsible for karmic actions of his relatives anymore. A human being who is incarnated today is solely responsible for himself. He has already lived in many incarnations, and now – finally – is the high time to take charge of shaping his own perception towards the world.
The human being with either pass through the “gates” of the new age, or not. There will no longer be any incarnations with unfinished business in the past. A human being will enter the environment of the higher vibrations or of the lower vibrations. The new energy particles will have a strong interaction with non-material bodies. That’s why a human being will experience various health issues – your head might get dizzy; you might get nauseous.

The understanding of the Self and the world will change as well. A human being won’t be able to understand the changes in the beginning, but physically he will feel that “something’s off” for sure. On such occasions, you can approach the doctors, but you will feel best if you help yourself. You just have to wait it out: be patient and calm, stay put in a pleasant environment.
What should you wait for? Only when the level of your vibrations change in all the bodies, you will be able to allow for the material body to change as well. This change will not be very quick, but it will happen. The energy particles have a consciousness of their own. They act purposefully. It’s impossible to avoid their influence. We have to be happy that your bodies accept the transformation peacefully and without sudden shocks (for example a heart attack).
The dreams will become more vivid. They will be purposeful, directional, will provide you with the required information. You will develop stronger intuition and empathy. It’s necessary to direct your thoughts towards the whole, because if something is happening with you, it is happening everywhere. You can’t separate yourself from the environment and the changes that are happening in the environment. This is not an evolution of an individual man. This is an instruction to change the space of the Earth and therefore form a creative human being that is consciously aware of the God’s plans.
While the humans were reincarnating, they were responsible for themselves and their mind. A human being must be able to adjust and accept all the happenings as natural. In other words, a human being must trust the God’s will. Accept God’s love and don’t be scared to accept the wisdom.
You are scared of the knowledge, because you experience pain indirectly. The pain of having to let go of the usual life. For now, this is what causes you the strongest feelings of pain and fear. But that doesn’t mean that you will not have to eat, to sleep, to love your children and the people close to you.
You are being misled by your opponents – they hope that you won‘t become immersed in God. The life will continue flowing in its usual direction, but your experience of it will change and your consciousness will expand.

A few more words about the Earth’s transition. The earth will change its color. Now it’s a mix of green and blue, but it will become a mix of blue and purple. This means that new colors will be formed in space. They will allow the creative force of the humanity to manifest.
Now the humans are learning to understand their environment, other people’s feelings, to understand and evaluate how their actions affect the whole of humanity; but later any person will be able to perceive and understand the changes in the whole Universe. He will be able to experience them, to develop new feelings and – most importantly – to harmonize the environment.
That will not be easy, but the people will be faced with yet another challenge –mastering individual emotions and activities. Everything will go on as usual, but each action will be 1000 times stronger and 1000 times more powerful, and it will have to be done 1000 times more responsibly. It’s important to preserve the purity of the soul, the respect for God and the environment he has created.

Please remember. The energy particles are successfully taking root in the space of the Earth. All-encompassing changes have already started. There is no need to deny it. Now is no longer the time when you can have doubts or act otherwise. Now a new age is starting for the human being – the creature of God.

Letter 2

The characteristics of the human energy and the energy of the subtle world

The world is full of wonderful things. A human being can travel in space, can visit different galaxies, can communicate with other forms of life – those on Earth and beyond. He can enjoy beautiful sceneries, can receive any required support from the Universe. But you have to be really clean.
You have to trust the love of the Universe and to respect your environment. Everything depends on you. You choose: to live like millions of people live, or to uncover new experiences, new knowledge to the humanity. That will be accessible to many more people, but only if they choose to open up to it.
Human beings are a bit spoiled. They want to get a lot of pleasures from life. Even though they work hard, and they work a lot, the work is not done wisely. A human being would become much happier when he learns to live according to the laws of the Universe. When he adjusts himself to the harmony of the Universe, he would be much healthier and much happier.
When you converge with the harmony of the Universe, your requirements, desires and needs start changing. A human being becomes free, his perception changes and his lifestyle too. Your choices define the speed of developing your mindfulness. But you shouldn’t get too relaxed.
Nothing happens accidentally, you shouldn’t become indifferent. When you travel on the path of the Earth, you have to be curious, to get to know the diversity, to get to know the thoughts. As your level of perception grows, it becomes easier to accept the diversity.
A human being is never closed to an experience, he doesn’t reject novelties. It’s important to get to know them. To allow yourself to break through and accept novelties, to accept everything: the common and the uncommon.
Your heart is full of anxiety, everyday anxiety. Please learn to live without it. Trust the power of the Universe and learn to feel the vibrations of the Universe, the newness of the Universe being reborn.
The Universe is reorganizing itself, and the vibrations are changing. They affect all the galaxies, also the Earth and its material structure. The changes affect the human beings as well. The material structure will start changing. Human beings will be faced with new challenges, they will have to learn to adapt. To survive.
The flux of the Universe is powerful, it will take forever in the human perception of time. But a human being will be a part of that flux. And a human being is important. People often think too highly of themselves, but even more often they underestimate themselves. A human being and his soul are a component of the Universe. Therefore, the change in the Universe will affect a human soul. That material particle that is responsible for wisdom, love, spirituality, for our ability to merge with unearthly structures.
The Universe is developing in its own direction. We – you and me – we have to realize our purpose – to spread love. Humans really like to simplify the feeling of love – even that love which is perceived as kind, spiritual. Love – it’s creation, it’s materializing an idea, forming vibrations. Love means life for human beings. When love disappears, the human being disappears. What remains then is needs and desires. Love – is the expression of the soul.
All of you know that you need to learn how to live a life, you need to learn to understand life, to find your calling, your own truth of life. Right now, people are far away from the truth, from the real knowledge. This knowledge emerges and disappears. Some people can manifest the real knowledge, the truth – but the collective consciousness destroys it. Why?
Because the bad thoughts, the existing collective thought forms (dark egregores) and the existing thought patterns started to harm humans. A human being doesn’t wish success and happiness to himself. He curses his life, his purpose. Destroys himself. And the level of self-destruction is tremendous. It’s difficult for love to survive. For peace, for harmony to survive.
Let’s talk about the characteristics of the human energy. The human energy reflects his feelings, his lifestyle, his future destiny. The human energy allows us to understand what destiny awaits a person if he doesn’t learn to control his energetic impulses. The person’s decay starts with deterioration of his energy field. Sometimes you may feel you have less energy. If it lasts a short time, it affects feelings, some events, but in general that doesn’t change your life’s direction.
These are the constant energy swings, they depend on a person’s lifestyle, his pace, his index of happiness. This is absolutely normal and can be easily corrected. But when a person is sad for a long time, when he loses the purpose of life, when a person is cursed, his energy field weakens, and a person can die.
Of course, every human being dies – but the circumstances of death are very important. The moment of death can open the opportunity of enjoying a long and happy “afterlife”, but also that opportunity might not occur. You might get stuck in between heaven and earth.

If you lack energy before your death, you won’t be able to rise to a higher plane of vibrations. A human being – especially an old person – may appear very weak, but his energy field might be luminescent, beautiful, capable to take the soul and fly away to the highest planes with ease.
A human being might be healthy physically, but he might have exhausted his energy field by his erroneous thoughts and lifestyle. Then – upon the moment of death – he won’t be able to rise above his physical body and will remain in the so-called lower plane – the astral realm.

Why is it so important where the soul goes? When the soul comes to the planet Earth, she has already programmed its path of development. It is important for her to complete the experiences required for her growth, and she expects that with each incarnation she will rise higher, will become stronger, more mature, and of cleaner vibrations.
If a person and his mind prohibit the soul to have any influence on his life, the soul can’t realize itself. The time spent in incarnation becomes pointless. When you don’t listen to your soul, it will create more troubles for you than benefits. The soul stops evolving.
Nothing else can help a soul rise higher and fulfill its purpose – but the human mind. The human mind is the soul’s main tool. But the mind is rooted in tradition, and the social experiences. The mind is alive.

The mind can enter into conflicts with the soul. If the mind holds strong repressions, if the human being forms a rigid perception that is formed by the location he is born in, it becomes very difficult for a soul to free itself and manifest itself. Such souls get stuck in earthly habits of existence and can’t realize themselves.
But any human being always has a choice to get to know his soul. And when he gets to know his soul, he can choose to accomplish the soul’s purpose. For example, he can choose whether or not to become a creator and develop himself.
To create and develop yourself means to change the Universe in some way. That requires creating a new thought in your mind that would change an established, socially accepted thought. The eternity is not old, and it’s not new. It is the whole. But this doesn’t have any meaning if a person can’t accept it in his heart, in his thoughts.
It exists in the same way as the things exist in the darkness. They are there, but we can’t see them and so we don’t need them. But if any new thought resonates with a person and enters the human life, it starts shining in space and changing the social (collective) thinking, driving it towards a new direction. This gives an opportunity for the humanity to evolve. Such thoughts can simultaneously be transmitted to a number of people: painters, artists, politicians and etc. That‘s how the revolutions start, new art directions emerge, humans attain more freedom and evolve.

But let‘s go back to the energy field. A human energy field accepts new thoughts from the Universe. If the energy field is large, the information a human being can accept becomes more diverse. If the mind learns not to reject new thoughts, the person can become a genius. In his lifetime, he is then capable to give a physical form to something new in every day life, which then survives for eternity.
Human evolution needs geniuses. Human evolution needs discoverers. It‘s a pity that human minds are limited, they simplify the information received from the Universe and use it for egoistic, personal gain. Then this new information starts harming the humanity, or even destroying it, instead of helping its evolution.
People who are egocentric, who desire power, recognition and personal gain are accumulating and strengthening their energy just the same as the people who are ready to help humanity evolve. Therefore we can‘t reveal all the methods on how to strengthen your energy field. An egocentric person is stronger and more perceptive by nature. That’s why we are blocking a part of the energy.
Not all the people can heal with their hands and their thoughts, not all of them can be clairvoyant, travel in time and space. This is being blocked. Only when a person changes his mind, thoughts, feelings, lifestyle – some particular hues start appearing in his aura. This is a signal to the Universe that we can work with this person. Some information is then provided to him.
His mind can then notice and feel the needed information, but he might not be able to understand it. It’s only when he feels it, understands it and this new information enters his thoughts and feelings, and starts changing his lifestyle, his aura again gets new colors. It again becomes clear that the person is ready to receive more new information.
But a person can become tired, he might feel it’s difficult to renounce old habits, old truths – that’s why he is not able to use the new knowledge in his daily life, and the colors of his aura start to disappear, the aura starts shrinking. The information then gets blocked. The person’s energy becomes weaker.
The person can always strengthen the energy himself: he can relax, do meditation, allow himself to enjoy small details of his life, and his energy again becomes stronger. Prayer, music, nature, concentration and listening to the soul’s voice – all of that helps strengthen your energy field. It is important to understand the reasons of your moods – why are you anxious, why are you angry, why do you hold grudges and etc. When you understand this, your energy channel becomes free of blockages. The colors of the aura start changing and that means you become ready to receive new information.
The energy that is emitted by a human being (not the body, but the soul) vibrates in different frequencies, and every frequency has its purpose. A human being experiences a lot of feelings every day, and not all of those feelings are noticed or understood by the mind, but everything stays in his energy field. The energy forms the destiny of a human being. Because that which we emanate seeks resonance. Like attracts like.
If a thought is related to fear and sadness, it will attract the frequencies of misfortune. But if you emanate love, harmony – you will attract the energy of success. The frequency of vibrations attracts a certain type of information. Therefore, it really depends on an individual human being, what kind of environment he will be living in.
Observe your feelings and your thoughts. Internally you have to nourish respect, love, tenderness. Being in peace will help you harmonize your energy. It will also harmonize your environment. There will be less anger and grudges in a peaceful environment. It’s like an antidote. But the peace has to be voluntary. It has to be experienced by the heart as well as by the mind. It has to create harmony.
You have to change your habits and your thoughts. A person doesn’t always understand that he is making mistakes when thinking. The environment he created is fairly comfortable, and he is not interested in changing anything. He doesn’t see the point. But – from the perspective of an unbiased observer – it’s clear that the person is making a mistake.

What can you do to see your own mistakes? The simplest way is to sometimes accept new ideas, to behave in an unusual manner, communicate with someone who you haven’t been interested in before, and etc. You don’t have to drastically change your life, but you have to connect with a different group of people and see how they life – that’s a must.
You have to do it to expand your perception. That group of people is probably making mistakes as well, but many new things will be revealed to you in such a relationship. You have to read, listen to different music, travel, meet people you are familiar and unfamiliar with. This new information will be breaking old habit patterns. Then you will start questioning yourself and start seeking answers internally and externally. And for internal quest you need peace. A peace of mind and a peace in your feelings.
You have a question – what should your goals be like? Please don’t have any goals. Just make sure to live a perfect day every day. Try to do that which you feel is really pleasant for you. Learn to live like that. Everywhere: at work, at home, with your friends. But make sure to be clear with yourself – what is really pleasant vs. what is your commitment.
Don’t have big goals, because you never know what God will give you. The mind is not ready for that yet. Try to live by surrendering all of yourself to the destiny. Everything. All your thoughts, all your goals, all your ambitions. You just keep researching that which interests you, without looking for meaning or commitments.

Live your own truth. It’s not important if you are understood by others. It’s important that you stay loyal to your ideals. Of course, first you have to carefully identify your ideals, understand them and accept them as the truth. You will be happy living your own truth. You feel happy already. There are no big truths in any land far, far away.

The truth is in your heart, it’s in your thoughts. The miracle of life is already within you. You can experience all the magic of life when you unveil your soul. No books, no travels, no teachers can help you find the real happiness and the real truth. You can only find it within you. This is the biggest secret. Then the life and the guides of your life will evaluate your achievements and reveal more “miracles”.

Just love yourself and the people close to you. Be happy with your life and the miracles will come to you. Be happy living your life. Every person can be happy. Always. Since the day we are born until the day we get immersed into the universal space. A human being can only be happy when he accepts the perception of the Universe and builds awareness.
A human being needs to expand the limits of his perception of life. Life is most commonly understood as birth, action and death. Actually, we should include one more dimension: space – birth – action in space – exit. What is “action in space”? It’s the time that a human being lives on planet Earth, when the soul uses the human mind to learn the truth of gaining awareness and creation. (The time can be spent not necessarily only on planet Earth. But for now this is the most suitable environment for humans to live in, and – if needed – another planet can be prepared to be inhabited by humans).

What is creation? God gives humans more power now than 100 or 1000 years ago. This helps humans and will continue helping humans to enter the “space” more easily. I have to note that people are gaining new powers. It is rather difficult to explain, because it is new information for a human mind.
A human being doesn’t have such experience yet and can’t understand new truths. But you will have to understand it. It might become challenging when a person will start feeling these powers unconsciously and won’t understand how to behave. It can lead to chaos.
Therefore, we want to prepare people slowly. By breaking existing stereotypes, beliefs, the existing knowledge. By breaking the scientific knowledge as well. Things that have been approved by hundreds of scientists might lose meaning. Can you imagine what levels of chaos we will experience when most scientists have to admit they were wrong? Can this be accepted by the human mind today?
We will teach you and your friends slowly. So that you can understand it, experience it, feel it and find a way to explain it to others. We will need your help, just like you need our knowledge. You probably understand that this new flux will not only bring new experiences and a sense of pleasure, but you will also have to break age-old stereotypes, and that’s not easy.
Balancing between ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ will become very subtle. You can’t create anything new while you are still thinking in the old way. Please remember, a prayer is the most important practice, and your connection with God. You think you have the connection with God, but it’s artificial, not natural. Please pay attention to your prayer.
You remember God only when you pray. God doesn’t exist to you in other times. God has to become your most important Friend. Not us – your spiritual guides – not your husband or your children, but God is your most important friend. It’s through this relationship that you will be able to strengthen your personality, your internal You (because it’s the divine part of you).
Always approach God – when you feel good, and when you feel sad. Learn to feel the presence of God near you and within you. Nothing else is as important as this relationship. No one else can give you more protection than God. God – it is your internal You, it’s the creative force, the protection, the Love. It’s an endless force.
By changing your thinking, you will be able to elevate your vibrations, and in this way, you will become immersed into the subtle world. We have to convey the information of the subtle world to the inhabitants of planet Earth. This energy has to be transformed.
A human being can direct the energy of the subtle world towards the Earth only through his internal experiences. Human beings could have lived in “paradise” all along, but they chose to commit sins and created their own karma. Over the millennia, this karma has become stronger, became overgrown with negative energies, and that’s why it became impossible for the energy of the subtle world to enter the atmosphere of the Earth.
But now – God willing – the Earth’s vibrations are rising and that starts decomposing the negative energy. Karmic actions are intensifying – human beings will be held accountable for each ungodly action and each ungodly thought, and the consequences will come more strongly and more quickly. The frequencies of vibrations will keep rising.

It’s no surprise people were talking about the end of the world for a while now. The world will really end: the old, heavy, negative world will cease to exist. That’s why the Earth today really needs lightworkers. They would help preserve Earth in form, and the human being in its idea.
Lightworkers are the people who consciously or unconsciously can communicate with the subtle world. Through their internal experiences, they transmit the vibrations of the subtle world in the space of the Earth. If a person won’t agree and won’t be willing to change voluntarily by himself, he will be moved by external forces: by sending him diseases, natural disasters and etc.
When an extreme situation occurs, it‘s an opportunity for you to re-evaluate your beliefs and start changing them. If a person still can‘t go back to himself and keeps blaming the environment, he will die and won‘t have an opportunity to incarnate again. A sudden death is a bad death – when a person can‘t apologize, forgive and make peace with God. In such an event, a person can not go back to the subtle world. He stays in the dark. Forever. And it‘s not clear what the God will decide to do about these souls that live in the darkness.
Your life on Earth is amazing. It‘s full of divine love and the powerful force of realization. Now it‘s important to eradicate the negative energy around you and within you. Please try to go back to yourself. To your own place of abode in the subtle world. Trust that world.
We won‘t tell you anything else today. This is a Happy New Year gift for you. You know what is the path that‘s meant for you, please walk towards it. The more you are able to transform your mind, the more knowledge, information and experiences you will be able to receive.
But you know very well that your ego – along with its darkest aspects – is always there with you. And it will always try to destroy you. The real you. Therefore please don‘t have any pride, please don‘t have any self-doubts. Forget it. God is already with you. You are not a person of global majority. You come from the minority of people. You are one of the people who are able to open up the world‘s gates to Earth through your heart. You are a lightworker. Please remember that.
How should you live so that you become more open? Listen to the daily teachings of your soul. Sometimes you might start wondering what is true, and what is your imagination. That‘s where we come in – the transmitters of the information.

We can correct your knowledge. We can explain that which you couldn‘t understand. Please love us and don‘t turn your back on us. Please just sit down and start writing when you feel like it. We are inviting you to communicate with us.
Answer to us even when you don‘t want to respond (actually, it‘s your ego who wouldn‘t want to). Please focus your energy on the goodness, the beauty and the love. In meditations, you will be able to experience that which the mind rejects. You will start writing down some sentences that the mind won‘t be willing to accept.
Please remember – you can‘t act in any other way, this is the purpose of your life. It has been clearly outlined and presented to you. So don‘t underestimate yourself. You are not a person of low vibrations, so don‘t behave like one. Your vibrations can rise very high and give a lot of benefits to the Earth.
For that, you have all the possibilities, and only you can decide what you will do with the possibilities presented to you. Actually, you have free will to decide if you choose this path. But we have no doubt that will choose it. The „free will“ is just a formality, as if signing a contract: „I open up my soul to the divine love, and the divine energy.“
The changes in you have been happening for many years, you have been tested and you probably understand by yourself that you have been on this path for some time already. Don‘t pretend to be anything else, and don‘t allow the dark forces to mislead you.
You are walking on the path of divine love, and the powers you are being provided with will keep surprising your loved ones and you will even get surprised yourself. Accept everything easily and naturally.
And here is one more lesson for you: please feel happy while strengthening your connection to God, and to the subtle energies. Love yourself. Believe in God and be happy. You must feel happy. This is one of the key conditions. It strengthens our connection. Happiness rises the vibrations.
The information that is in the subtle world is all-encompassing. It is not broken down to different levels of awareness. That information is all-encompassing and is permeated with the divine idea. Only the human mind will break this information down into small pieces so it can be understood.

But what can you understand if only a small piece is seen by your perception? No wonder we have a saying: „man plans, God laughs“. Human beings plan by connecting one perceived piece with another. But such connections can be errorneous, inaccurate. Only God can see the whole.
God provides information through intuition. Human beings have become really self-absorbed and don‘t even think that they might not be acting smart by planning out all minute details. The biggest problem we have with human beings – is them trusting only their own strength, only their material world.
Actually, you need to free your mind, your thoughts and your feelings – so that the energy of space can start flowing through you. It might be difficult for the body, the mind and the feelings. Maybe you will feel pain, you might start crying and not understand what is happening.
But what is happening is what is supposed to happen: the energy will start changing. You will allow new energies to enter your envelope – the body. Three main energies will get connected within you: the hard one – the body; the less material energy – the energy of feelings and thoughts; and somewhere deep within you – a hidden subtle energy – the higher Self.
It‘s this energy that you will want to increase and strengthen. It will start breaking the old energies. When the energy of the subtle world increases, you will start understanding your environment differently. You will start changing, and your environment will be changed together with you. Please observe your thoughts and direct them towards the positive understanding of the world.

Letter 1

The mission of a human being

Choose a life that’s full of beautiful, sincere feelings. A life full of wisdom, understanding, compassion. Why? You will need it for your next step. When you are’t able to manage your situation, you can’t receive any new knowledge. The purpose of having or acquiring any knowledge is for a human being to create a good life. So please start making changes in your life – little by little, but firmly.
Look at your life through a spiritual lens. First and foremost, you have to be open and sincere with your feelings. No judgement, no condemnation, no slander. No tension, no anxiety. Thoughts are powerful, and you have to use them to do good. Every good thought will increase your power multifold. Every bad thought will weaken your power hundredfold.
Don’t think bad thoughts. Just give up negative thinking. Your thoughts have to be positive. All day, every second of your life. And – most importantly – the thoughts have to be sincere, filled with deep awareness, filled with love.
Your world is full of sadness. Please don’t allow more sadness to come in. It kills your personality. It kills the hope, it kills the trust. It‘s difficult to recognize concealed sadness, just like any other feeling that‘s been repressed. You should purify your thoughts and filter out your feelings: some feelings you should keep, some you should give up entirely.
Please live a life of Faith. It will strengthen you and help you avoid mistakes. Please communicate with God sincerely, then you will be prepared to understand how you should live in the times that are coming and what you should strive for. The life goals change as the times are changing. And this particular time is not measured by the number of years. It is measured by the clarity of thinking, the ability to filter out thoughts. Trust us. Trust the knowledge.|
Forget your ego, give up your doubts and allow yourself to open up to the divine wisdom. Every moment of your life has to be lived in its entirety, it has to feel perfect, and should be consciously chosen. Please understand, life happens here and now – and it‘s your choice how you spend it.
If you have to choose between an evening with your friends or an evening with grumpy people, what would you choose? I think you would choose spending time with your friends. So please choose being with your friends every day. And those friends are your thoughts. No one else spends so much time with you as your thoughts, and no one else can possibly have so much influence on your feelings as your thoughts.

There are times of war and times of peace that exist in your thoughts. Most usually, it‘s a time of war. That war is out of control and it has no purpose. Choose positive thoughts for every moment of your life and you will be surprised how quickly they will materialize. The changes in your every day life depend on your thoughts. If your thoughts change, your every day life will change. What is the reality? Your thoughts are your reality. Your perception is your reality. Your choices are your reality. A human being constantly changes his reality, and the reality can be changed consciously if you take care of your thoughts and choose what you think about.|
Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for not knowing how to live, for suffering, for not allowing your dreams to come true. Do you have any dreams? You are scared to dream, and even more scared of having your dreams come true. You have to love yourself, not judge yourself. To love yourself is to love your life. To be happy here and now. Do you like the world you live in? Not really? Then please stop looking at it through a dark glass. Your dark thoughts is the dark glass. Why don’t you change your thought patterns? Why don’t you think about all the beautiful places you would like to visit, why don’t you create thoughts of a beautiful life for yourself? You say it will not come true? Everything you wish will come true. But you are scared to wish for anything. Why? You feel disappointed… Disappointment comes from unfulfilled desires. There is a big difference between a desire and a dream. You have to enjoy a dream and let go of it. Dream about a job, about your friends, about being in love, about God. Dream to get to know God, dream to understand it. The true path of life is leading you to God. To finding God within you. That’s why this path is wonderful. Your path – like a path of any particular person – has its limits in time. But a life of a soul has no limits. There are no limits when a human being is seeking spiritual development, when his life purpose is not material gain, when he is seeking to get to know God. Then this path extends through lifetimes and leads the person to the light. The Great Light.
What should be important for a human being right now? For someone who lives here and now, in this material world? Changing the frequency of your vibrational energy – transmitting God’s light and love through yourself. The love for life and the love for your environment. Please don’t just follow traditional wisdom (don’t curse, don’t lie, etc…). This is a very simplistic approach. Right now, it is important to be kind in your actions as well as in your thoughts. Maybe being kind in your thoughts is even more important. A thought invokes vibrations, a feeling invokes vibrations. The vibrations of any action taken affect the environment very little. Therefore the fact is less important than the perception of the fact. Please try to change your thoughts. Your thoughts should lead you to kindness, to love, to knowing yourself. What does it mean to know yourself? It is to learn how to communicate with your soul and with God. A human being can learn when communicating with himself, but he has to be open. The thoughts have to come from the space, from the universe. Only then you can really develop your human potential. It is important that your thoughts are free, and that you keep on dreaming and enjoying the moments here and now. Any moment of pure joy is transmitting vibrational energy in high frequencies, and they attract information. These frequencies rise above the mundane every day life and “catch” the waves of higher frequencies. So – whatever you do, you have to enjoy it. How often do the people actually enjoy what they do? You might be surprised to realize that very few people enjoy their life. You have to be happy about what you have right now, appreciate every little thing. And create many pleasant surprises for the people around you. Before you go to sleep tonight, please find at least ten reasons to thank God for the beautiful things in your life.
A human being has spiritual growth embedded in him, as well as self-realization, ability to spread wellness, and capacity to communicate with the Creator. But human beings understand their purpose differently: they seek to get a better flat, a better car, some fancy clothes. Of course, they say that they are merely seeking an opportunity to spend their time in a more beautiful, better way: to travel, to attend concerts, to entertain themselves. It might seem as if they are seeking spiritual development, but actually it is a simple desire to live a better life, to create material abundance. That seems to be enough for many people, but anyway they end up feeling depressed. It’s a warning – your thoughts worship material life. You have to change your attitude. The times are changing and people have to understand their spiritual potential, the importance of spiritual development. God has mercy, but the laws of life do not. You get what you deserve: illnesses, accidents and everything else… No other person can walk the path of spiritual development for you. Every human being has an individual path. You have to have a thought, a wish and take action. Everything changes here and now. There is no other time, because it keeps on changing. Everyone chooses a spiritual path according to their experience and their perception. God will reveal as many mysteries to you as you are able to comprehend. God cannot reveal more than you can comprehend, because you simply won’t be able to accept that information. Then God will wait for you again – for you to think, raise questions and seek for answers. If you fall into the pleasures of material world, you will go further from the message that God sent to you, and you will have to start your journey again. So please be smart and don’t forget to seek eternity.

A human being has divine energy of creation in himself. That energy is very strong, it’s powerful. By free will, a human being can use this energy of creation to shake up the deepest darkness. The dark forces are not dangerous to human beings on their own, but when they enter a human being, enter his feelings and his thoughts, then they become powerful. Then they become harmful to humanity. But they will never be able to harm or influence a person who believes in God, who lives with God and spreads its light around him. The darkness can affect only a dark person. But it is sneaky. The darkness is powerless, but very sneaky. When a negative thought arises in a person, the darkness spreads out a dark veil and starts shooting sparks – like a volcano, observing whether the person will start developing a dark thought, whether he will get immersed in negative thinking. When the mind and the heart converge in negative thinking: when a person is feeling angry, feeling fearful, and starts blaming himself, then a crack forms in his protective energy field, and a person allows a dark force to enter him. Of course, if a person is spiritually strong, he can get rid of the darkness by changing his thought patterns. But when a person continuously feels various negative emotions, he opens his space up for the dark forces. Then they start controlling that person. A person loses himself. He can start acting strange. He can experience darkness attacks (anger attacks) – this is commonly known as “the state of diminished capacity” in legal vernacular. But even smaller interferences of dark forces into human energy field are no less harmful. He might suddenly get angry and destroy a valuable relationship, hurt the people close to him, might start drinking alcohol and become a burden to his environment. He might start using drugs, become addicted to harmful behaviors: weapons, sex, gambling. It is not so important to influence a particular person for the dark forces, their purpose is to create negative environment and hurt other people through that person. When you hurt another person, you will see hatred, anger, anxiety, fear and the feeling of guilt emerge. All that helps the dark forces to enter that person and control him. If a person is really strong spiritually, the dark forces will use very subtle methods to affect him. They know how to protect themselves. They know that you will unconsciously accept that which you don’t understand and don’t recognize. If dark forces succeed to break a spiritually strong person, then they get stronger. Tolerance, internal peace, understanding, faith and willingness to live in the light of God will protect the human being from the dark forces.

Please be clever, dear human. Try to consciously deny the dark forces any access to you. Learn to recognize the “dark technologies” of the dark forces, so that they have no effect on you. One way of denying darkness any access to you is to remain tolerant. But what are the limits of tolerance? You cannot become indifferent if there is any real harm coming to you or the people close to you. Tolerance is only possible if the actions or the words of the other person cannot have any direct (physical) damage. You must develop a tolerant attitude. Every person’s experience is different and it cannot be similar to yours. That’s why every person’s attitude is different. Developing a tolerant attitude is very difficult. You may appear well-mannered and don’t tell people what you think, but when you are left alone or in a company of a person you feel close to, you will gossip and condemn the actions of another person. This is not tolerance. You see something, you judge from your perspective, then please – immediately – let it go. It happened, and then it disappeared. Don’t analyze it with condemnation, with pity, with jealousy or greed. If the information is important to convey to another person, please communicate facts, but not your judgement. Your judgement will never be able to reflect the reasons of another person’s choices. Your perception is different from another person’s perception, experience and actions. They live in a way that they believe is right, not in the way you would like to live in their circumstances. That’s how the tolerance manifests – by self-control. When a person can accept the environment and other people just as they are, you will feel a lot of freedom appear in your thoughts and in your feelings. The free space and then be filled with divine creation. This creation manifests itself by having something enjoyable to engage yourself with. Something that brings you satisfaction, abundance, self-esteem. Something that becomes your life’s purpose and your dream, which starts manifesting in this moment. Here and now you start doing what you were dreaming of in your most secret thoughts, and it emanates love and joy for the environment. The divine human creation will bring comfort to you and to your environment.

Your perception doesn’t allow you to receive information that is supposed to help human development on Planet Earth. The development is currently off track. People are uneasy, lost, they don’t understand the wisdom that is coming from the universe. They feel something, and that “feeling something” makes them even more anxious. The people start feeling even more unsafe and hurt – that’s because they can’t understand. This not-understanding causes uneasiness. Uneasiness in people’s hearts, but also between people with different religious beliefs. They are trying to grasp the truth, but they can’t. And when they can’t grasp the truth, they get angry and start fighting. You often ask, what the future holds for you, what path should you take? We reply: your path is to constantly analyze yourself, to give up the old, and gain new information. Please accept new information and don’t analyze it. Observe it, enjoy it, feel it. But don’t judge it and don’t analyze it. It is difficult to understand the whole when you’re interested in small details. It takes time for the Whole to reveal itself. Please accept the knowledge and live with it, with an open heart.
A human being came to Earth to fulfill God’s mission. But the mission has become twisted by human thinking and is not fully understood. That’s why changes are needed to help the humanity to return to its rightful level of energy, to its rightful lifestyle. God wants to correct the mistake made by humanity and is giving an opportunity for the people to return to their original version of life on Earth so that the Earth – his creation – would not be lost forever. That tears the Western thinking apart. There will be natural disasters occurring in the countries where the thinking is rigid. The nature will be cleaning itself. Nothing appears from nowhere, nothing goes away to nowhere. The matter decays and transforms into another matter. The matter goes through a constant flux. Right now the body is important to you, but there will be a time when you will enjoy the freedom and the space, after you transform yourself into a new type of matter. A human being has been in development for many centuries, and it has acquired many forms – but so far none of the forms has allowed to successfully manifest God’s will. As the human being was traveling through the centuries, he was changing – the thinking was changing and the perception of life. The body was becoming more perfect, better aligned with human thoughts. As the perception becomes more perfect, the body too perfects itself, so it can perform its functions properly.
What is coming for humans in the new age? The time of new age is coming, the changes are happening and – of course – you will see it yourself. It’s not far away, your children will live in this new age. But you too will be able to manage your thoughts and live a long and meaningful life. As long as you believe it’s worth living. This attitude surprises those who don’t believe the power of wisdom. Then a disease comes and starts “eating their bodies away”. If you believe the power of wisdom, you will have the right and the opportunity to live a long life. When the new age comes and the changes start happening, there will be even more chaos in the world than there is now. The unknown scares people, they lose balance, they lose the trust they had in their own familiar lifestyles. There are those who are blessed – they are starting to know the common space of existence, they are starting to “catch” the vibrations of the coming age already and so they get tuned in. I hope that you can remain being a rock for people who seek shelter, support and strength. You have to be ready for it – which means, you have to absorb the new knowledge, accept it and understand it. You have to convince your mind, make yourself believe 100% that the changes that are coming are real and significant.
If you just learn to really understand the world, your life will become full of wonder and bliss. It‘s true – life like that is a distant manifestation, a human being needs to open up for this manifestation to come true. It‘s best if a human being opens up gradually, with no urgency. This will have a lesser physical effect on him. Let‘s talk about different periods that you will feel and experience. The space is full of life. The abundance is beyond comprehension, a human mind can‘t possibly understand it. There are various creatures that exist in the world, various lives, information, light, silence, resonance. The space is a field that‘s nearby. For now it‘s difficult for you to comprehend the possibilities of material variability – how can it get decomposed and how do the new formations get created. You read about it, but it hasn‘t touched your mind yet. You are attached to the matter of the current world. Of course, it is difficult to renounce your past and your experience, your family, parents, ancestors. Don‘t ever fully confide in your logical mind. It is important, but it only addresses your past, your previous experiences – it requires a clear, confirmed explanation. But how can you explain the unknown? Yet if you don‘t know about something, that doesn‘t mean it is not there or it doesn‘t exist. The universe is full of surprises for a person who wants to learn to live in the present. You know all the key details that you should follow in everyday life. But that’s not enough. You need to live like that constantly, every moment. Your perception is rigid, everything is dichotomous: good – bad, like – dislike, appropriate – not appropriate. Everything that happens should be accepted as natural, without deep feelings. This can be achieved only by becoming a witness. Then you could see everything as more interesting, but it would not hurt your feelings and your heart. It really doesn‘t matter if you like something or not. If you have already faced „something“, please think – why did it happen? What does it tell you? Please love the environment you live in. Your mind always tries to lead you to reflection. It‘s good – even better if you allow wisdom to appear in your thoughts. Your perception often blocks the information we provide. Why do you think our thoughts seem similar to a book you read or some ideas you just heard? It happens because your mind doesn‘t block out an idea that feels somewhat familiar. You consciously or unconsciously don‘t block out an unfamiliar idea from your mind. All information is accessible, but it‘s endless. The amount and the type of information you can accept will depend on your mind‘s openness and the direction of your interests. You will gain what you can accept with your mind, with your heart. You will not accept that which doesn‘t resonate with your heart. You constantly get information – please process it, and then you will gain more knowledge. There will be a change happening. You have to help form the right attitude towards the non-material nature of the Universe. To the possibility for the new knowledge to open up, the possibility of gaining new perception towards the material substance. There is a creative life force residing in the Solar light. A person who carries this light within him, radiates. You have to remember that a human being will always remain human: he is weak, affected by his feelings, by other people‘s moods, conventional norms. It is difficult for him to live, even more so when he is controlled by egregores. The knowledge is being provided for you for the future. It is important to understand how you live today: how you feel, what you experience, what is happening and why. The future depends on this moment. So it is not worth it to worry or to celebrate something that may or may not happen. Here and now is important. It is important to compose yourself, to recognize the mistakes in your thinking, to clean out your energy and enjoy the feeling of bliss. You can‘t move mountains if you can‘t complete the task of this moment…