A clear path to self-destruction: having no purpose and being lazy to think

Letter 3

A human understands the universe in a very limited way: the sky, the stars, energetic nebulas and so on. The universe – it‘s the existence of the whole. It‘s an interconnectedness of movement between the seen and the unseen. The energy exists everywhere. These energies have the most diverse range of amplitudes. Yet they move to the same rhythm in the universe.
A human imagination can hardly step out of the experiences created by the collective consciousness. That‘s why we really want to provide a different type of information for you. Then a human being would have an opportunity to expand his perception, but also the imagination. We have to expand our boundaries. A human being is a material part of the Universe – only humans can purify and cleanse the energies that created karmic tasks.

Why – do you think – the same situation is repeating itself across the generations? It‘s not difficult to explain. When a human being is being born, he knows what karmic baggage he will have to purify, i.e. what energies he will have to work on. He comes to the human world and by making decisions he creates certain situations – in order to evolve.
If a person is unable to resolve a particular karmic task, then another soul comes to his family, and takes upon herself to continue the work that has been started and to resolve the karmic issues that the previous incarnations couldn‘t resolve (for example the parents). So the same situation is passed from generation to generation. They say that children suffer from their parents‘ mistakes. Actually, that’s not accurate.
One soul arrives to the Earth with an assigned duty to resolve a karmic task (to purify a certain energy), and if she is not able to perform that duty (because she forgot her tasks when being in a human body), then another soul arrives into that family and again tries to purify that certain energy: the anger, the hatred, the jealousy, the desire for power, the sadness, the self-pity, the contempt and so on.
People call it ‘feelings’. But in the Universe, it is perceived as different forms of energy. There are people who don’t think about their purpose on planet Earth and imagine that they are the owners of their life, and they don’t analyze the feelings they experience, they don’t ask: why do I experience such feelings? How can I manage these feelings and transform then? Instead of purifying the energies, they create more negative energies. That’s how energetic egregores (clusters of energy) are created, then they start feeding on themselves and keep expanding. They create chaos in people’s lives, encourage dwelling in negative feelings and therefore take away the divine energy. Energetic egregores would become extinct if people started to destroy all the negative information within them.
The humans of the future will stop living according to the rules created by the ego, and will only follow the intuition – the voice of the inner Self. This human being will become extremely conscious and will understand clearly, what he is doing and what for. So – that means – your thinking needs to change a lot.
A human no longer needs the ego, also no longer needs his attachment to the earthly life. A human will have to learn to live according to the laws of the Universe. People have a lot of commitments, when they are on the material plane, they are purifying the space. A person whose core is manifesting divine energy is able to maintain the material Earth with all its life and harmony.
So please focus your attention on the good, on the positive creative force, not the destructive energy. Small groups of people exist in a few certain places on earth who are able to insert a new idea into the collective consciousness. It’s very difficult to insert a new idea, but it’s even more difficult for this idea to reach the masses.
A human being can only accept a new idea through his heart, which means he needs to listen to his internal voice, his intuition. But you have to be very conscious in order to understand whether the information is coming from the inner Self or the egregore. If you want to learn to hear the internal Self, you need to be very conscious.
Human beings have to maintain a balance between developing their logical mind and their intuition. There is one very simple method to develop your consciousness – to believe in God, the Higher consciousness. I am not talking about the idols created by the religions, but the Superior power.
The world is revealing only a small part of itself to humans. It’s wonderful, full of changing colors, sounds, feelings and events. Everything is perfect and beautiful. The God wants his creation – the Human being – to learn how to witness this world. So that the human beings would be able to experience the ‘paradise’ a little.
But for that you need to change your vibrations. A person has to be open, sincere, fair. His vibrations cannot destroy the harmony of the Universe. That’s why the human is kept within the boundaries of time and space. Although in its essence, the human being can step out of the boundaries with his conscious human state and evolve to a new level of existence.
That’s why we talk about the sixth race of human beings. The humans in the sixth race will be able to step into a different space and transmit the information they receive to planet Earth. This is a serious mission. The transformation of the humans is already on the God’s plan. As is the transformation of many other worlds. As well as the interaction between the different worlds. The worst that could happen to a human being (and the humanity) – decay. The unwillingness to think and feel. The internal laziness. Here I’m not talking about the external activity – but about thinking, and your ability to experience the feelings. About seeking goodness, beauty and diversity.
People’s internal laziness is driving a lot of higher forces to despair. They are ready to help human beings, but they can’t reach them. Every person has to work on saving the world, not only some special people in high-level positions. Everyone has to feel an internal joy of living. Not the pleasure that comes out of fulfilled desires, but an internal joy coming out of just being alive.
The understanding of how to live a life will eventually reach each person who wants to know. But we need to remember that often the feeling of having no purpose gets in the way. This destroys lives. And the feeling of having no purpose comes from being lazy. Being internally lazy to seek out a joyful life.
When you have no purpose, you start wasting time. You are just killing time: one morning, one evening – or one whole day – just went to waste. The antidote to having no purpose in life – is the joy of life. Enjoying new things, ability to seek and find new things in your environment.
You just need to want to enjoy your life and pay close attention to life around you: do you often notice flowers growing on the sidewalks, or the birds chirping in the trees? Are you interested in the newest inventions? Do you often admire the masterpieces by great artists of previous centuries?
The world is wonderful on the material plane as well. And even more beautiful beyond the material plane. But if you want to experience the world beyond the material plane, you need to raise the level of your vibrations. It’s not a mechanical task. That’s the whole point. Even the slightest increase in the level of human vibrations requires a large amount of human effort. The effort to change yourself, to clean up your thoughts, feelings, your environment.
You can receive as much as you are worth receiving. You can’t fool anyone. You can’t fool yourself, and you can’t fool the spiritual masters supervising your transition. They supervise you because they want to communicate with you. They want to help humanity transition to a different time and a different space – so that we don’t destroy ourselves or doom ourselves.
The energy field has already changed. Some energy particles have been disseminated – they have different qualities, and when they come into contact with the earthly vibrations, they provoke certain changes. These energy particles have never been on Earth until now (that’s an oversimplified way of saying this). But they have been purposefully sent to us, knowing what they will do and how.

This happens because the human beings are starting their integration into the new age. The word “integration” hasn’t even been invented until just a few hundred years ago. By the same token, the precise definition of the particles that have arrived in Earth, cannot be understood yet. They will be changing the human structure. For now, not the material structure. The human structure is multifold – it’s the astral, mental and spiritual bodies, which are intertwined and affected by various factors.
When transitioning to the “new age”, the non-material human bodies will have to adapt first. Their vibrations will have to change, that’s why the colors of the aura will change as well. One of the most important changes (that humans will be able to understand) will be the changes in the structure of the aura. The color, the composition and the ability to receive information from the environment. But that is going to change only if an individual person makes a decision to go through this change. A human being will then no longer be influenced by other humans or egregores.
The colors and hues of the aura will depend exclusively upon the thoughts and actions of that person. That means, that the responsibility for human actions is increasing. A human being will not be responsible for karmic actions of his relatives anymore. A human being who is incarnated today is solely responsible for himself. He has already lived in many incarnations, and now – finally – is the high time to take charge of shaping his own perception towards the world.
The human being with either pass through the “gates” of the new age, or not. There will no longer be any incarnations with unfinished business in the past. A human being will enter the environment of the higher vibrations or of the lower vibrations. The new energy particles will have a strong interaction with non-material bodies. That’s why a human being will experience various health issues – your head might get dizzy; you might get nauseous.

The understanding of the Self and the world will change as well. A human being won’t be able to understand the changes in the beginning, but physically he will feel that “something’s off” for sure. On such occasions, you can approach the doctors, but you will feel best if you help yourself. You just have to wait it out: be patient and calm, stay put in a pleasant environment.
What should you wait for? Only when the level of your vibrations change in all the bodies, you will be able to allow for the material body to change as well. This change will not be very quick, but it will happen. The energy particles have a consciousness of their own. They act purposefully. It’s impossible to avoid their influence. We have to be happy that your bodies accept the transformation peacefully and without sudden shocks (for example a heart attack).
The dreams will become more vivid. They will be purposeful, directional, will provide you with the required information. You will develop stronger intuition and empathy. It’s necessary to direct your thoughts towards the whole, because if something is happening with you, it is happening everywhere. You can’t separate yourself from the environment and the changes that are happening in the environment. This is not an evolution of an individual man. This is an instruction to change the space of the Earth and therefore form a creative human being that is consciously aware of the God’s plans.
While the humans were reincarnating, they were responsible for themselves and their mind. A human being must be able to adjust and accept all the happenings as natural. In other words, a human being must trust the God’s will. Accept God’s love and don’t be scared to accept the wisdom.
You are scared of the knowledge, because you experience pain indirectly. The pain of having to let go of the usual life. For now, this is what causes you the strongest feelings of pain and fear. But that doesn’t mean that you will not have to eat, to sleep, to love your children and the people close to you.
You are being misled by your opponents – they hope that you won‘t become immersed in God. The life will continue flowing in its usual direction, but your experience of it will change and your consciousness will expand.

A few more words about the Earth’s transition. The earth will change its color. Now it’s a mix of green and blue, but it will become a mix of blue and purple. This means that new colors will be formed in space. They will allow the creative force of the humanity to manifest.
Now the humans are learning to understand their environment, other people’s feelings, to understand and evaluate how their actions affect the whole of humanity; but later any person will be able to perceive and understand the changes in the whole Universe. He will be able to experience them, to develop new feelings and – most importantly – to harmonize the environment.
That will not be easy, but the people will be faced with yet another challenge –mastering individual emotions and activities. Everything will go on as usual, but each action will be 1000 times stronger and 1000 times more powerful, and it will have to be done 1000 times more responsibly. It’s important to preserve the purity of the soul, the respect for God and the environment he has created.

Please remember. The energy particles are successfully taking root in the space of the Earth. All-encompassing changes have already started. There is no need to deny it. Now is no longer the time when you can have doubts or act otherwise. Now a new age is starting for the human being – the creature of God.


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