Entering a world of fourth dimension and a new way of thinking

Letter 9

Hey! It’s Bernardine. We have to discuss a new topic today. I want to tell you why I think the transformation of the energy field is so wonderful. Actually, it presents an opportunity for a person to go beyond the current limitations of the mind and get a glimpse into the future of humanity.

The changes have been happening for many years already, but now one stage of transformation is about to be completed. Human beings must get ready to accept the new conditions of life and a new understanding of life.

All the information must be processed and evaluated right “here and now”. Life will really be changing. I can’t tell you, and also I don’t want to tell you how exactly life will be changing, because people tend to get attached to the results of their imagination. And that might lead to creating a wrong future.

This time we have learned our lesson and we know we can’t expect that humans will create a beautiful future when provided completely free will. Throughout centuries human beings have proven that they can’t use their creative power appropriately. Therefore, we won’t be talking about the future. We will be talking about what you should do so that the future we hope for arrives here for you to enjoy.

First, we need the people to get used to the idea that the energy of each individual is interlinked with the energy of the whole Universe. The energy waves that get formed on Earth affect the waves of everything in the whole Universe.

If there are significant deviations from the norm, the Universe loses balance. This has a negative effect on the whole Universe. So please be so kind and take responsibility for your thoughts and actions.

Secondly, we want to emphasize that energies don’t just casually exist out there. They each have their purpose and people have to learn to understand them and use them consciously. Do you understand what is the difference between living a life in a three-dimensional space (the old style of life) vs. the four-dimensional space (the new style of life)?

You will always have to be conscious about what value your activities have for the people around you and the planet Earth. Do your activities create comfort in your environment? Or do they create discomfort?

The only type of business that will survive will be the business focused on providing creative freedom, respect, tolerance for business partners and for the employees, not the one that focuses on providing money.

The business plan has to consider the impact on the environment and the people, not the profit margin. What will be the conditions created for the creativity of people to unfold? How will resting times be integrated? What will be the positive effect for the people buying the services and the goods?

And – of course – it will be necessary to consider the direct impact of each activity on the environment and the nature. We have to conserve the nature.

In other words, it will be very important to see if your activity is raising the frequency of vibrations, or not. If a certain activity fails to raise the frequency of vibrations, then this activity (business, politics, etc.) will fail. If the activity will help raise people’s vibrations, it will flourish and will give pleasure to all those involved: the employees and the consumers.

The “four-dimensional” perception – it’s not just seeing life from the perspective of an individual person, but also the consideration of what happens to the environment once a certain activity is performed. It incorporates the perspectives of the environment and other people.

The world is changing. You have to accept the influence of the energies and raise your vibrations, but also to re-think the purpose of your human life. It doesn’t matter that your friends might not be able to understand the new ideas. They will become accepted gradually.

You have to become a prophet of this new lifestyle. Not by talking about it, but by living it. Right now. From today onwards, you have to start thinking in a “four-dimensional” way. You will benefit yourself by benefiting your environment.

You will only be able to survive in new conditions bestowing good upon others. This doesn’t mean that life will become sweet. There will be a lot of pain, misunderstandings and frustration until the society changes.

But you are not allowed to become disappointed. And you in particular – you can’t feel frustrated. You are at the beginning of a new life, and you are one step ahead of others, therefore your actions have to be responsible and precise.

You have to accept the Teachers and form a new perspective towards your everyday life. Respect and compassion must exist in every activity, and – most importantly – you have to be conscious of whether your activity raises vibrations or not.

How soon will we enter the fourth dimension? You are already here, and you are already walking on this path at an accelerated pace. Your position is changing. You make decisions to live in the fourth dimension right now. And this will provide you with an opportunity to understand how to truly live a life.

The fifth dimension is wonderful for it provides vast opportunities to create a wonderful life. That happens when we get immersed in Oneness emitting higher frequencies. There will be more beauty, more love and light, and the space will become more open. It will not be as limited as it is today: there is a distinction between the Earth and the outer space, which is currently accessible only to the astronauts.

Oneness – it’s an opportunity to travel through the whole Universe. The human consciousness remains, as well as the energy body and the feelings – but the feelings that remain will be warm, compassionate, calm and gentle. And a person – having mastered the feeling of Love – will create wonderful waves of energy, reaching the whole Universe.

When a person ascends to the fifth dimension, he will be able to master being in touch with the cosmic waves, because he will be ready for it and will have mastered it. We could have waited for people to get ready for the ascension by themselves, but we are running out of time.

Human creation that comes out of Love, is needed right now. That is needed not only for the space of planet Earth. But even more so for the space of the Universe. Therefore, we will break one more rule. Some people will stay in the fourth dimension for only a short moment (it’s a short moment in our perspective, in human perspective it will perhaps last a few years) and they will enter the fifth dimension.

They will bring the same consciousness that they were born with, but it will be expanded and improved. The most shocking discovery for a person will be that a dense physical body will become a shining ethereal body.

It will be necessary to adapt quickly. A person won’t have the right to lose his balance. He will have to accept the changes in a calm manner, and rapidly change his perception, adapting to new conditions. That’s why we are talking about it.

It is possible that the material body of some people will change its structure without experiencing death and will exist in the fifth dimension for eternity. Perhaps “eternity” is not an accurate description, because if a human being fully adapts to the fifth dimension, he will again change his structure and enter the sixth dimension.

That will still happen without experiencing a physical death. The person will retain his consciousness and his human perception. Therefore, adaptation and acceptance of novelties are necessary.

Everything will be changing rapidly, so you will have to react quickly. There will be no time for doubts or overthinking. The energy is needed to feel new experiences, to understand them and continue moving forward, it’s not meant for overthinking.

The sixth dimension is very special. The Divine creation starts here. The mind dissipates and merges into the divine wholeness. The mind has a purpose. The human being as an “idea” doesn’t disappear. The human being continues creating. This is very important to understand.

We cannot provide a precise principle of how this works – for you, human beings, it’s important to first understand some things by yourselves. But the possibility to enter the sixth dimension with the current – yet deeply transformed – consciousness is becoming available.

This possibility is becoming possible not only because of the people, but also because the “gates to nothingness” are being opened now. An interim dimension is being formed now. If this dimension becomes stronger on earth, it will help the mankind to enter the dimension of “nothingness” and return with human consciousness and human unity still intact.

I want to stress again: your world – both internal and external world – is changing. And only those who can adapt and accept that will survive. Please be so kind and respect yourselves, try to survive. Please survive and live through all the dimensions we just described.

May Respect and Love provide you a direction in your current life. We have plenty of knowledge. Please accept it and don’t limit yourself with old stereotypes. The old world has already ceased to exist.

Say “goodbye” to this old world and take a step into the new world tomorrow. Take your friends with you. The new world is very fragile. Please protect it and give your energy for it.

Actually, all dimensions are interconnected. It’s impossible to separate them strictly. That’s why I want to say that the fifth dimension is not a kind of state where a person completely changes. It’s true that he develops some new qualities and a slightly stranger form. But this dimension is perfectly acceptable for the current human consciousness.

Some people are perfectly ready to ascend and continue their lives in this new dimension. You don’t need to think too much about who will be able to ascend and who won’t. This is not particularly important. The important thing is to live here and now and perform miracles in your daily lives.

You only see about 10% of everything that’s happening. You don’t understand the human behavior (even though you are human yourself), and you don’t feel the worlds that are just near you. When you get to know this world, you will be able to “ascend”.

But there is no rush. Look at how you live right now. You are already capable to get to know your guides, your environment, your own subtle world. And that world is wonderful: the experiences are strong, beautiful, harmonious.

Of course, here I am not talking about you and your family. You are our helpers. We give you a lot of challenges. If you are able to withstand these challenges, then most of the people will be able to do so as well.

These challenges are related to your emotional states more than to certain events. We need to understand how a person is able to compose himself, to concentrate and – while enjoying life – continue to take risks in getting to know the subtle world.

The energy of the mankind is changing, big opportunities are becoming available. The responsibility is becoming greater as well. But soon you will not need to think about your responsibility anymore because you will simply not be able to do any wrong. The gates will not open if you behave wrongly. At this time, it’s most important to get to understand many new things and accept them.

And now elohim Anastasia (Alheia) would like to talk to you. Let’s talk about the past. Yes – about the past of humans and the Universe. A human being, was meant for Love and Creation, and entered the space of the Earth. Here he started creating, and forming a new life.

He was presented with an opportunity to create the whole lifestyle, not only his environment – by merging with the Universal energies. He was provided with completely free will. The human creation power had no restraints and their thoughts were materializing constantly, without any limitations.

That’s how the Earth evolved. The energies were ecstatic to have found a way to materialize in the Earth’s space. They would get stronger and emit their waves into the Universe. The Universe was filled with beauty and warmth. Yet the darkness was always standing right beside the light.

That is the reality. But darkness doesn’t always mean something evil. Light gets brighter in the darkness. That means that creative, love-filled thoughts would unfold in space. They shaped the life on Earth and simultaneously emitted vibrations in the Universe.

This period lasted a long time. Until the time when a thinking error occurred. The Ego emerged. The Ego that is rooted in selfishness, not compassion and kindness. Then the dark forces got excited and started creating various negative feelings.

However, it’s difficult to define these feelings as ‘negative’. Because even anger sometimes has a positive result. That’s when feelings started forming in a direction that was not originally intended. The power of a thought had to become restrained, to protect the Universe from these negative feelings.

The logic emerged, limited by time and space. Everything that humans created stayed in their own space, i.e. the ellipse of the Earth. But the Earth is created as a planet of Love, and therefore these vibrations of love are very important for the Universe to experience.

Now we are trying to expand the limits of the power of a human thought again. We hope that humans are ready to step out of their limitations and return to their birthright by God – being able to create without limitations.

There is a big misalignment between that which was intended by God when creating human beings and that which human beings were able to create. We want to remind humans of their duty. Their purpose. The idea of creating life using Love – both on Earth and in the Universe.

These waves are very important for the Universe and there is real hope to turn everything towards the positive direction. Therefore, I’m sincere in telling you: be light, be creative, be loving and loved. Please allow the opportunity for the power provided by God to return, for this idea to come back to the Earth’s energy field.

You can do this right now. Please accept us and our teaching. It’s not really a teaching, we actually just open up the curtains (clean up your energy), alter the DNA structure and free the energies. Our goal is to return everything to its original state: so that human beings can create again, as originally intended.

Now the people accept the energy waves and change their environment. For now this is the limit of their impact – they can influence only the collective consciousness on Earth. This is important and significant. Humans live in the ellipse of the Earth and everything happens in this sphere.

Even if the human aura is super shiny or the channels are super open, still a human being can be active only within the ellipse of the Earth. He may receive the information from the Universe, but he will only be able to influence the Earth’s sphere.

For now, there is no outbound channel. Human beings are not perfect. As long as negative feelings exist, outbound connection with the cosmos remains impossible. Humans remain limited by time and space.

It is planned to eradicate all limitations in the fifth dimension. Human creation will occur in the space of planet Earth, but he will be able to travel in space and time. Other life forms nearby will be able to accept his emissions of energy.

Now the Earth is raising its vibrations, the density of the vibrations is becoming higher and more fragile. The energy is disseminated. The density is decreasing, every material substance is becoming more delicate.

The human body too is becoming more delicate itself. The bones get fractured more often, the joints wear out, muscles shrink and so on. The density is decreasing in other forms of material substances as well.

We are not saying that the form will become so fragile that you won’t be able to live. Certainly not. A transition is happening. And when the ascending force touches upon consciousness, other human bodies transition first. They are the first to adjust to the environment, and only then the material body gets to experience the change.

The body will remain intact and you will be able to use it for many years. We integrate some particles into the human energy field. The particles are deconstructing the other bodies, form certain situations and change the future. But everything happens gradually, without harming the consciousness or the body.

The life goes on in a normal pace and direction. You must remember to respect another human being. Tolerance, respect and other wave emissions are interconnecting and building up resonance.

Whatever thought or feeling you have sent out to the environment, this is the thought or feeling that will return to you. Yet when it returns, it will be multiple times bigger. It doesn’t matter what you send out: love or anger. It will return to you anyway.

It will return and reach you or your family. You can’t be throwing around bad thoughts. You can’t send out bad feelings to the environment. The density of the bodies is decreasing, the thoughts and feelings are becoming stronger.

The reaction will always be stronger. Karma will catch up with you without noticing… Please learn to respect each other. It is not very difficult, but it seems you have forgotten how to do it. Please refuse gossip, slander, contempt. 

It seems trivial, but is it really easy to get rid of these habits? This simple plea has never been so important: please change your thoughts, feelings and behavior. Loving God will not help you if you don’t love your neighbor and the people close to you.

All the energy waves, all the contacts with the spiritual world will not help Earth develop if a person doesn’t take certain actions: changing the thought patterns in a positive direction.

I want to remind you that you have to pay attention to your thinking. Please make radical changes. You spend most of the time on trivial matters, which have no impact at all on eternal life and harmony.

It’s great if you are able to foster good relationships, have sincere interactions with people, take care of creating a good life for those around you. Please remember the principle of “four-dimensional” period: it’s most important how your activity affects your environment. What vibrations emerge out of your thoughts and actions?

Please try to help others sincerely. Don’t just talk about how nice you are or how to live a good life, but – actually – be sincere in helping those near you at any given point of time.

You will then understand how nice it is to be a real human being. This is the self-esteem of the highest dimension. You will be happy to have been born a human being and you can then live on Earth and create miracles in your every day life.

The miracles may be big or small, that will depend on your internal power. God will be happy seeing that his creation is engaged in real creativity – helping other people. But please be clever and understand what real help means.

Don’t think that only you know the truth of life and only you can decide how others should lead their lives. You have to help only when you see an opportunity for that person to “unfold”, when you feel that after you have helped that person, he will get stronger and will be able to continue his life independently.

Please don’t waste your time with those who don’t appreciate their life. We want you to help yourself and to help the world by setting an example. You have to change first, and others will follow.

You will break the existing order, fight with established egregores which hold you captive. It’s paradoxical: you have to change not that which is outside, but that which is inside you.

You will be surprised to find out that your habits are very strong. The humanity has always been capable of changes. Yet right now everything is compressed in time, therefore the changes humanity is experiencing are stronger.

Your lives have certain guidelines in other dimensions. But the guidelines can change. It depends on your current lifestyle and your attitude towards the changes. We see many potential outcomes. Not all of them are pleasant.

One of the outcomes is that the Earth will self-destruct and to make sure that evil will not spread out into space. This is the worst possible outcome, but it’s likely. The best possible outcome is for people to survive in the fourth dimension with the current consciousness and ascend into the fifth one. This would be a powerful leap in evolution and it would change the Universe greatly.


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