Integrating humans into the space of unity

Letter 4

The highest consciousness is endless. Every tiny movement in the Universe is happening by the will of higher consciousness: order exists everywhere, a cause and effect. Every form of life has its purpose, every form of energy has to express itself.
For millions of years (in human perception) we lived in communion, as if experiencing a deep snooze. But in recent times there have been certain “tremors” that affected the whole space – I don’t know why that is happening, but I know that we have to adapt to the new conditions.

Not only humans, but all the structures of the unseen world have to adapt. We are experiencing confusion, but not chaos. We are simply given new requirements and new instructions. Humans are receiving higher mandates. The space of unity is being prepared to receive the human being and its mind. We communicate with the soul, we know her goals, her possibilities and the consequences.
However, the human mind is not governed by anyone else but the human himself. That’s why we want to familiarize each person with the responsibility and the possibilities. Of course, the collective consciousness is being filtered and purified, but still – it’s too far away from the universal order.
We want people to purify the collective consciousness by themselves, through their own mind. The collective consciousness preserves the collective experience of the humanity, the collective awareness, the memory of humanity’s evolution. But now the collective consciousness started to fail its purpose. People have to get involved.
The collective consciousness will expose certain energies when it enters the Space. Some energies will get weakened, and some other energies will get strengthened. But we need balance. Some other life forms can use the collective consciousness, when it becomes available in Space. Of course, the collective consciousness cannot harm the Universe – but either way – it would be important that people would start changing their thinking already, and prepare appropriately to open up to Space.
In other words, the human being has to increase the vibrations of the collective consciousness. He has to stop dismissing the possibility of interacting with the unseen world. We will become “one”. There will no longer be a distinction, we will communicate as equals. But in order to achieve that, the human being needs to develop tolerance, respect and the interest to communicate and deepen the knowledge.
That is not at all related to the material world. That world is decaying and shrinking. Humans will live in a different space, and the lifestyle will be different. You will enter the space of unity. All the energies will unfold for you, you will start feeling different experiences – some experiences you wouldn’t be able to describe right now.
The style of communication will be different, let alone the understanding of your goals and purpose of life. They will not be similar to the current material goals at all. The ego won’t exist, there will be no desire for power or wealth, there will be no fear and deception. The self-expression will have a different direction.
But – first and foremost – your will have to adapt to new changes. And that won’t be easy for everyone. The perception will change, but you – people – will have to still use your mind to understand this new perception. The situation will change fundamentally, but the mind will remain the same. Because you – people – will enter into the next level with your mind.
I don’t know what will happen to the bodies, but the intention is to keep the structure of the body intact. I will bow down my head to the man, if he is able to adjust to changes, accept everything peacefully and not self-destruct. You will have to increase your vibrations not only in the energetic sense, but also the material sense. The DNA will change – one or more DNA codes will be introduced, which will allow the humanity to adjust to the new environment.
This “experiment” is complicated, but this is the God’s will. If such an “experiment” is taking place, then probably the God can see its positive course of action and the positive completion. Everything is changing, yet the mind remains – with its attachments, hopes and desires. These words will have to be crossed out of your vernacular and you will have to use the new words: knowledge, perception, adaptation, faith.
People have received a unique gift – they are invited to change the course of the Universe’s development. Everything is interconnected, everything is developing in its own course. The humanity too is following “its course”.
When a human consciousness is freed, it can transmit the information it received to the energy level of human beings. A person can change the energy level of humanity by learning to direct his mental energy. This is how immersion into the joint transition manifests itself for people. In this stage of transition, it is important to preserve the pure, conscious thinking.
The conscious thinking is a much more powerful tool than people can comprehend and appreciate right now. Conscious thinking is a choice, a creation, it’s a manifestation of the God’s will. Conscious thinking can help you go beyond any boundaries.
Any human being is capable to communicate with the Universe. Time or space is not an issue for that. The only thing that stops you from doing it is your limited perception. Please work on your imagination. Please accept new visions, accept the opportunities to interact with the energies.
You can’t allow so much of fear into your system. This dissipates your energy. You must change your mood and stop feeling sad. Now you just got completely dissipated (energetically) right in front of us. That’s why you don’t have enough energy to write or to communicate with us. Our connection is becoming weaker.
So you can’t be angry at us for not willing to communicate with you. You are destroying the remains of your energy and the connection with us can no longer occur. If you don’t control your feelings, you will diminish your opportunities. You will not have enough strength to open up at the right time.
You can’t fall into sadness. Life is beautiful. You have to keep being cheerful. Please don’t be sad and don’t make other people sad. All the world’s beauty is within a human being. It’s in his attitude, and in his moods. You won’t notice miracles if you keep your eyes shut…
Please help yourself and take these words seriously. It’s not a lesson, it’s a demand. We need you to be strong and able to communicate, able to interact through various channels of information and energy. We want to continuously provide you with new information, but your fear and sadness is ruining this plan. Now the time is such that we can’t wait any longer. We have to act now.
A man can do anything. You have to be willing to change and take action. It can’t happen without free will, you won’t get any information or knowledge. The free will has to be expressed no matter what you do. Firstly, we want to say that any human is capable (structurally) to live a happy, healthy life and be clever and creative. The only thing preventing it, is his ego: the social habits, moods and so on.
I think you can understand everything until this point, so now we will start talking about the second point. It’s the collaboration. We can provide you with information about how to improve the lives of humans on Earth, and you need to give an opportunity for the divine energy to manifest itself through your bodies. More divine energy has to enter the material environment. You can do that through meditation, by praying or by simply being focused.
The biofield of the Earth will change, the energy field of the Universe will change as well. If a material point learns to manifest the divine energy, the whole Universe will be strongly affected by the energy coming through this material structure. That’s the whole point of this evolution.
The divine energy has to be uncovered gradually, and people already do it fairly well. Minor errors do exist, but everything is happening as it’s supposed to. When you receive the knowledge but can’t transmit the energy of love to your daily environment, you are blocking the connection. You have to express the love every day. It’s not just about saying a prayer before your sleep. Please focus your thoughts on this idea and take action.
You are wrong if you think that it’s enough to pass on the information you have received. No – you must EXPERIENCE the teaching we are providing you with. This is your function. Everything else is just a little bit extra – for you to expand your perception. Please be brave and responsible for your actions. Others will support you – maybe in silence, maybe in doubt, but they will support you…
The Universe is not an empty space. The Universe is matter: constellations, planets, air. The Universe is a Spiritual place of dwelling. It’s a place of dwelling for conscious energies, created by God. Human beings are just one form of conscious energies. There are millions of such forms, and they live in the space of the Spiritual place of dwelling.
There are many wise, respectful, peaceful, conscious creatures in the Universe. There are also different creatures – they are very wise, but they know how to trick and fool humans, but also other creatures of the Universe. They challenge everyone who exists in the Universe. You can’t call them the bad forces, because they perform the will of the God: they pose challenges for love, respect, tenderness, goodness.
The main direction of human evolution will not change. People will have to learn to communicate with God, but also with his helpers in the subtle world. No matter what happens in the world, you must remember: if you want to survive – go back to yourself, to the state of your internal harmony, to love and faith. Don’t follow logic, follow only the internal experiences. Logic belongs to the current world. The voice of the heart belongs to the world of the future. It’s the understanding of your internal voice, the voice of your higher Self. Please start a new life without pressure or fear.
You will have to keep communicating with us. In theory, this information is available for everyone, but in practice – only a few can accept it. That’s why your current life is important: you are changing your habits, your values and you are learning to follow our teaching – you can be a good example to others.
People have to think less about their everyday life. People have to direct their thoughts to the spaces in the Universe, not to a closed circle of life, which destroys the essence of a human being, and prevents the right idea of life from revealing itself.
Life will really start changing when people will get more detached from the mundane life and direct their thoughts to understanding the eternity. When the thoughts become free, you need to guide them in the right direction.
It’s difficult for a man to keep a “clean mind”, he is constantly concerned about something. I hope he can be concerned with spiritual wisdom and wellness – only then a system of values can be re-structured and the behavior can change.
Restructuring values and changing a lifestyle is not easy. I keep emphasizing that I speak in generic terms. Is it easy to convince people to stop fighting, stop poisoning themselves with drugs or medicine, to stop producing guns or harmful food products? Is it easy to smile naturally and wish others well – not only in words, but in our hearts?…
Really, people have a lot to change. Even a global earthquake will not force a man to change his thinking and go deeper into himself. He will think that it’s just another natural disaster, and that’s it. But for us it’s important that a man develops a desire to change.
By free will, he can choose a beautiful lifestyle, nourish sincerity, compassion, helpful attitude and respect for others. A man can change through internal experiences, though feelings. This change can’t be forced upon him – even if we bring forth a hurricane or a tsunami. It’s only possible by being aware of your feelings, by following your heart.
How can people be encouraged to change? There is a lot of information, all kinds of information – but there is no willingness to change. There is only one way. You need to help a person to “touch” the mystical world. To feel its energy, to see the colors of the aura, to feel his spiritual teachers and so on. It’s only then that a man won’t have any more doubts that the world is a little different from what people are used to seeing and thinking about it.
The period of changes has started. It will be beautiful and frightening. Your experience will depend on your readiness to accept the changes. You can’t afford to relax and not pay attention to the changes. Please apply the lens of mysticism all the time.
There won’t be a single person in the world who is untouched by this wave of changes. Everyone will get their “dose”. Some people will get it sooner, some later – but everyone will be woken up from their stagnation. You have to believe in God and keep your peace, don’t allow yourself to fall into panic or fear.
You must accept the changes, don’t allow yourself to doubt it or dismiss them. The changes are happening. At this time, the connection with God is very important – it’s like an anchor that will help you to stay afloat in a stormy sea. It’s hard to say what you should do to prepare or what awaits you. Everything keeps changing very fast. It’s unclear what waves will emerge in the Universe and what waves will reach the Earth.
We know that you feel anxious. We are a bit worried and uneasy that we can’t advise you on how you should act. Please wait, we will try to get help from someone higher up. Yes, the changes are coming. You will experience a breaking point in your life, and you will have to sacrifice your current situation, your work and become a little more distant from people.
The chatter of humans is interfering with your ability to hear the vibrations of the Universe. When your vibrations are changing, it’s better to stay in solitude with your spiritual guides and with those who protect you. Actually, the number of those communicating with you might increase because the worlds are becoming closer. You only need to understand the current goal.
You have to forget the old ways of thinking and the old goals. It’s difficult to define new goals, because the changes on Earth are just starting. It’s not easy to live a human life and help your Spirit to reveal itself. Either way, your mind will have to understand what is happening and will have to preserve its calmness and curiosity.
It’s a double life: life in reality and life in the illusion. You live on both levels. And you have to learn to stay in both levels and adjust yourself. Here and now, you have to BECOME ALIGNED with the eternity and endlessness. You have to understand that you won’t be able to fit into this new space with your mind and your knowledge. You will need to get in touch with the Masters.
It would be great, if we could be in constant touch, but the material energy is very strong and keeps blocking this connection. But the magnetic shocks of the Universe will keep breaking down the material energy and the human transformation will become easier.
You will have to find a way how to disconnect from one level of being and transition to another level: from the level of being human to the level of unity. There are two levels forming in your human world. These are not the psychological roles or incarnations, but two lives on two levels: the earthly life and the mystical spatial life, where you will have to feel just as real and natural, as you feel in your human world.
You will have to keep your composure and your focus. Now you allow about 0.02% of the other life (let’s call it the cosmic life) enter your human life. We would like you to reach at least 15%. We are pushing your limits high, and we expect that you will be able to push it even higher. Practically, you will have two lives, and the second one is still very abstract…

I understand that you are scared, but please trust the development path that we have outlined for you. Actually, now you are scared to lose your attachment to Earth and your human life. You feel unsafe by losing the attachment to the social norms, human goals. But new goals will soon emerge, and they won’t be in conflict with the human world – they will actually get integrated into it.


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