Meeting Bernardine

Letter 7

Any creation in the material space is just an illusion. Just as you can combine the atoms together and make up a molecule, which then makes up the matter, so you can disintegrate the matter. The Divine energy is the only reality, the source of everything.

How can you welcome the Divine into your heart? You have to trust the Divine. The strength of your faith is equivalent to the strength of your trust in the Divine, and how much of your life you entrust to the Divine.

The Alpha team is being observed from various worlds. The observers are responsible for the direction of the Alpha team’s development, and they try to protect this direction by using their own methods. If the observers decide to establish a connection with a representative of a certain world, they clearly understand the capabilities of that representative and their potential to achieve common goals.

At this time, the observer Bernardine is expecting to communicate with you clearly and precisely. Please trust him. The recent changes in the constellation have allowed you to connect to the Alpha team. Your destiny is undergoing changes under the direction of “the highest authority”.

Bernardine will introduce you to the near future of the Earth. The ideas of the future will be transmitted to the Earth through you. This means that the vibrations of the future will meet the current vibrations.

This is the difference in the method we will use with you. Previously we have changed the vibrations of you as an individual, and the people close to you, now we will use your biofield to bring forth the higher-level vibrations and introduce them to the current state of life.

How will this manifest on the material plane? You will get to understand this gradually. You will have to be brave and accept everything, letting go of all your doubts (“I can’t do it”, “I don’t deserve this”, etc.). Everything we give you, you must accept. You can’t hesitate. You don’t have any free will anymore.

Hi! It’s me Bernardine. Did you get scared? I know this is new to us. You don’t have to be scared of the truth. We will provide you with all the information you’ll need. Why do I say ‘we’? There are more of us who want to talk to you, and I will be in charge of this communication.

I will not talk about the fact that you have to remain calm and not get carried away with that is happening. Of course, these are very important matters, but you can’t take it too personally and get carried away. That’s a mistake. If we don’t work with you, we can find other people.

But we know your soul. She is wonderful and powerful. She is very strong, that’s why we have chosen you. Your soul has existed for many incarnations already. She has accumulated some great experience and has grasped the key principles of the Universe – that is what you will have to remember.

The planetary system revolves around the Sun in the form of an ellipse. The whole information of the Earth is contained in the ellipse of the Solar system. It’s like the biofield of all human life. That’s the full set of information about the human species, our collective consciousness, about the levels of human evolution – just about everything that concerns human beings.

Let’s call it the shell of the Earth. The Galactic system has its own ellipse. The Earth’s ellipse belongs to the Galaxy’s ellipse because all is One, but each of the ellipses is revolving by itself. They each have their own direction, their own speed, their own level of development.

When the Earth is revolving within Galaxy’s ellipse, at some point the Earth’s ellipse encounters certain information from the Galaxy, which changes the vibrations of the Earth’s shell. We are now at a point where the vibrations are amplified. The vibrations of the Earth’s energy get higher, the energy changes, the matter is freeing itself.

I come from the Galaxy’s ellipse. When the Galaxy’s ellipse merges with a higher ellipse, I get information from there. That’s why I know what the Earth needs, as I understand the transformation process and the life in the Galaxy. I feel the direction we are all headed towards.

But this information is too complicated for you. Let’s retreat a bit. I have introduced myself; I have explained what happens when one ellipse encounters another, and I have explained what the different levels are where we each come from: you and Me. We come from the one Unity, but we exist in different dimensions.

Everything that you have written about to this day was coming from the field of the Earth. That was and remains true. But this can be true only to a certain extent. It was important to understand and experience this truth. It is important to apply it in your life unconditionally.

We have said that before: you learn something, you investigate it, you experience the change it brings, and then you have to forget it. Because you will soon receive some new information and will have to accept the new truth. Even though it is difficult, you have to forget the knowledge received, because it blocks you from receiving new knowledge. This is a mandatory condition.

There is this planet in the Universe – the planet Earth. It is wonderful. It is one of the most beautiful creations of God. God created the Universe, and it has its rules. Flux is the core principle. It is like a perpetual engine. It keeps revolving because it always has energy. The Universe exists because the flux keeps creating energy. The Universe would collapse if the energy disappeared one day.

But this is not possible, because the Universe is huge – the flux is happening on multiple dimensions. But the largest amount of flux happens when love is the moving force in life and in its development.

When does a person feel most happy, most creative? When he experiences love. When he loves a person close to him, when he loves children, parents, nature. It actually doesn’t really matter what you love. What’s most important – is to have this sincere, pure feeling.

Then large waves of love start manifesting. The flux keeps happening and the Universe can continue its existence. However, unfortunately the Universe is polluted. It has not only been polluted by humans. There are many forms of existence in the Universe that have not evolved successfully. They start joining forces. Like attracts like, and egregores get formed. But these universal forces are becoming more powerful and stronger than those you have experienced in the space of the Earth.

Therefore, we – the saviors of the Universe – want to protect the Earth and the humans who live on Earth. We have a huge hope that we can protect Love. We are asking you: please experience Love and help us preserve balance in the Universe.

The power of good is strong, it can attract other forces and form new spaces of Love in the Universe. The whole Universe is programmed to live “happily ever after”. To evolve into Love and Light. This purpose is not limited to humans. It is a common purpose in all the Universe.

A common goal exists and is expressed through the Highest Self – to create life by feeling the love, beauty and goodness. Currently all the Universe is experiencing a process of degradation. It is stronger in one place, weaker in another. And the Earth is a place where Love can find resonance in the hearts and humans can express it. The vibrations of Love can be transmitted to the whole Universe from the Earth.

Why when you enter meditations, do I always show you the Earth as green and blue, radiating the energy of Love? Because the Earth is radiating this wonderful feeling. The energy of this feeling emanates in all directions, through all the worlds. But the Earth has to become stronger first. It has to strengthen that light, that emanation.

We can help you, but only you yourself – a human – can express the Love. We open the channels, send you the teachers, we do everything that is in our power to help, but to manifest love – that only you yourself can do.

I – Bernardine – have come to the Earth with a mission – to help you introduce people to the purpose of the Highest Self and the Universe. The human being has to survive, and he will survive by loving. Then flux and creation will occur. God has created humans to evolve and spread the love.

Humans have to learn to live a life by denying himself certain negative thoughts and feelings. It’s impossible to give up everything, because God has created harmony. Humans have to get to know their own feelings, thoughts and behaviors, and then they have to learn to control them.

It’s impossible to avoid evil, but you can learn not to endorse it. It is possible to get to know evil, and learn not to get involved in it, not to touch it and not to help it evolve.

So your function is to continue spreading the knowledge that you are receiving, and promote it to those who can hear you. To support them, to encourage them to behave as you teach them – to trust themselves, to trust their God, and – of course – their helpers.

What we are teaching you is just details. What we are showing you – it’s just a little part of everything we want to tell you. The teachings and your behavior will change. Your mission – is to open up the channels for the greatest Teachers and to prepare students for them.

It is very important. The human ego is limited. The limitations are also caused by the collective consciousness, where many erroneous thoughts exist. We see you as a channel. A strong and a solid channel. We will use this channel to spread the energy that is required to cleanse the Earth and to improve relationships. So that the expression of Love can become stronger.

You are a human being with your own experience (that is not needed at all right now), with your own spirit. You are different than others only because you understand the purpose of your life, and you understand the real reason of your existence. You know the mission of your soul.

Do many people know that? Only a few in the whole world. You know how difficult it is for a human being to understand their own purpose in life: why was I born? What should I experience? It is easy to talk about it when you lose the earthly shell.

You might feel upset that you didn’t fully understand something, but actually with you it’s not really true. You know why you came to planet Earth, the big picture. And you have all the conditions required to make your goals come true. You didn’t have to die and reflect on your actions before you returned.

You experienced a breakthrough here and now – that’s why your daily goals that you had before have lost their importance. You cannot plan tomorrow. The time for teaching is over. There is no more time for your fears and your doubts…

The time for evolution has started. You are responsible for yourself, and we are responsible for you. You will have to work with various types of energies. You don’t know them yet. Every experience of yours was like a lesson. But now you have to clearly understand – the lessons are over.

You will work on that which is required, and that which is expected of you. Don’t be so scared… (After receiving these thoughts, my whole body became numb. The feeling was very strange: the pain and internal joy appeared simultaneously. Fear, anxious shivers. It seems that these thoughts are simple and clear. But when you realize that you don’t actually belong to yourself, and that you have to perform the mission of the soul, you suddenly start getting scared – will you be able to do what it takes? – note from the author).

If needed, your spiritual guides will materialize and will help you. We will do everything that’s needed for you to keep a ‘cool mind’. Please accept all the wonderful things that life is going to offer. And please work with us. For the sake of Love, for its protection.

I am strict. My name is Bernardine. I came with a big purpose – to strengthen the energy of Love on planet Earth. And I am happy to have met you and to be working together with you. I will always be near you. But please focus on what I am telling you, and on the directions I provide.

That’s an instruction to be always observed. The tasks are not difficult. But only after you perform them well, you will be prepared for more complicated tasks. Your life can become intoxicating and strange. I hope you realize how important the things we talk about are, and the things you are experiencing right now.

Please don’t doubt it. You have very little time to grasp this information. Remember what we said: learn to relax. Please find a way. You will be receiving a lot of different energies, they will be strong. You need to quickly relax and be able to receive new sensations again. You have to take care of yourself. You have to work giving it your all, and be able to quickly restore your power for a new incoming task.

I want to tell you that it’s possible to perform your mission and remain calm, without hurting your feelings and your beliefs. You will have to fundamentally change everything, but you can learn to adapt. You have to relax and accept the information.

All kinds of energy will be streaming through your body. And it will be breaking a lot of blockages, currently present in the space of the Earth. We will be needing your body, as well as your thoughts and feelings, but we will never harm your mind.

The waves will be getting stronger and that will affect your energy more intensely. Therefore, you have to learn to accept them and remain calm. Firstly, you have to understand that everything that is happening is real. Yes, it is happening.

Yes, you are a person who can accept the energy from the Universe. The energy flowing directly from the Galaxy. The Galaxy is larger than the Solar system, therefore you will feel that the energies coming from that space will be stronger and more powerful.

We will be changing the information rapidly. That’s why you will need discipline. You have to remember your duties by yourself, and you can’t be lazy. You know that we are the most reliable beings in the whole universe, but still, you don’t trust us. You are not fully aligned.

Please be responsible. Do remember – we are your friends. What do I mean by saying ‘we’? It’s me Bernardine, and all your spiritual guides, as well as many others who work with you (and sometimes for you). We love you and we have full faith in you, but do you love us, and do you have faith in us?

It is a long process to influence people’s consciousness. And this process is not fully effective. It’s clear even by looking at you. We have been talking about this with you for years, but you are still uncertain. The spiritual guides know the true path of a human, but you have to be careful with your intuition. There are others who want to talk to you, but they might be less knowledgeable.

You have no idea who can connect to you when they understand they can communicate with you. Please remember: the key criterion for assessment is the sensation of Love and Light. Everything that follows this criterion is right.

So we are observing who you are interacting with, and how it is going. You understand that it’s easier to reach another human being with the energy when it is going through you – in a horizontal manner.

You will receive the information from the guides, and the energy – from me. That’s how you will be cleaning the environment and strengthening the energy of Love. The energy of goodness. Humans have to learn to live without the negative energies. This truth has to become solid in their minds.


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