The characteristics of the human energy and the energy of the subtle world

Letter 2

The world is full of wonderful things. A human being can travel in space, can visit different galaxies, can communicate with other forms of life – those on Earth and beyond. He can enjoy beautiful sceneries, can receive any required support from the Universe. But you have to be really clean.
You have to trust the love of the Universe and to respect your environment. Everything depends on you. You choose: to live like millions of people live, or to uncover new experiences, new knowledge to the humanity. That will be accessible to many more people, but only if they choose to open up to it.
Human beings are a bit spoiled. They want to get a lot of pleasures from life. Even though they work hard, and they work a lot, the work is not done wisely. A human being would become much happier when he learns to live according to the laws of the Universe. When he adjusts himself to the harmony of the Universe, he would be much healthier and much happier.

When you converge with the harmony of the Universe, your requirements, desires and needs start changing. A human being becomes free, his perception changes and his lifestyle too. Your choices define the speed of developing your mindfulness. But you shouldn’t get too relaxed.
Nothing happens accidentally, you shouldn’t become indifferent. When you travel on the path of the Earth, you have to be curious, to get to know the diversity, to get to know the thoughts. As your level of perception grows, it becomes easier to accept the diversity.
A human being is never closed to an experience, he doesn’t reject novelties. It’s important to get to know them. To allow yourself to break through and accept novelties, to accept everything: the common and the uncommon.
Your heart is full of anxiety, everyday anxiety. Please learn to live without it. Trust the power of the Universe and learn to feel the vibrations of the Universe, the newness of the Universe being reborn.
The Universe is reorganizing itself, and the vibrations are changing. They affect all the galaxies, also the Earth and its material structure. The changes affect the human beings as well. The material structure will start changing. Human beings will be faced with new challenges, they will have to learn to adapt. To survive.
The flux of the Universe is powerful, it will take forever in the human perception of time. But a human being will be a part of that flux. And a human being is important. People often think too highly of themselves, but even more often they underestimate themselves. A human being and his soul are a component of the Universe. Therefore, the change in the Universe will affect a human soul. That material particle that is responsible for wisdom, love, spirituality, for our ability to merge with unearthly structures.
The Universe is developing in its own direction. We – you and me – we have to realize our purpose – to spread love. Humans really like to simplify the feeling of love – even that love which is perceived as kind, spiritual. Love – it’s creation, it’s materializing an idea, forming vibrations. Love means life for human beings. When love disappears, the human being disappears. What remains then is needs and desires. Love – is the expression of the soul.
All of you know that you need to learn how to live a life, you need to learn to understand life, to find your calling, your own truth of life. Right now, people are far away from the truth, from the real knowledge. This knowledge emerges and disappears. Some people can manifest the real knowledge, the truth – but the collective consciousness destroys it. Why?
Because the bad thoughts, the existing collective thought forms (dark egregores) and the existing thought patterns started to harm humans. A human being doesn’t wish success and happiness to himself. He curses his life, his purpose. Destroys himself. And the level of self-destruction is tremendous. It’s difficult for love to survive. For peace, for harmony to survive.
Let’s talk about the characteristics of the human energy. The human energy reflects his feelings, his lifestyle, his future destiny. The human energy allows us to understand what destiny awaits a person if he doesn’t learn to control his energetic impulses. The person’s decay starts with deterioration of his energy field. Sometimes you may feel you have less energy. If it lasts a short time, it affects feelings, some events, but in general that doesn’t change your life’s direction.
These are the constant energy swings, they depend on a person’s lifestyle, his pace, his index of happiness. This is absolutely normal and can be easily corrected. But when a person is sad for a long time, when he loses the purpose of life, when a person is cursed, his energy field weakens, and a person can die.
Of course, every human being dies – but the circumstances of death are very important. The moment of death can open the opportunity of enjoying a long and happy “afterlife”, but also that opportunity might not occur. You might get stuck in between heaven and earth.

If you lack energy before your death, you won’t be able to rise to a higher plane of vibrations. A human being – especially an old person – may appear very weak, but his energy field might be luminescent, beautiful, capable to take the soul and fly away to the highest planes with ease.
A human being might be healthy physically, but he might have exhausted his energy field by his erroneous thoughts and lifestyle. Then – upon the moment of death – he won’t be able to rise above his physical body and will remain in the so-called lower plane – the astral realm.

Why is it so important where the soul goes? When the soul comes to the planet Earth, she has already programmed its path of development. It is important for her to complete the experiences required for her growth, and she expects that with each incarnation she will rise higher, will become stronger, more mature, and of cleaner vibrations.
If a person and his mind prohibit the soul to have any influence on his life, the soul can’t realize itself. The time spent in incarnation becomes pointless. When you don’t listen to your soul, it will create more troubles for you than benefits. The soul stops evolving.
Nothing else can help a soul rise higher and fulfill its purpose – but the human mind. The human mind is the soul’s main tool. But the mind is rooted in tradition, and the social experiences. The mind is alive.

The mind can enter into conflicts with the soul. If the mind holds strong repressions, if the human being forms a rigid perception that is formed by the location he is born in, it becomes very difficult for a soul to free itself and manifest itself. Such souls get stuck in earthly habits of existence and can’t realize themselves.
But any human being always has a choice to get to know his soul. And when he gets to know his soul, he can choose to accomplish the soul’s purpose. For example, he can choose whether or not to become a creator and develop himself.
To create and develop yourself means to change the Universe in some way. That requires creating a new thought in your mind that would change an established, socially accepted thought. The eternity is not old, and it’s not new. It is the whole. But this doesn’t have any meaning if a person can’t accept it in his heart, in his thoughts.
It exists in the same way as the things exist in the darkness. They are there, but we can’t see them and so we don’t need them. But if any new thought resonates with a person and enters the human life, it starts shining in space and changing the social (collective) thinking, driving it towards a new direction. This gives an opportunity for the humanity to evolve. Such thoughts can simultaneously be transmitted to a number of people: painters, artists, politicians and etc. That‘s how the revolutions start, new art directions emerge, humans attain more freedom and evolve.

But let‘s go back to the energy field. A human energy field accepts new thoughts from the Universe. If the energy field is large, the information a human being can accept becomes more diverse. If the mind learns not to reject new thoughts, the person can become a genius. In his lifetime, he is then capable to give a physical form to something new in every day life, which then survives for eternity.
Human evolution needs geniuses. Human evolution needs discoverers. It‘s a pity that human minds are limited, they simplify the information received from the Universe and use it for egoistic, personal gain. Then this new information starts harming the humanity, or even destroying it, instead of helping its evolution.
People who are egocentric, who desire power, recognition and personal gain are accumulating and strengthening their energy just the same as the people who are ready to help humanity evolve. Therefore we can‘t reveal all the methods on how to strengthen your energy field. An egocentric person is stronger and more perceptive by nature. That’s why we are blocking a part of the energy.
Not all the people can heal with their hands and their thoughts, not all of them can be clairvoyant, travel in time and space. This is being blocked. Only when a person changes his mind, thoughts, feelings, lifestyle – some particular hues start appearing in his aura. This is a signal to the Universe that we can work with this person. Some information is then provided to him.
His mind can then notice and feel the needed information, but he might not be able to understand it. It’s only when he feels it, understands it and this new information enters his thoughts and feelings, and starts changing his lifestyle, his aura again gets new colors. It again becomes clear that the person is ready to receive more new information.
But a person can become tired, he might feel it’s difficult to renounce old habits, old truths – that’s why he is not able to use the new knowledge in his daily life, and the colors of his aura start to disappear, the aura starts shrinking. The information then gets blocked. The person’s energy becomes weaker.
The person can always strengthen the energy himself: he can relax, do meditation, allow himself to enjoy small details of his life, and his energy again becomes stronger. Prayer, music, nature, concentration and listening to the soul’s voice – all of that helps strengthen your energy field. It is important to understand the reasons of your moods – why are you anxious, why are you angry, why do you hold grudges and etc. When you understand this, your energy channel becomes free of blockages. The colors of the aura start changing and that means you become ready to receive new information.
The energy that is emitted by a human being (not the body, but the soul) vibrates in different frequencies, and every frequency has its purpose. A human being experiences a lot of feelings every day, and not all of those feelings are noticed or understood by the mind, but everything stays in his energy field. The energy forms the destiny of a human being. Because that which we emanate seeks resonance. Like attracts like.
If a thought is related to fear and sadness, it will attract the frequencies of misfortune. But if you emanate love, harmony – you will attract the energy of success. The frequency of vibrations attracts a certain type of information. Therefore, it really depends on an individual human being, what kind of environment he will be living in.
Observe your feelings and your thoughts. Internally you have to nourish respect, love, tenderness. Being in peace will help you harmonize your energy. It will also harmonize your environment. There will be less anger and grudges in a peaceful environment. It’s like an antidote. But the peace has to be voluntary. It has to be experienced by the heart as well as by the mind. It has to create harmony.
You have to change your habits and your thoughts. A person doesn’t always understand that he is making mistakes when thinking. The environment he created is fairly comfortable, and he is not interested in changing anything. He doesn’t see the point. But – from the perspective of an unbiased observer – it’s clear that the person is making a mistake.

What can you do to see your own mistakes? The simplest way is to sometimes accept new ideas, to behave in an unusual manner, communicate with someone who you haven’t been interested in before, and etc. You don’t have to drastically change your life, but you have to connect with a different group of people and see how they life – that’s a must.
You have to do it to expand your perception. That group of people is probably making mistakes as well, but many new things will be revealed to you in such a relationship. You have to read, listen to different music, travel, meet people you are familiar and unfamiliar with. This new information will be breaking old habit patterns. Then you will start questioning yourself and start seeking answers internally and externally. And for internal quest you need peace. A peace of mind and a peace in your feelings.
You have a question – what should your goals be like? Please don’t have any goals. Just make sure to live a perfect day every day. Try to do that which you feel is really pleasant for you. Learn to live like that. Everywhere: at work, at home, with your friends. But make sure to be clear with yourself – what is really pleasant vs. what is your commitment.
Don’t have big goals, because you never know what God will give you. The mind is not ready for that yet. Try to live by surrendering all of yourself to the destiny. Everything. All your thoughts, all your goals, all your ambitions. You just keep researching that which interests you, without looking for meaning or commitments.

Live your own truth. It’s not important if you are understood by others. It’s important that you stay loyal to your ideals. Of course, first you have to carefully identify your ideals, understand them and accept them as the truth. You will be happy living your own truth. You feel happy already. There are no big truths in any land far, far away.

The truth is in your heart, it’s in your thoughts. The miracle of life is already within you. You can experience all the magic of life when you unveil your soul. No books, no travels, no teachers can help you find the real happiness and the real truth. You can only find it within you. This is the biggest secret. Then the life and the guides of your life will evaluate your achievements and reveal more “miracles”.

Just love yourself and the people close to you. Be happy with your life and the miracles will come to you. Be happy living your life. Every person can be happy. Always. Since the day we are born until the day we get immersed into the universal space. A human being can only be happy when he accepts the perception of the Universe and builds awareness.
A human being needs to expand the limits of his perception of life. Life is most commonly understood as birth, action and death. Actually, we should include one more dimension: space – birth – action in space – exit. What is “action in space”? It’s the time that a human being lives on planet Earth, when the soul uses the human mind to learn the truth of gaining awareness and creation. (The time can be spent not necessarily only on planet Earth. But for now this is the most suitable environment for humans to live in, and – if needed – another planet can be prepared to be inhabited by humans).

What is creation? God gives humans more power now than 100 or 1000 years ago. This helps humans and will continue helping humans to enter the “space” more easily. I have to note that people are gaining new powers. It is rather difficult to explain, because it is new information for a human mind.
A human being doesn’t have such experience yet and can’t understand new truths. But you will have to understand it. It might become challenging when a person will start feeling these powers unconsciously and won’t understand how to behave. It can lead to chaos.
Therefore, we want to prepare people slowly. By breaking existing stereotypes, beliefs, the existing knowledge. By breaking the scientific knowledge as well. Things that have been approved by hundreds of scientists might lose meaning. Can you imagine what levels of chaos we will experience when most scientists have to admit they were wrong? Can this be accepted by the human mind today?
We will teach you and your friends slowly. So that you can understand it, experience it, feel it and find a way to explain it to others. We will need your help, just like you need our knowledge. You probably understand that this new flux will not only bring new experiences and a sense of pleasure, but you will also have to break age-old stereotypes, and that’s not easy.
Balancing between ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ will become very subtle. You can’t create anything new while you are still thinking in the old way. Please remember, a prayer is the most important practice, and your connection with God. You think you have the connection with God, but it’s artificial, not natural. Please pay attention to your prayer.
You remember God only when you pray. God doesn’t exist to you in other times. God has to become your most important Friend. Not us – your spiritual guides – not your husband or your children, but God is your most important friend. It’s through this relationship that you will be able to strengthen your personality, your internal You (because it’s the divine part of you).
Always approach God – when you feel good, and when you feel sad. Learn to feel the presence of God near you and within you. Nothing else is as important as this relationship. No one else can give you more protection than God. God – it is your internal You, it’s the creative force, the protection, the Love. It’s an endless force.
By changing your thinking, you will be able to elevate your vibrations, and in this way, you will become immersed into the subtle world. We have to convey the information of the subtle world to the inhabitants of planet Earth. This energy has to be transformed.
A human being can direct the energy of the subtle world towards the Earth only through his internal experiences. Human beings could have lived in “paradise” all along, but they chose to commit sins and created their own karma. Over the millennia, this karma has become stronger, became overgrown with negative energies, and that’s why it became impossible for the energy of the subtle world to enter the atmosphere of the Earth.
But now – God willing – the Earth’s vibrations are rising and that starts decomposing the negative energy. Karmic actions are intensifying – human beings will be held accountable for each ungodly action and each ungodly thought, and the consequences will come more strongly and more quickly. The frequencies of vibrations will keep rising.

It’s no surprise people were talking about the end of the world for a while now. The world will really end: the old, heavy, negative world will cease to exist. That’s why the Earth today really needs lightworkers. They would help preserve Earth in form, and the human being in its idea.
Lightworkers are the people who consciously or unconsciously can communicate with the subtle world. Through their internal experiences, they transmit the vibrations of the subtle world in the space of the Earth. If a person won’t agree and won’t be willing to change voluntarily by himself, he will be moved by external forces: by sending him diseases, natural disasters and etc.
When an extreme situation occurs, it‘s an opportunity for you to re-evaluate your beliefs and start changing them. If a person still can‘t go back to himself and keeps blaming the environment, he will die and won‘t have an opportunity to incarnate again. A sudden death is a bad death – when a person can‘t apologize, forgive and make peace with God. In such an event, a person can not go back to the subtle world. He stays in the dark. Forever. And it‘s not clear what the God will decide to do about these souls that live in the darkness.
Your life on Earth is amazing. It‘s full of divine love and the powerful force of realization. Now it‘s important to eradicate the negative energy around you and within you. Please try to go back to yourself. To your own place of abode in the subtle world. Trust that world.
We won‘t tell you anything else today. This is a Happy New Year gift for you. You know what is the path that‘s meant for you, please walk towards it. The more you are able to transform your mind, the more knowledge, information and experiences you will be able to receive.
But you know very well that your ego – along with its darkest aspects – is always there with you. And it will always try to destroy you. The real you. Therefore please don‘t have any pride, please don‘t have any self-doubts. Forget it. God is already with you. You are not a person of global majority. You come from the minority of people. You are one of the people who are able to open up the world‘s gates to Earth through your heart. You are a lightworker. Please remember that.
How should you live so that you become more open? Listen to the daily teachings of your soul. Sometimes you might start wondering what is true, and what is your imagination. That‘s where we come in – the transmitters of the information.

We can correct your knowledge. We can explain that which you couldn‘t understand. Please love us and don‘t turn your back on us. Please just sit down and start writing when you feel like it. We are inviting you to communicate with us.
Answer to us even when you don‘t want to respond (actually, it‘s your ego who wouldn‘t want to). Please focus your energy on the goodness, the beauty and the love. In meditations, you will be able to experience that which the mind rejects. You will start writing down some sentences that the mind won‘t be willing to accept.
Please remember – you can‘t act in any other way, this is the purpose of your life. It has been clearly outlined and presented to you. So don‘t underestimate yourself. You are not a person of low vibrations, so don‘t behave like one. Your vibrations can rise very high and give a lot of benefits to the Earth.
For that, you have all the possibilities, and only you can decide what you will do with the possibilities presented to you. Actually, you have free will to decide if you choose this path. But we have no doubt that will choose it. The „free will“ is just a formality, as if signing a contract: „I open up my soul to the divine love, and the divine energy.“
The changes in you have been happening for many years, you have been tested and you probably understand by yourself that you have been on this path for some time already. Don‘t pretend to be anything else, and don‘t allow the dark forces to mislead you.
You are walking on the path of divine love, and the powers you are being provided with will keep surprising your loved ones and you will even get surprised yourself. Accept everything easily and naturally.
And here is one more lesson for you: please feel happy while strengthening your connection to God, and to the subtle energies. Love yourself. Believe in God and be happy. You must feel happy. This is one of the key conditions. It strengthens our connection. Happiness rises the vibrations.
The information that is in the subtle world is all-encompassing. It is not broken down to different levels of awareness. That information is all-encompassing and is permeated with the divine idea. Only the human mind will break this information down into small pieces so it can be understood.

But what can you understand if only a small piece is seen by your perception? No wonder we have a saying: „man plans, God laughs“. Human beings plan by connecting one perceived piece with another. But such connections can be errorneous, inaccurate. Only God can see the whole.
God provides information through intuition. Human beings have become really self-absorbed and don‘t even think that they might not be acting smart by planning out all minute details. The biggest problem we have with human beings – is them trusting only their own strength, only their material world.
Actually, you need to free your mind, your thoughts and your feelings – so that the energy of space can start flowing through you. It might be difficult for the body, the mind and the feelings. Maybe you will feel pain, you might start crying and not understand what is happening.
But what is happening is what is supposed to happen: the energy will start changing. You will allow new energies to enter your envelope – the body. Three main energies will get connected within you: the hard one – the body; the less material energy – the energy of feelings and thoughts; and somewhere deep within you – a hidden subtle energy – the higher Self.
It‘s this energy that you will want to increase and strengthen. It will start breaking the old energies. When the energy of the subtle world increases, you will start understanding your environment differently. You will start changing, and your environment will be changed together with you. Please observe your thoughts and direct them towards the positive understanding of the world.


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