The energy of love and of creation

Letter 5

You feel like nothing at all is happening in life. But, something quite significant is happening right now. You feel exhausted – not because of work, not because of people, but because of the energetic change occurring in your body. The cells are being re-balanced, adjusted to the highest possible level of energy. That’s why you feel unpleasant chills, shivering, you are facing occasional grievances and sadness. It will all pass, and what will remain is a feeling of admiration for the new situation. Freedom, peace, respect, and trust – these are the incredible feelings that will remain. Why shouldn’t you dream about how you will live in the future? Because these dreams are meaningless. Now you can’t imagine what will happen and how you will be supposed to live, therefore you shouldn’t make any plans. There is a time for everything, and everything has its own meaning.

All the Universe is changing. It’s transforming and entering a different dimension. Only tiny reverberations of this transformation reach such a dense material place as planet Earth. The tension of this transformation is being felt throughout the Universe, as the existence of all forms of life – seen and unseen – is being transformed. Essentially, the relationship between good and bad is changing. These two structures are losing their significance. They are being replaced with Divine energy, the energy that brings Love and Creation. These two energies will become predominant in the Universe, and on planet Earth as well. Those who can cultivate Love and Creation in their hearts will be able to adapt to the new environment. All others will perish – both in the Universe and on Earth as well. There are many creatures who don’t understand what Love is. That’s why many people started seeking to understand what love is. They want to survive – and they deserve respect. But it’s difficult to understand what love is. It’s not enough to know it theoretically. You need to feel it. It has to be sincere and genuine. Only this kind of love can survive and allow life to develop in the Universe. Up till now we could feel the chaos in the Universe. But it had its purpose and its goal. Both good and bad had its place in this chaos. They complemented each other and helped each other unfold. A notion of ‘good’ was formed and we realized what we would make ourselves suffer if we didn’t allow the good to unfold.
Love is the main condition for survival. Do people always feel the love for their close ones – not only the weak, but also the strong or the aggressive ones? If there is fear, envy, or grievance – there is no place for love. Love exists without fear, without hurt. It is the understanding that the feelings of ego are no longer important and significant in the Universe. Also, on Earth. What is important is being open, being understanding and warm. These are the higher vibrations. It’s not easy to retain them, but also not difficult when you ‘get the point’. The human ego won’t disappear so soon because a human can’t become an empty space. A new structure has to fill the space that was previously occupied by the ego. But for a new structure to enter a human being, they must desire this transition. Then they have to be capable of allowing the transition to enter them. The possibilities depend on the environment and on the person himself. But the desire – that only depends on a person. However, you still need time for your mind to be able to understand what is that structure. We will provide you with knowledge little by little. We want to protect your consciousness. What is the consciousness and why is it important? It is the human free will. It’s the free choice. It’s up to an individual person to choose a particular lifestyle. You can’t change the free will by force or by deception. Therefore, we suggest you to gradually adapt to the situation of today and try to gather knowledge so that you can form your choice. Please do not forget that sometimes you may convince yourself that ‘this and that’ is the truth. But will your soul accept it as the truth? If you have the slightest doubt, the free will remains intact. It doesn’t always depend on the mind, and it doesn’t always depend on the heart. For the free choice to be formed, a resonance between the mind and the heart must emerge. Let’s return to today. It’s extremely complicated. You must prepare spiritually. Firstly, don’t try too hard. Everything has to be experienced gradually, without any rush. You will be provided with all the information we believe you should receive in a way we believe is necessary. People are very distracted and attached to emotions, so they can’t make an appropriate decision on how and when to receive the information. That’s why we will sometimes adjust your thoughts and the situations you are in. But you probably know this already. I just wanted to remind you – don’t try too hard.
Secondly, relax and think of all changes as good. Without any tension, without a prejudice that changes can only bring bad things. The end of the world is just the beginning of a new understanding. If you are scared, you will remain stuck at “the end of the world”. But if you decide to create, to understand, to live in harmony, then you will experience “the beginning of a new world”. But again – the choice is up to a person himself. Please choose wisely.
Thirdly, there is no way back, you will have to face this. You will have to accept us – those living in different dimensions and on different levels – and we will have to become friends. We are new everyday friends (of different dimensions). Don’t you love hanging out with friends? So let’s hang out! Let’s share the information, let’s share the conscious assessment and understanding of a situation. Let’s love each other. We are friends. And – I want to emphasize – we are your everyday friends. Please don’t think of it as a mystical phenomenon, but a usual reality. Even though you can’t see us, we do exist. I think you really have very few friends on Earth who would be willing to help you so sincerely, selflessly, and wisely. Please accept us naturally. We want to be friends.
The direction of human energy is determined by three parameters: (1) divine light (everything that a human brings to Earth upon birth); (2) personal experience of a human being (consciousness) and (3) collective human consciousness. The human energy travels in the direction of a certain vector under the influence of these three parameters. When the strength of a certain influence changes, the direction might change accordingly. The third parameter (collective human consciousness) can be influenced by inserting information from the infinite cosmos. Therefore, the direction of the energy flow can change as well. This energy is not only circulating within the earthly space, but it enters the cosmic matrix as well. And the cosmic matrix enters the earthly space. That’s how the energy structure of the earth is being transformed, and the human perception as well. People have to understand that they are inhabitants of the Universe. This merger is significant in the sense that the whole purpose of life changes: the human soul enters the cosmic space not after death, but right now. That means that a person won’t have to constantly reincarnate in order to experience required situations and gain experience. You will be able to enter the space of the Universe with the remaining consciousness (still remembering your previous knowledge and experience) and you will be able to create there, consciously using the divine energy. Will the personality remain forever? It will change its physical and energetic structures, but the consciousness and the ability to create will remain. This force – it’s a new energy structure of the Universe – will give rise to new vibrations in the infinite space. To be more precise – the new vibrations only within a certain part in space, because only God alone can cover and comprehend the whole space of the Universe. Any human being – no matter how sophisticated – just like many other creatures of the Universe will be able to comprehend only a part of the whole purpose of the infinite existence, and he will be able to create and develop himself within that part. Humanity is now able to change its earthly structure, and balance it in such a way that it would be able to accept a part of the Universal consciousness, i.e. the vibrations of a cosmic mind. Everything will depend on the intention of a human being, and his willingness to evolve. The vectorial dimension that brings the cosmic information into the human energy field has been provided to humans already, they just have to change the vectorial dimension of their own perception (experience and values). The collective human consciousness will change together with the change of each individual human being. Therefore, all the opportunities to merge with the infinity and eternity are provided for us in our space. Everything now depends on a person’s wishes, abilities, choices. This path requires extreme human focus. Because to bring the energy of the Universe into a human shell is indeed a complicated process. Not everyone will take this information seriously, not everyone will be able to feel the changes in their energy. But if we speak of it, it means that there are people who will be able to accept this new information, and this new energy. Therefore, the people who are starting this process are faced with particularly high responsibilities. It requires internal stamina, composure, responsibility, and wisdom. When we want to help you, we are allowed to advise you. A human mind is not capable to make correct decisions when it comes to the Universe. Therefore, we provide the knowledge. But being provided with knowledge is not the only thing that’s important. It’s most important to understand this knowledge and to apply it in practice. The task is now becoming clear to you. Also, the methods to accept the cosmic information are becoming clear to you. We will reveal everything to you, that you might need to create a new experience. No one is saying that it’s going to be easy, and no one is saying that it’s harmless to your consciousness. Your consciousness might perish, but it also can become unfolded in the Universal matrix. If we didn’t believe it’s possible, we wouldn’t enter this stage of the process. Everything is planned and pre-programmed. You will have to walk this path. Because each ability and intention will allow you to open your gate to the space more widely. There is no way back.
Please don’t think in your old ways. No one wants old gifts. Just like you don’t want to keep your old thinking habits – now even though your thinking fundamentals are getting shattered. Everything will collapse, but only then the new foundations will emerge.


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