The levels of energy massages

Letter 8

The massage sessions can occur on four different levels. You get in touch with:

The person’s energies and his aura.
The person’s energies and his spiritual guides.
The person’s energies and the external energies.
The highest-level energies available for you to reach.

The first level: it’s a touch-based massage, building the protection of bio-field, cleaning and harmonizing the colors of the aura, removal of blockages, presenting information about the feelings and events that cause the energy to get blocked or get freed.

The second level: here you can encounter the spiritual guides, the guardian angels, and the teachers who try to explain the direction of an individual and show them what they should aspire to.

Often, the spiritual guides can access the information by themselves: what has this person accomplished, and what else he could accomplish. The connection between a person and the guides is required, especially if some new teachers have emerged.

Guardian angels know their own work – they protect the person and help him in various situations. The teachers and the guides can come and go. It depends on a person’s accomplishments and failures.

They don’t help the helpless people (the ones who don’t want anything, who don’t strive for anything or the ones who are lazy). They help only those who are ready. Therefore, sometimes during the session they appear in person and advise or even hold discussions between each other – what would be the best solution for this individual?

The third level: when the massage is being performed, the external energies get connected. These are the energies of the highest frequency. They are doing what they believe is required. The energies of the highest frequency know what they should be doing.

The person experiences the sensations of something breaking, burning or heating up. The processes start that are not under human mind’s control, but they are determined by what level of consciousness this person has accomplished.

The energies of Ascended Masters and many other energies of the ‘highest rank’ may appear. They adjust the human energy to the vibrations of the higher-level energies. That makes new opportunities appear. The human starts vibrating at the same frequency as the Universe. He is then allowed to touch the subtle energies and not burn out.

If you want to live on the higher plane, you will have to adjust to the subtle energies. They will be constantly present in the higher plane. A human being will only be able to survive there when he is able to adjust his own vibrations to the higher intensity of vibrations.

Yet the heart is not always capable to withstand an increased, strong energy flow. A human might start experiencing anxious shivers, or he might suddenly fall asleep. The human body is not yet adjusted to the intensity of these energies. Yet if the decision has been made to help an individual transition to the higher plane (including his body and mind), then he is allowed to experience these energies.

Simultaneously we are working on another goal. We are integrating some information into the human energy field. Let’s call it particles, which are reflecting the subtle energy that is incoming and can make it radiate within the earthly space.

You have to respect and take care of any human being that is touched by the external energy. The energies of this human being are already accepting the energy of the subtle plane, and he is transferring that energy to the earthly space.

Can a human understand it or feel it by himself? No – sometimes he might feel strange, but it’s impossible to physically feel it and consciously understand it. But probably that person must have heard about it and must have tried to understand it. We will talk about this third energy massage level a lot, because this is the foundation of our joint labor.

The fourth level: it’s the work with the subtle energies, related to the highest frequencies of the Universal energies. These energies of the Universe help a human being plug into a certain energy matrix, which then changes and transforms the development of all Universal existence.

Here it is possible to enter the past and the future. It is not only the earthly world. It’s the spatial world. A world where vibrations are being exchanged, as well as information and flows of energy shared between multiple worlds in different times and in different spaces.

The energy works in powerful flows. It’s impossible for a human being to live constantly with it, so it manifests itself at certain periods of time. When it unfolds itself, a dot on Earth starts shining in space. The energies start flowing, exchanging.

At that time a lot of information is downloaded onto the human energy field.

Because of the earthly limitations, the human himself doesn’t know it, but the soul understands it. The spirit understands it. The spirit knows the purpose and the value of this energy.

I can’t make it more understandable for you, until the time comes when you are able to understand it by yourself. I can just tell you that the beam of light that is unfolded in space (which can happen in any world, in any space) connects certain information.

Changes then happen in both places that got connected. You give something, and you receive something. The information and energy are exchanged. This exchange cannot happen between a higher and a lower level, i.e., you will never receive information from the lower level, only from the higher level.

The knowledge is meant for you to keep evolving, to develop yourself, not to degrade yourself. That’s why you are getting information from the energies of higher frequencies. It doesn’t depend on the human. He is just provided with conditions that allow him to unfold himself.

Some frequencies, some vibrations exist, and the rays of light can only unfold at certain periods of time. Here we are talking about physical technicalities. But the nature of this process is deeper and more subtle, and it takes time to grasp it.

Each time you are touched by the energy, it brings many occurrences to a human life, which is manifested by breakthroughs in feelings, events, ideas, talents and so on. Not every energy is able to express itself on the earthly plane, because some of them are too subtle compared to the space of the Earth.

The time will come when these energies will be able to be expressed here. Human beings are getting more than they can take in. It’s not our problem but the human unwillingness to develop. We are giving as much as the humans are capable to take in and understand, not even a little bit more.

It’s only the humans themselves who are obstructing the evolution. They are slowing down the flux, because it’s more comfortable to not think and not make any changes. But we know – everything will be changing. Wow – it will be changing for sure. And we pray to God that humans are ready for it… But we – the Alpha team and many others – are ready to help humans in any way possible.

Why don’t I understand everything when performing sessions? Because each move of your hand performs many actions. It scans the whole informational field of a human being, and your consciousness is not capable to understand everything.

The human consciousness can’t immediately accept and understand this amount of information. But we understand that information and can instantly assess what work is needed to be done with that individual.

Firstly, we start with his biofield, and everything that is there at that particular moment. We cleanse the field, then – the chakras. We give them energy and balance them.

Then the ‘helpers’ start analyzing the aura of that individual: the colors, the intensity of the colors, the frequency of the radiance. They identify the dominant colors and the common color that covers the aura. And – most importantly – they identify the structure of the aura.

The composition of the aura is different for every individual, the components are different as well as the density and the frequency of vibrations. The “molecules” of the aura can have a shape of crystals, stars, squares, or rhombs. Each composition has its own meaning. Even though the composition is different, but it’s possible that a few people can have the same structure of “molecules” of the aura.

When the analysis of the aura is completed, then another ‘helper’ joins the session, and starts working on the informational field of the individual: what he has been doing, what he has been researching, what his views are, what his values are, how he is influenced by his parents, by the people close to him, by the values of his country.

Everything that a person has experienced or felt from the time of his birth till that moment remains in the informational field – the moment when he sits down on the chair for a session.

Also, the informational field contains everything that surrounded that person before his birth: the experiences and the feelings of his parents, the collective consciousness of a country. All the values, views, goals, and everything that is shaping the lifestyle and the behavior of that person is being analyzed.

Then another ‘participant’ joins the session, and he starts analyzing the field above the head – the creative energy of a human being. This is being analyzed very carefully and then the ‘correction of the destiny’ can be performed.

The analysis contains the following questions: what are the individual goals of this person? what thoughts does that person send out to the space? what is being created through his thoughts and behavior? When the ‘correction of the destiny’ is being performed, some unnecessary or erroneous thoughts are deleted. Some goals and even some events are removed.

This is done so that the human destiny can go into a certain direction, and would not depend on his mistakes or wrongdoings. The guardian angels are also active. They protect the person, adjust certain events, and push the life into a certain direction. Then the connection with spiritual guides is established (if a person is ready to collaborate with them).

The essential truth of the massage is that a session is booked by a person who comes to you – by the soul – and you perform the massage together with the ‘helpers’ from the subtle worlds. It means that it is not your spiritual guides who are leading the massage, but the soul of that person (your client).

It’s only the soul who can correct the destiny of a human being. She adjusts the life in such a way that a human could better express his goals and reach his purpose. The soul is the entirety of the human being. The soul cannot harm the human being. Therefore, all the decisions she makes are right and legitimate.

It might seem like the soul is repressing the human free will, but actually she only represses the templates constructed by human ego, the desires and so on. The human together with the mind is a tool of the soul. And it is a joy that during a session the soul can perform a correction. She is unable to express herself in the material environment because the human ego is very strong.


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