The mission of a human being

Letter 6

In life it’s important to focus and to go after your goals. Each enlightened person has consistently worked towards his goal. Each of them understood that they won’t achieve that without being focused and without their willpower. If the willpower and the aspiration become purposeful and clear, the person becomes calm and quiet.
To become enlightened means to step out of the mundane limited thinking. It’s to be capable to enter the space of higher vibrations yet remain in the human body. It’s an opportunity to understand that the world is multifaceted, and you shouldn’t attach importance to the routine of life. God has created a different plan for people, therefore it’s difficult to explain the mission of a human being now, as a very different experience has been formed. A human being was supposed to learn to manage the energies and live in harmony with the Universe. Human beings are given an opportunity to create and immerse themselves into the life of the Universe.

The primordial man could communicate with God directly. By reading the stars, a man could understand the plans of God, could comprehend his goals and aspirations. A man was truly a part of the Universe. He understood that his thought can help anyone.
A man was a part of nature, capable of creation: to help a plant, an animal, to help the wind, the water etc. He could experience the unity with nature. He could transport himself to a different space, different civilization by his own thoughts, or move between different levels of earth. A man knew his mission and was happy to implement it in the material world. He could create minerals, plants, animals. He could plan out their purpose and mission. A man could send his energy to the cosmos, meet the representatives of other worlds, communicate telepathically, travel to the astral world, share experiences, feel respect and tolerance, create goodness and harmony around himself.
Egregores were not supposed to rule the earth. The space of the earth was supposed to be filled with the energy of love and respect. Respect for wisdom, for the power of creation, manifestation of divine plan. If there were no egregores, the earth would be able to breathe freely, and the cosmic energies would flow freely. The connection between those who live on Earth, and those who exist in other dimensions would be easy. An infinite variety of communications would encourage creation, and the expression of wisdom. The energies would allow you to have vivid experiences. The mind would not be limited. The memory would be clear, the creation would be purposeful.
Every word would be meaningful and deserving respect. You would feel responsibility for every word you say and every thought you have. Everything would be very subtle. Now chaos is prevailing. Because the human being underestimates his powers. The earth is covered by a thick energy shield, so that the Universe is protected from egocentric human thoughts. There is a constant battle between people who are destroying the space by their thoughts, and the people who are trying to preserve and balance the space.
It’s quite paradoxical that the people and the “otherworld”, the people and their willpower have become enemies. A man – consciously or unconsciously – is trying to destroy himself, whereas those who live on a higher plane want to preserve humanity and its power to create. It’s difficult to help humans, because the knowledge and the powers provided to them may be used for destruction. It’s difficult to elevate a person to the level of “enlightenment”, where he can understand how to stop harming himself, the humanity, and the Universe. People have strayed from the true path greatly. They don’t understand their real mission because the experiences of thousands of years reached an impasse. We have to return to the starting point. But it’s difficult to do so without external help, when we are within the Earthly space. It’s not in people’s power to re-create everything by themselves. The collective human consciousness is erroneous. The information we receive from the collective consciousness is leading us even further astray, that’s why we are taking on other means to revive the primordial thought. We have to eradicate all the knowledge of the development of our civilization. This knowledge should not be followed. We need a new vision, a new perception. We can gain that through new experiences and new activities, and you can achieve that by communicating with us – the masters of the higher dimensions. We would like to destroy all your information, but we know that if we do that you will feel “lost” in time and space. The souls always approve of our experiments. By choosing to come to planet Earth, they know what they will have to endure, and they choose to take this risk.
Life on earth may appear too painful and cruel but preserving the mission of planet Earth make it worth our effort. But the Earth lacks energy required for the changes to occur. The changes won’t happen on Earth without a clear earthly consciousness. Therefore, it’s necessary to think clearly and be willing to change the environment.
We are changing the energy of a human being, we are trying to make it more easy for a human being to receive the cosmic information so that he can create a different set of guidelines for himself. The guidelines might be wrong (from the perspective of the Universe), but they will be changing the stereotypes, freeing up the thinking, and that is very important. A small change in thinking process – is a big step forward in the field of energy. A small correction in the energy is enough for the human vibrations to change their frequency. The change in frequency will allow you to get a fresh perspective and assess the human life, experiences, and goals differently. The changes are also occurring in the energy of planet Earth. The changes were planned and now the time has come. People can’t yet see the changes. But soon you will be able to feel it, assess them and comprehend their purpose. The changes happening on the scale of planet Earth are also touching each person. To be more precise, the energy of the Earth is being adjusted through an individual human being. The vibrations will always keep changing – they will get stronger, or weaker. The people still need time to evolve into a new level. But this process is ongoing, the environment feels cleaner and freer, therefore we believe that the preparation for the transition is going on smoothly.
The people can’t feel these changes yet. But when the present becomes history, then we will be able to assess the speed of changes. The formations of energy particles are arriving from the future dimension to the human space. They are not landing from space but are transitioning from one dimension to another. These particles open up opportunities for you to see and perceive the world differently. The values will change, the understanding of a human being as an individual will change into the understanding of a human being as a one part of the spirits existing in the Universe.
“I am an individual” will be transformed into the unity of the soul. “I am an individual” – that’s my understanding, my knowledge, my wisdom, and my behavior. The unity of the soul – is the self (the material part) connected to the Higher Self, who now can find and express the connection to the spiritual guides. The understanding of what life is supposed to be like, and how to experience life, how to feel live and reveal life will change as well. Unity is the foundation of the future. The unity with yourself, with the subtle world, with another human being. The unity that is built on understanding, support, respect for different opinions. You can apply the feeling of unity in your everyday life. When you analyze something, when you are making decisions, taking various actions, please think – what would your heavenly Masters suggest? What would they think about your actions? Would they support you, or would they say that you shouldn’t waste any of your time or your energy for a certain activity? The time of a human being is limited. It should not be wasted. Especially by working on achieving goals that are not your own. A human being no longer belongs to himself. That period is over. Now the human being belongs to the Universe, to space. He has to understand that his responsibility is not limited to his own human actions and his influence on the human world. He is responsible for the existence of the whole Universe. To be more precise, he is currently responsible for the existence of the space on Earth. Not only the material world, but the influence of his actions on all dimensions.
There is no more closed world. Everything is related: the humanity and the unseen worlds, with all its inhabitants – guardian angels, spiritual guides and the highest spirits, who are responsible for the human life, for “the human plane”. The unity, the feeling of oneness – it’s important to internalize this new approach.
You are not an individual – you are an expression of all the greatness of the non-material world. You are the unity of that which you experience on Earth and that which is near you in the non-material plane. We don’t want to use the word “otherworld” because it creates duality between one side and another. There is no duality. There is only unity, oneness, resonance with the Higher Consciousness, with the Universal Wisdom. We really hope that we will succeed to promote this information and that you will be able to comprehend it. Maybe initially you won’t be able to understand it accurately and clearly, but it will come to you through your own experiences and feelings. The world is revealing itself gradually, all the beauty will be revealed to you later. But you have to prepare for it. If you don’t want to admire a gorgeous flower, you will just walk by it without paying any attention. The beauty of the world will be revealed to everyone, but not everyone will be able to see it. But more and more people will be willing and capable to appreciate the beauty and living in that new world. Certain laws of life will be explained to you later. They are not rules, but tendencies that will describe the connection between the quality of life and the level of consciousness. The level of consciousness will change depending on a person’s wishes and his determination to accept new knowledge. The human mind is limited, yet there are no limits in the level of oneness. You can survive anything, create anything and achieve much more when you are in unity with yourself (the unity with your Self in a broader sense). This knowledge is very important, you have to cherish it and treat it as indisputable truth. If you can’t accept this idea, we won’t even bother to talk about other ideas. We don’t waste our energy. We love you and hope to cooperate with everyone who is reading this information.
A human being is born to live, to experience feelings, to create thoughts. But it’s most important to learn to love and respect another human being. Why do you feel strong? Because you look at another person without any judgement or desire to control him. He doesn’t feel any pressure, and you don’t feel any pressure. You communicate naturally and feel relaxed. Every human being is prone to listen to his ego and usually makes mistakes in doing so. The ego has some qualities, which “attach” the human spirit to the ground, to the low vibrations and low experiences. Ego has been given to you so you could adjust to the environment on earth. When a human gets to know his essence, he changes. He gradually gives up his ego and starts tuning into his internal Self and into his higher Self, which gives him an opportunity to live in the level of higher vibrations. That’s why the experiences change. The opportunities change as well. But this is not the highest level that a human being can achieve in his life. The objective of a human being currently is to understand his essence, to create unity with the space in the Universe and to create unity with common activities.
God has planned an opportunity for a human essence to form and reveal itself on the earthly plane. These feelings are new. They have to become your experience and unveil themselves in space. Of course, it is very important that a human being learns to love and to feel God in his heart. Otherwise, you might start living in the astral world. Only when you allow the Love to unfold in your heart and using that love as support for all your actions, then you will be able to communicate with the guides of the highest level, and only then the protection will be powerful. If they are guided by their ego or their logical reasoning, they might stray from truth. Everything is based on Love. If you want to communicate with God, you need to learn to Love. Otherwise you can become a puppet controlled by the creatures in the astral world, your spirit will get lost in time and space. Every human action has to be based on the Divine Love. God gave a human being a part of himself – the energy of divine creative love. If you are guided by this love, you won’t go astray from your life’s path. The human mind is limited and therefore incapable to provide you the final truth. You can only get to know the truth when you open yourself up to Love.
I want to say this very seriously and very strictly: you can’t evolve spiritually, if you don’t foster Love in your heart. It is becoming selfless, understanding, supportive and tolerant. Everything else is just extras. Any analysis, any knowledge are just extras. They are needed only in order for you to be able to express the Love in the right way. The creative love energy wants to find resonance in the hearts of people. And this love can’t be confused with the love of making sacrifices, with the self-love or other meanings of this word invented by humans.
Love – it’s the feeling of warmth in the heart, the joy, the bliss and just being happy to be alive. Love is creation. It’s the force that creates the world. A human being knows very little about this force. Although it has never been a secret.
Love – is the basis of creation of our world. Everything is based on love: it is either present or not present. Love is not an illusion, it’s the reality. If a person doesn’t cultivate the feeling of genuine love when embarking on the path of spiritual development, he won’t get anywhere. The road will lead to impasse. The human will wonder – why can’t he reach the essence? He knows a lot and has done many actions. It’s because there is no Love in his heart. There is no genuine creative energy, there is no walking together with God. Not walking towards God, but together with God.
Love envelops the whole Universe, all the space, all the life (both material and non-material life). Therefore, please start everything from the key starting point – allow True Love to unfold in your heart. Only then you can accomplish your goals and aims.
We have already mentioned that you will have to work with stronger energies. They are – as you say – of higher vibrational frequencies. To be more precise, they are of different origin. The ellipses are changing. You will connect to the energies that for now have very little influence on Earth, because few people can withstand it. I understand it was difficult for you yesterday when you experienced the burning of your energy bodies. There were many impurities in those bodies – both emotional and mental. How should you interact with the new energy? You will have to get more personal; you won’t be interacting through another human being. The nature of your work is changing. You are now an intermediary not only between a human and the energy, but also between the energies of the Universe and the Earth. We will move some energy of the Universe to Earth, so that the biofield of Earth changes its structure. It’s impossible to work with Earth now, as the energy level is so low. A change is needed. So we are happy to find an opportunity to work through a human being, not through nature. Natural disasters have almost no effect on human thinking. It disturbs the thinking even more. That’s why we choose certain people and we will work through them. The world will go through strong changes. It will become freer, lighter, the people will become more sincere. Creation will become the main goal. Love – the main feeling. Knowledge will be received from the Universe. And – of course – everyone will be able to communicate with the guides from the highest dimensions. There will be no boundary between the inhabitants of Earth and the higher-level consciousness. People will change their genetic structure. Karmic laws will lose their purpose. Because everything will happen instantaneously, very fast: cause – effect. It will be difficult until the humans learn to use it. But we expect a beautiful and easy future life. We are working on it. Today we have a very relevant question – how will a human being deal with the energies that surround the Earth now? It will be difficult for humans to survive this period. The negative energies created by humans are very strong, they will not give up, and will fight constantly. Therefore, many people will act irrationally, emotionally. Depression is just one of manifestations of this process, a mild one.
Meaningless wars, attacks, terrorism, religious battles – all that will become more intense. We hope that this period will be short and humans will be able to live through it, and then enjoy the new world after. But this period might become lengthy. There are too few light beings, who can keep the balance and help the good to hold out. Actually, humans have not reached “the bottom” yet. We are slowly descending, and it will take a few years. Only then we can ascend again. This is the general view we are seeing. But humanity will endure, because there will be people bringing light and helping others understand what’s happening. Relax and trust God – these truths remain. Their power remains too. Love, respect, empathy, support – these are the values that will allow humanity to remain on planet Earth. All the truths about Love and Faith will remain applicable. They are our saving grace.
Later – when we enter the “Golden Age” – our value system will change. But first, we need to survive until then.


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