The influence of thoughts

Letter 1

Choose a life that’s full of beautiful, sincere feelings. A life full of wisdom, understanding, compassion. Why? You will need it for your next step. When you are’t able to manage your situation, you can’t receive any new knowledge. The purpose of having or acquiring any knowledge is for a human being to create a good life. So please start making changes in your life – little by little, but firmly.
Look at your life through a spiritual lens. First and foremost, you have to be open and sincere with your feelings. No judgement, no condemnation, no slander. No tension, no anxiety. Thoughts are powerful, and you have to use them to do good. Every good thought will increase your power multifold. Every bad thought will weaken your power hundredfold.

Don’t think bad thoughts. Just give up negative thinking. Your thoughts have to be positive. All day, every second of your life. And – most importantly – the thoughts have to be sincere, filled with deep awareness, filled with love.
Your world is full of sadness. Please don’t allow more sadness to come in. It kills your personality. It kills the hope, it kills the trust. It‘s difficult to recognize concealed sadness, just like any other feeling that‘s been repressed. You should purify your thoughts and filter out your feelings: some feelings you should keep, some you should give up entirely.
Please live a life of Faith. It will strengthen you and help you avoid mistakes. Please communicate with God sincerely, then you will be prepared to understand how you should live in the times that are coming and what you should strive for. The life goals change as the times are changing. And this particular time is not measured by thenumber of years. It is measured by the clarity of thinking, the ability to filter out thoughts. Trust us. Trust the knowledge.|
Forget your ego, give up your doubts and allow yourself to open up to the divine wisdom. Every moment of your life has to be lived in its entirety, it has to feel perfect, and should be consciously chosen. Please understand, life happens here and now – and it‘s your choice how you spend it.
If you have to choose between an evening with your friends or an evening with grumpy people, what would you choose? I think you would choose spending time with your friends. So please choose being with your friends every day. And those friends are your thoughts. No one else spends so much time with you as your thoughts, and no one else can possibly have so much influence on your feelings as your thoughts.

There are times of war and times of peace that exist in your thoughts. Most usually, it‘s a time of war. That war is out of control and it has no purpose. Choose positive thoughts for every moment of your life and you will be surprised how quickly they will materialize. The changes in your every day life depend on your thoughts. If your thoughts change, your every day life will change. What is the reality? Your thoughts are your reality. Your perception is your reality. Your choices are your reality. A human being constantly changes his reality, and the reality can be changed consciously if you take care of your thoughts and choose what you think about.|
Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for not knowing how to live, for suffering, for not allowing your dreams to come true. Do you have any dreams? You are scared to dream, and even more scared of having your dreams come true. You have to love yourself, not judge yourself. To love yourself is to love your life. To be happy here and now. Do you like the world you live in? Not really? Then please stop looking at it through a dark glass. Your dark thoughts is the dark glass. Why don’t you change your thought patterns? Why don’t you think about all the beautiful places you would like to visit, why don’t you create thoughts of a beautiful life for yourself? You say it will not come true? Everything you wish will come true. But you are scared to wish for anything. Why? You feel disappointed… Disappointment comes from unfulfilled desires. There is a big difference between a desire and a dream. You have to enjoy a dream and let go of it. Dream about a job, about your friends, about being in love, about God. Dream to get to know God, dream to understand it. The true path of life is leading you to God. To finding God within you. That’s why this path is wonderful. Your path – like a path of any particular person – has its limits in time. But a life of a soul has no limits. There are no limits when a human being is seeking spiritual development, when his life purpose is not material gain, when he is seeking to get to know God. Then this path extends through lifetimes and leads the person to the light. The Great Light.
What should be important for a human being right now? For someone who lives here and now, in this material world? Changing the frequency of your vibrational energy – transmitting God’s light and love through yourself. The love for life and the love for your environment. Please don’t just follow traditional wisdom (don’t curse, don’t lie, etc…). This is a very simplistic approach. Right now, it is important to be kind in your actions as well as in your thoughts. Maybe being kind in your thoughts is even more important. A thought invokes vibrations, a feeling invokes vibrations. The vibrations of any action taken affect the environment very little. Therefore the fact is less important than the perception of the fact. Please try to change your thoughts. Your thoughts should lead you to kindness, to love, to knowing yourself. What does it mean to know yourself? It is to learn how to communicate with your soul and with God. A human being can learn when communicating with himself, but he has to be open. The thoughts have to come from the space, from the universe. Only then you can really develop your human potential. It is important that your thoughts are free, and that you keep on dreaming and enjoying the moments here and now. Any moment of pure joy is transmitting vibrational energy in high frequencies, and they attract information. These frequencies rise above the mundane every day life and “catch” the waves of higher frequencies. So – whatever you do, you have to enjoy it. How often do the people actually enjoy what they do? You might be surprised to realize that very few people enjoy their life. You have to be happy about what you have right now, appreciate every little thing. And create many pleasant surprises for the people around you. Before you go to sleep tonight, please find at least ten reasons to thank God for the beautiful things in your life.
A human being has spiritual growth embedded in him, as well as self-realization, ability to spread wellness, and capacity to communicate with the Creator. But human beings understand their purpose differently: they seek to get a better flat, a better car, some fancy clothes. Of course, they say that they are merely seeking an opportunity to spend their time in a more beautiful, better way: to travel, to attend concerts, to entertain themselves. It might seem as if they are seeking spiritual development, but actually it is a simple desire to live a better life, to create material abundance. That seems to be enough for many people, but anyway they end up feeling depressed. It’s a warning – your thoughts worship material life. You have to change your attitude. The times are changing and people have to understand their spiritual potential, the importance of spiritual development. God has mercy, but the laws of life do not. You get what you deserve: illnesses, accidents and everything else… No other person can walk the path of spiritual development for you. Every human being has an individual path. You have to have a thought, a wish and take action. Everything changes here and now. There is no other time, because it keeps on changing. Everyone chooses a spiritual path according to their experience and their perception. God will reveal as many mysteries to you as you are able to comprehend. God cannot reveal more than you can comprehend, because you simply won’t be able to accept that information. Then God will wait for you again – for you to think, raise questions and seek for answers. If you fall into the pleasures of material world, you will go further from the message that God sent to you, and you will have to start your journey again. So please be smart and don’t forget to seek eternity.

A human being has divine energy of creation in himself. That energy is very strong, it’s powerful. By free will, a human being can use this energy of creation to shake up the deepest darkness. The dark forces are not dangerous to human beings on their own, but when they enter a human being, enter his feelings and his thoughts, then they become powerful. Then they become harmful to humanity. But they will never be able to harm or influence a person who believes in God, who lives with God and spreads its light around him. The darkness can affect only a dark person. But it is sneaky. The darkness is powerless, but very sneaky. When a negative thought arises in a person, the darkness spreads out a dark veil and starts shooting sparks – like a volcano, observing whether the person will start developing a dark thought, whether he will get immersed in negative thinking. When the mind and the heart converge in negative thinking: when a person is feeling angry, feeling fearful, and starts blaming himself, then a crack forms in his protective energy field, and a person allows a dark force to enter him. Of course, if a person is spiritually strong, he can get rid of the darkness by changing his thought patterns. But when a person continuously feels various negative emotions, he opens his space up for the dark forces. Then they start controlling that person. A person loses himself. He can start acting strange. He can experience darkness attacks (anger attacks) – this is commonly known as “the state of diminished capacity” in legal vernacular. But even smaller interferences of dark forces into human energy field are no less harmful. He might suddenly get angry and destroy a valuable relationship, hurt the people close to him, might start drinking alcohol and become a burden to his environment. He might start using drugs, become addicted to harmful behaviors: weapons, sex, gambling. It is not so important to influence a particular person for the dark forces, their purpose is to create negative environment and hurt other people through that person. When you hurt another person, you will see hatred, anger, anxiety, fear and the feeling of guilt emerge. All that helps the dark forces to enter that person and control him. If a person is really strong spiritually, the dark forces will use very subtle methods to affect him. They know how to protect themselves. They know that you will unconsciously accept that which you don’t understand and don’t recognize. If dark forces succeed to break a spiritually strong person, then they get stronger. Tolerance, internal peace, understanding, faith and willingness to live in the light of God will protect the human being from the dark forces.

Please be clever, dear human. Try to consciously deny the dark forces any access to you. Learn to recognize the “dark technologies” of the dark forces, so that they have no effect on you. One way of denying darkness any access to you is to remain tolerant. But what are the limits of tolerance? You cannot become indifferent if there is any real harm coming to you or the people close to you. Tolerance is only possible if the actions or the words of the other person cannot have any direct (physical) damage. You must develop a tolerant attitude. Every person’s experience is different and it cannot be similar to yours. That’s why every person’s attitude is different. Developing a tolerant attitude is very difficult. You may appear well-mannered and don’t tell people what you think, but when you are left alone or in a company of a person you feel close to, you will gossip and condemn the actions of another person. This is not tolerance. You see something, you judge from your perspective, then please – immediately – let it go. It happened, and then it disappeared. Don’t analyze it with condemnation, with pity, with jealousy or greed. If the information is important to convey to another person, please communicate facts, but not your judgement. Your judgement will never be able to reflect the reasons of another person’s choices. Your perception is different from another person’s perception, experience and actions. They live in a way that they believe is right, not in the way you would like to live in their circumstances. That’s how the tolerance manifests – by self-control. When a person can accept the environment and other people just as they are, you will feel a lot of freedom appear in your thoughts and in your feelings. The free space and then be filled with divine creation. This creation manifests itself by having something enjoyable to engage yourself with. Something that brings you satisfaction, abundance, self-esteem. Something that becomes your life’s purpose and your dream, which starts manifesting in this moment. Here and now you start doing what you were dreaming of in your most secret thoughts, and it emanates love and joy for the environment. The divine human creation will bring comfort to you and to your environment.

Your perception doesn’t allow you to receive information that is supposed to help human development on Planet Earth. The development is currently off track. People are uneasy, lost, they don’t understand the wisdom that is coming from the universe. They feel something, and that “feeling something” makes them even more anxious. The people start feeling even more unsafe and hurt – that’s because they can’t understand. This not-understanding causes uneasiness. Uneasiness in people’s hearts, but also between people with different religious beliefs. They are trying to grasp the truth, but they can’t. And when they can’t grasp the truth, they get angry and start fighting. You often ask, what the future holds for you, what path should you take? We reply: your path is to constantly analyze yourself, to give up the old, and gain new information. Please accept new information and don’t analyze it. Observe it, enjoy it, feel it. But don’t judge it and don’t analyze it. It is difficult to understand the whole when you’re interested in small details. It takes time for the Whole to reveal itself. Please accept the knowledge and live with it, with an open heart.
A human being came to Earth to fulfill God’s mission. But the mission has become twisted by human thinking and is not fully understood. That’s why changes are needed to help the humanity to return to its rightful level of energy, to its rightful lifestyle. God wants to correct the mistake made by humanity and is giving an opportunity for the people to return to their original version of life on Earth so that the Earth – his creation – would not be lost forever. That tears the Western thinking apart. There will be natural disasters occurring in the countries where the thinking is rigid. The nature will be cleaning itself. Nothing appears from nowhere, nothing goes away to nowhere. The matter decays and transforms into another matter. The matter goes through a constant flux. Right now the body is important to you, but there will be a time when you will enjoy the freedom and the space, after you transform yourself into a new type of matter. A human being has been in development for many centuries, and it has acquired many forms – but so far none of the forms has allowed to successfully manifest God’s will. As the human being was traveling through the centuries, he was changing – the thinking was changing and the perception of life. The body was becoming more perfect, better aligned with human thoughts. As the perception becomes more perfect, the body too perfects itself, so it can perform its functions properly.
What is coming for humans in the new age? The time of new age is coming, the changes are happening and – of course – you will see it yourself. It’s not far away, your children will live in this new age. But you too will be able to manage your thoughts and live a long and meaningful life. As long as you believe it’s worth living. This attitude surprises those who don’t believe the power of wisdom. Then a disease comes and starts “eating their bodies away”. If you believe the power of wisdom, you will have the right and the opportunity to live a long life. When the new age comes and the changes start happening, there will be even more chaos in the world than there is now. The unknown scares people, they lose balance, they lose the trust they had in their own familiar lifestyles. There are those who are blessed – they are starting to know the common space of existence, they are starting to “catch” the vibrations of the coming age already and so they get tuned in. I hope that you can remain being a rock for people who seek shelter, support and strength. You have to be ready for it – which means, you have to absorb the new knowledge, accept it and understand it. You have to convince your mind, make yourself believe 100% that the changes that are coming are real and significant.
If you just learn to really understand the world, your life will become full of wonder and bliss. It‘s true – life like that is a distant manifestation, a human being needs to open up for this manifestation to come true. It‘s best if a human being opens up gradually, with no urgency. This will have a lesser physical effect on him. Let‘s talk about different periods that you will feel and experience. The space is full of life. The abundance is beyond comprehension, a human mind can‘t possibly understand it. There are various creatures that exist in the world, various lives, information, light, silence, resonance. The space is a field that‘s nearby. For now it‘s difficult for you to comprehend the possibilities of material variability – how can it get decomposed and how do the new formations get created. You read about it, but it hasn‘t touched your mind yet. You are attached to the matter of the current world. Of course, it is difficult to renounce your past and your experience, your family, parents, ancestors. Don‘t ever fully confide in your logical mind. It is important, but it only addresses your past, your previous experiences – it requires a clear, confirmed explanation. But how can you explain the unknown? Yet if you don‘t know about something, that doesn‘t mean it is not there or it doesn‘t exist. The universe is full of surprises for a person who wants to learn to live in the present. You know all the key details that you should follow in everyday life. But that’s not enough. You need to live like that constantly, every moment. Your perception is rigid, everything is dichotomous: good – bad, like – dislike, appropriate – not appropriate. Everything that happens should be accepted as natural, without deep feelings. This can be achieved only by becoming a witness. Then you could see everything as more interesting, but it would not hurt your feelings and your heart. It really doesn‘t matter if you like something or not. If you have already faced „something“, please think – why did it happen? What does it tell you? Please love the environment you live in. Your mind always tries to lead you to reflection. It‘s good – even better if you allow wisdom to appear in your thoughts. Your perception often blocks the information we provide. Why do you think our thoughts seem similar to a book you read or some ideas you just heard? It happens because your mind doesn‘t block out an idea that feels somewhat familiar. You consciously or unconsciously don‘t block out an unfamiliar idea from your mind. All information is accessible, but it‘s endless. The amount and the type of information you can accept will depend on your mind‘s openness and the direction of your interests. You will gain what you can accept with your mind, with your heart. You will not accept that which doesn‘t resonate with your heart. You constantly get information – please process it, and then you will gain more knowledge. There will be a change happening. You have to help form the right attitude towards the non-material nature of the Universe. To the possibility for the new knowledge to open up, the possibility of gaining new perception towards the material substance. There is a creative life force residing in the Solar light. A person who carries this light within him, radiates. You have to remember that a human being will always remain human: he is weak, affected by his feelings, by other people‘s moods, conventional norms. It is difficult for him to live, even more so when he is controlled by egregores. The knowledge is being provided for you for the future. It is important to understand how you live today: how you feel, what you experience, what is happening and why. The future depends on this moment. So it is not worth it to worry or to celebrate something that may or may not happen. Here and now is important. It is important to compose yourself, to recognize the mistakes in your thinking, to clean out your energy and enjoy the feeling of bliss. You can‘t move mountains if you can‘t complete the task of this moment…


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