The Teacher’s Purpose

Letter 10

When the old type of thinking is still prevalent it is not easy to accept new information, but it is possible. First, you need to get used to controlling your thoughts because they materialize quickly. Then you need to get to another stage – to boost your awareness.

You will enter the plane beyond physical reality and you will be provided with knowledge on what to do in that plane. People will be changing gradually, and their life will be transformed into a four-dimensional thinking, and that’s how a beautiful life will be created.

Communication with your spiritual guides will become a very relevant topic. Can they guide you in the wrong direction? No, no way. The spiritual guides are servants of God. Their responsibility is significantly greater than the responsibility that people have, that’s why they will never guide you in the wrong direction.

Such thoughts don’t even exist. You can feel confident in following the directions of the spiritual guides. They will help you return to the right way of living a human life.

The guides only participate in the first stage of this process. When a human learns to listen to them and live by their directions, then the second stage will start. It’s entering another plane. But why do you need this?

Now we can’t reply accurately, but let’s start by telling you that on that plane you will be able to get to know your soul. You will understand who she is, what is her power, her characteristics and what she is really doing on Earth.

If you know the purpose of your soul, it doesn’t mean you understand everything yet. People haven’t learned to appreciate the purpose of the soul fully. The soul knows how to enter the space of Oneness and she knows how to express herself here.

A human being is a much larger and much more subtle being than what we are used to thinking. The soul consists of two parts. One of the parts is experienced by the human mind, and the other part belongs to God. This part is conscious and uses the human mind to express itself.

This part is connected to the human mind, to the spiritual guides and the Teachers of the highest order. Don’t forget the essential truth: all is one. A human being is a channel of energy that connects different dimensions and the worlds of different expression.

The key point is that a person is composed not only of the mind and soul, but also of the most important part – the Divine energy. The channel of energy connects all the existence, all the life. This channel helps us access broader horizons. When it is open, it protects the human being from purpose-less energies. It automatically gets connected only to that which is most needed for the human essence and that which can best reveal the Divine goals.

I want to say that this channel has a tendency to open up. The more it opens, the better a person understands the different world. Then you understand that any human life on Earth is just a small reflection of what is possible to experience.

Until now, the human consciousness has been protected from knowing the full truth. This truth is very broad, it’s multifold and diverse. A person might not be able to grasp it, he might get scared or lose his mind. That’s why the consciousness has been under protection, and it remains so until today.

Now the time has come to remove this shield of protection. But we are not able to do it alone. It’s not enough to clean up the energy and open up the channel. We need a human being to use his free will and choose to walk the new path.

The intention to walk on this path has to be firm, yet you shouldn’t feel any pressure or entitlement. You should feel determined. We are able to adjust to the human thinking process, we want people to be able to hear us.

We wouldn’t be successful in communicating with humans if the soul channel wasn’t open. It’s like a filter – allowing only the necessary to enter the space of a particular human being, only that which is necessary for the person and the Universe.

Our energy has some particles that are of different quality. These particles can essentially change the quality of human thinking. What is it for? It is a new method to adjust to the new world. It’s done because we are accelerating the events and helping the mankind to enter a new space with his own consciousness intact.

It’s a space of different structure. We really hope that you will be able to focus and help us. You have to accept these new energies. They are still not really tuned into the energy of the Earth, therefore you may experience some uncomfortable feelings (shivers, cold, nervousness and etc.).

This is normal, later it will disappear. The energy that’s being sent will balance the energy on the Earth and we will be able to communicate more easily. Now we need to put in a lot of effort to just start a conversation.

When a new energy enters your biofield, it’s like some new connection points are formed, which we can access and then initiate a conversation. You will have to step out of your cognitive limitations and accept our world of energy as a matter of fact.

Our space is more extensive if compared to the Earth, but if we look from the perspective of the Universe – we also have our limitations. From the perspective of Divine creation, we are acting within our zone. Our ellipse connects a few life forms, including all the life forms that exist on planet Earth.

I, Bernardine, am connected to a few life forms, which are closest to my energetic dimension. I work not only with human beings, and not for human beings, but for the wellness of humanity itself.

In your case, I can enter the energy field of humanity through you and make an impact for the human ellipse. I work with you personally, but not only for your own sake. You are a part of the humanity as a whole and you are affected by the ongoing process.

It’s true that for you this effect is more intense because your consciousness is wider. Through your energy field, through your biofield, and particularly through your hands during the massage sessions, I take over the information about humans and transfer this information to my ‘managing board’.

Then we adjust the human energy field, and we influence a particular person and his family. The humanity is being adapted to the life of oneness in the Universe. Humans have to change their lifestyle, their customs and then try to learn about the united purpose of the Universe’s existence.

This is an extremely difficult task, therefore we are approaching it together, gradually. Humans can understand everything. He just needs to remove the protection and then he will be able to grasp his purpose. The protection, however, can only be removed for people who are spiritually prepared.

The transition – it’s a period of time when the Earth is under the influence of vibrations in higher frequency. They emit information of a different dimension. It’s the future that’s encrypted in this information. The future that reflects the real purpose of the Earth’s existence better as compared to the future that is currently being created by the human thoughts.

We want to be bold in announcing that we are influencing humans and their lives. And we are very proud of those who accept the lifestyle we propose. This lifestyle will certainly uncover more beautiful and more meaningful layers of existence.

The wave of changes is washing over the Earth. Yet not everyone is equally susceptible to this energy. It depends on the person himself, as well as the territory where he lives, on the egregores existing around him, on the thought sediments.

We are creating a change in thinking. We are expanding the awareness. As we said, the human mind is limited. This is the result of lengthy processes of evolution.

But it’s not the logic that is the power of human development, but the heart. The awareness, the comprehension. Until now the logic was developing more strongly, but this hasn’t worked.

The human started believing that he can control the environment using his mind. But this strategy is now failing. The companies are going bankrupt, the banks and even the countries.

The resources are not being distributed according to the needs. There are more and more people who are starving and don’t have access to a hygienic conditions for life.

So this means that the “great minds” don’t know how to manage the countries, how to reach joint agreements. So what can we do? We can approach the people who can create a beautiful life in their immediate environment.

One island of beauty in one country, then one more in another country. That’s how gradually a new life can arrive. A life that’s more subtle, more beautiful. That’s our purposeful goal and commitment.

We want to show that there is an opportunity to change the currently existing energy. A pure human thought will be the strongest moving force in shifting the energy egregores. We are only increasing the human power. We provide you with an opportunity to weaken the egregores that were created by humans who were stuck in the negative thought and feeling patterns.

It’s difficult for any human to detach from the social norms without our targeted help, to detach from beliefs and goals that are only important for the human ego, that are based in logic.

We can’t claim that logic is not needed. It has to be formed in another direction. If a person won’t be able to feel the novelty, the energies of the fourth dimension, he will not be able to imagine them and won’t be able to concentrate his thoughts in such a way that can help him form a new lifestyle.

It’s only us who work with people for their wellness who can show this newness. These new experiences are like a lighthouse in the sea, showing you the direction for your life. It opens up opportunities to feel and understand the subtle feelings.

When you develop a willingness to seek the subtle experiences, a person starts thinking what he should do in order to be able to experience them. Here the logic and your knowledge won’t help. Only the willingness to seek spirituality, the willingness to live sincerely will be able to help you unlock the access to the new information.

The subtle energy is of a higher frequency. The frequency can only increase after the person learns to love, to treat others honestly and sincerely, and to believe in the Higher power. If you want to express yourself, to transmit and raise your vibrations, most usually you will have to change your lifestyle, the approach to life, the attitude to certain values.

The energy massage can help clean up some blockages, but the lifestyle will have to be changed by the individual person by himself. You won’t be able to raise the frequency of vibrations artificially. You will have to aim to get immersed in the subtle world, you have to work with yourself sincerely.

When we identify a resonance, we appoint the Spiritual guide who helps the human being in getting to know the truth. The guides will change depending on the direction of the evolution of this individual. There may be more teachers, who will be responsible for one type of information or another, for knowledge.

What is a person can’t feel the teacher? The guide will never be a real person. He will use different methods to influence the human thoughts. The individual might not even be aware of having the guide. This is not mandatory. What is important is to listen to your heart.

Those who want to communicate the truth will use the heart. There are also some Teachers who are responsible for the development of the Earth in general. They are responsible for the role of planet Earth in the Universe and in the communion of Unity.

These leaders also collaborate with people. They come from the higher dimension (according to your understanding), and they choose the people to work with. They choose some students and educate them. It’s difficult for a person to grasp the new knowledge, because this information is of a different nature.

It may seem that it’s impossible to use in your daily life, but it’s necessary for the Earth to evolve and adapt to the general environment. This is how the Earth is developing a new benchmark for itself. It has to exit its envelope and enter the common life of the Universe, bringing its energy and its creation.

Just like we urge an individual human being not to close itself off and not to stay in his misery, this applies just the same for the whole planet Earth – we want the humanity to immerse itself into the Whole.

For that we need people who have freed their energy, who are clean and capable to enter the higher frequencies without hurting their consciousness. If there is any damage in the consciousness, the human being starts getting anxious, doesn’t understand his emotions and becomes scared of changes.

This means that the energy is changing more quickly than a human is able to absorb new experiences or new knowledge. If the absorption is happening purposefully, but the energy hasn’t been cleansed, a human being will feel tired, weak and powerless.

Then big obstacles appear preventing him from further evolution. Therefore it’s important to keep your balance. We also contribute to keeping balance. The humans are responsible for expanding their consciousness, and we are responsible for expanding their energy.

A human being might not even notice that some changes are happening. And only later he will notice that suddenly his attitude had changed, or his life goals got altered, and he will get surprised.

We work together with you. In any case, you – people – are the main actors. Your decision is the final decision and we can’t interfere with your decisions. We would never break the principle of free will. We can only create conditions to help you change your mind.

We create conditions for you to be able to make new decisions. It’s the mind who must make decisions. The soul arrives from the divine source and it knows its purpose, it can only encourage the mind to decide. That’s why the human being will be feeling an internal battle, the discomfort. He doesn’t know how to choose, what is right and what is wrong.

Please ask God to help you and he will provide for you. The guides on the higher plane are responsible for certain areas and they choose their students based on their interests – based on things they value most.

They are looking for people with potential – those who would be able to accept the new information without blocking it at the start. That’s why I have chosen you. Maybe you don’t understand why ‘these things’ are happening to you, but you actually meet certain “criteria”.

I know how far you can go. I understand the goals and the determination of your soul. We are here not to help your ego and help you get more power. Your plans for your life on earth are not interesting for us.

Of course, we will always help you in your life and in your material abundance. The more you help us, the more we will help you. It is not a trade off, but an expression of our gratitude.

You must remember that our goal has nothing to do with earthly desires. This we want to make sure you understand clearly right now, so that we can avoid any further misunderstandings.

In your case, my goal is to help your consciousness reach the highest possible dimension of consciousness for a human being to reach while he is embodied. We will then transition into a space where the matter doesn’t even exist.

Only the energy, the source of life exists in that plane. Your purpose is not related to getting to know other creatures. This will happen very rarely, and only when it’s necessary for you to understand the information we provide for you.

You will have to enter the field where the life is being formed. You will be able to touch the source of the Divine energy. When you are finally able to do it, you will be able to fundamentally contribute to the changes in human life’s direction.

This energy is incredibly strong. Even I – the representative of the fifth dimension – can’t touch it directly. But I know who will guide you there. My job is to prepare you for it. And when your consciousness and your energy field are ready, other representatives will start working with you.

Today I provided you with a lot of precise information. That’s because I don’t want you to be confused and struggle in trying to understand the common space. You don’t need this. We will work purposefully, according to a plan.

This work is very individual, but everyone is waiting to see the results. I know that you will be able to calm yourself down, to stay grounded and accept all knowledge without judging it by thinking you don’t deserve it or by dismissing it as nonsense.

Please accept it as nothing personal. We have a common goal – to raise the vibrations of your consciousness to such a state that you could enter into the source of the Divine energy.

The body becomes secondary, it will stay on Earth. You will disconnect and will travel upwards as much as it is possible at any given point of time. Every time you will feel a surge of various energies. Your body will experience various changes.

You have to understand – it’s nothing special. It’s really normal that you will feel different kinds of energies when transitioning through different dimensions. Of course, you will get tired, you will feel exhausted and will want human help. That’s what this process is like.

And I’m telling you – these experiences are not the most important, please don’t think about it too much. Experience it and let go. Please help yourself experience it. You need to learn to relax and not hurt yourself.

The body will be able to go through this. We care more about your consciousness. During the “journey”, we will control your consciousness and we take full responsibility for its safety and health.

After the session, you will stay alone with your emotions – this will be the most important moment for you. Here we will not be able to help you. You will have to provide support to yourself, to understand yourself and remain calm.

You will get detached from your daily life and go somewhere lightyears away, but just for a moment. And after that moment you will have to be able to adjust to your earthly environment.

Of course, it’s difficult. The energy will be changing, because the experiences there are more subtle, more kind. But please remember: it’s your job, that’s it. You need to learn to rise above it and then return to the space of the Earth.

Both directions are equally important. Understanding the life above the Earth, and being able to live here on planet Earth. Please don’t think too much. You are only allowed to think about your experiences: what are they? How can you describe them?

Don’t think about why it’s happening with you, how you should endure this. You can’t be afraid or pity yourself. You can’t afford to do this. We can’t control what is out of our hands. Your feelings are your own choosing. I have explained to you how it works. Be strong. Your real journey is just beginning.

The Highest Mind – it’s like consciousness dispersed into billions of tiny pieces. In more simple words, imagine if a human consciousness would divide itself and would be capable of perceiving itself simultaneously in all the dispersed spaces, so in the same way, the Highest Mind has divided itself into an infinite number of particles, yet it is aware of and understands fully what each particle is experiencing and what it is manifesting in material world.

This an infinite intelligence, who knows what is happening and when – in any time, in any space, both in material world and in the energetic dimension and many other areas of life, which are yet unknown to man.

A tiny branch of that infinite intelligence reaches the Earth. A human being is a creature who received some particles from the divine energy and is capable of creating.

The infinite intelligence can see how the Earth is developing and therefore sends over some certain waves so that the energy could experience required changes, influencing the direction of Earth’s evolution.

The Highest Mind is adjusting the evolution of the Earth. This happens directly through the open human channel and his capacity to rise above the Earth’s energy field.

Your “transitions” above the energy field allow us to connect you to a certain energy which changes a certain direction of human evolution. We cannot change the direction of the Earth’s evolution if a human being can’t do it or doesn’t want to do it.

You have to prepare for each wave. Some energies in the human energy field are being completely replaced with new energies. They are being cleansed, they open the channel for energies of higher dimension.

You may encounter the strongest energy, but if a human being is not ready for it, he will burn. So that’s not useful. Therefore everything is done gradually. Even though it doesn’t look like it from the perspective of the human time.

The time has come for planet Earth to change the trajectory of its development. Don’t think of it as experiencing demise and finding its way back to the surface. It’s not like that. Everything happens according to the plan.  

The humanity was developing in one direction, now it should change its direction. The waves from the Highest Mind can’t just arrive to the Earth randomly. And they can’t just be accepted by some random stranger. There needs to be a person who is prepared and supervised. That’s where we come into play.

Let’s call us the Managers of Energies. We supervise how the energies reach the human being, what effect they have on the human being, the environment. I personally supervise how a particular stream of energy is traveling from the Highest Mind to you and how you are then capable of handling it.

My job is not only to help you, but also to manage the energy itself. It has to reach you only (in this case) and it should be of the same quality as it left the source. But because the vibrations of humans and the Earth are low, this energy can get affected by various factors. That’s why I have to protect it.

I am responsible for the energy, for the channel, and for you. I am responsible for the impact of this energy on you, and your ability to accept the energy and transmit it into the collective consciousness. You have to prepare to get connected to the energy (here I don’t specify the type of the energy or its purpose, because for now you wouldn’t be able to understand it).

We have worked with you for a long time. I am saying “we” because all the unseen world is united. At first someone was working with you, now someone else, but all of us are united and stand as a coherent whole – “we”.

Many teachers and guides have worked with you. You didn’t have time to get to know them or sometimes you didn’t even find out about their presence by your side. Only now you are starting to realize the essence of our existence.

It’s easier for you to understand us and to get to know us when you are writing, because then your logic doesn’t work so hard, and your mind is a bit more relaxed.

The teachers from your previous stages of development will always be around you, but today it’s me who is responsible for you. I can’t call you a student and I can’t call myself a teacher.

You are human, me – I am the manager of the energy. We are partners, who have an opportunity to speed up the Earth’s transition in the direction that was established at the start.

You can call me your Personal Friend. By “personal” I mean that I work only with you. By “friend” I mean that I am trustworthy, sincere, protective and loving. I understand you fully: from the perspective of the future and the past, as well as the daily life.

I can see your totality. I can see it in all of your life events, in all your incarnations, in all your thought particles. I can see the aims and goals of your soul. I can see the start and the development of the transformation. The ending is infinite, but the process is wonderful. I can see the full spirit.

That’s why I call myself the Personal Friend. I came in order to speed up your transition, so you can speed up the transition for the Earth. That’s the full extent of my capacity to help you – to speed up your transition. I suppose you understand what this means?

Yes. It’s a lot of serious work with yourself. Please remember, your current level of consciousness is lower than the information that is provided to you, therefore you are not yet capable to accept the information directly into your thoughts.

Please understand – this is the limitation. The limitation is caused by your own consciousness, as well as the collective consciousness that surrounds you. As soon as you stop writing – your thoughts go to your routines immediately. You can’t preserve the high level of consciousness.

As I said, it doesn’t depend solely on you, but also on the thoughts that predominant in the space. But when you start writing, you disconnect from the external influence and your internal clutter.

That’s why it’s easier to pass the information from the higher dimension to you in this way, rather than expecting you to accept it through your mind. It’s not a problem that occurs only with you. Many people face this problem on the path of self awareness.

The limitations of consciousness and the collective consciousness don’t allow people to focus for a lengthy period of time and accept the information from the higher dimensions.

Perhaps you already realized that my teachings will occur only when you are writing or during an intense session. All the other methods are not suitable because of the challenges described above.

Another recommendation: please allow your thoughts to get attached only to positive energies, think positively and experience positive feelings. This attachment will help your transformation. The other attachments will hinder it.

You have to be in charge of your thoughts and emotions. This is a must. You can’t waste your thoughts to support bad energies. Your energy is too strong to be provided to the evil. Therefore I’m telling you – the management of thoughts and emotions has to become an easy, natural thing.

Positive thinking, experiencing good feelings will have to become your daily life. You have to train yourself so that even unconsciously you will only think in a positive way.

When you think positively, your feelings become soft and light. You experience a state of elevation. The vibrations are higher. Then your thinking capacity becomes greater. And you will have to think a lot.

By the way, there is a magical thing that has been provided for humans: as soon as you go through something, experience it and make a change here and now, everything immediately changes in all the parallel worlds.

If you now learn to manage your thoughts and feelings, attach them to positive things, then in the parallel worlds the situation will change as well. Only the positive things will remain. The experiences will become more simple, you will not need to suffer because of the millions of mistakes you committed in all your lifetimes.

When you change your thoughts and feelings, the attachments to the negative energies disappear, your energy becomes more free and gets stronger. If you can manage your thoughts here and now, then upon the moment of connection you will receive support.

Instead of experiencing various painful memories, you will start seeing everything that was positive. This energy will get stronger. The connection with the parallel worlds will get stronger. Then you will clean up your past and your future, and we will continue our journey upwards.

This condition is very simple, yet it changes the foundation of life. It changes even the lives that you don’t think you could be changing consciously, because you don’t know about them.

But we do. Also, we know that you have an opportunity to change them only after you complete a simple task: learn to manage your thoughts and feelings. And allow them to connect only to the positive egregores, the energies of positive thoughts.


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